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21 latest korean drama september 2020

The latest Korean drama this September, what's up, huh? Come on, check out the full list of the latest and best 2020 drakors here!

Latest Korean Drama must be the thing you've been waiting for the most drakor lovers, right?

Well, even though the Corona virus pandemic is still endemic in a number of countries, this condition doesn't seem to hinder the community filmmaker to release some of the latest Korean drama titles, you know!

studded with WL What makes you feel bad, what do you think, is the list of the latest 2020 Korean dramas that are interesting to watch? Is it dominated by romantic comedy Korean dramas?

For those of you who have been waiting for it for a long time, here Jaka has prepared list of the latest Korean dramas 2020 sub Indo which you must watch. Ready?

Recommended Latest and Best Drakor 2020 Sub Indo

Korean drama alias drakor become one of the spectacles that are much favored by the people of Indonesia. Especially for you girls, right?

Every month there must be a new Korean drama released, including during a pandemic like now. For those of you who want to watch, here Jaka gives recommendations for the latest Korean dramas that are worth watching in 2020.

No need to be confused! Jaka has also completed it with a synopsis and trailers-his. Curious? Come on, see more!

List of Latest Korean Dramas Airing September 2020

Entering the beginning of September 2020, it turns out that there are already many titles Korean drama on going which you can start watching, gang.

Curious to know what are the latest Korean dramas that are airing this month? Here is the full list.

1. Love Revolution

First, there are Korean dramas Love Revolution which aired from September 1 last on platform watch drakor streaming iQIYI.

Presenting its story in 30 22-minute episodes, Love Revolution offers a couple's love story Gong Joo Young (Park Ji Hoon) and Wang Ja Rim (Lee Ruby) who is still in high school.

Love Revolution itself is a Korean drama adapted from a webtoon of the same title which was published in 2013.

InformationLove Revolution
ShowSeptember 1 - TBA
Episode30 Episodes
GenreRomance, Comedy, Drama, School
DirectorSeo Joo Wan
Cast* Park Ji Hoon (Gong Joo Young)

* Kim Young Hoon (Lee Kyung Woo)


Thursday 05:00 p.m KST

2. Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol

Was scheduled to air last August, drakor Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol finally officially released on platform Netflix this September.

This drama, starring Go Ara and Lee Jae Wook, tells the story of Goo Ra Ra (Go Ara), a pianist who one day went bankrupt.

On the other hand, Sun Woo Jun (Lee Jae Wook) described as a man who does not care about what other people say about him.

One day, the two accidentally meet a piano academy in a rural area that changes their lives. What happen? It's better to just watch the latest Korean drama September 2020 this one.

InformationDo Do Sol Sol La La Sol
ShowSeptember 2020
Episode16 Episodes
GenreRomance, Comedy
DirectorKim Min-Kyeong
Cast* Go Ara (Goo Ra Ra)

* Kim Joo-Hun (Cha Eun-Seok)


3. Lie After Lie (Lies of Lies)

Carrying the thriller genre, Lie After Lie or also known as the title Lies of Lies this might be an alternative to other latest Korean dramas that are a pity to miss.

Produced by director Kim Jeong Kwon, Lie After Lie follows the story of a journey Ji Eun Soo (Lee Yu Ri) who was accused of being her husband's murderer and sent to prison.

It doesn't stop there, Eun Soo's suffering continues when she has to pretend to be in love with a reporter named Kang Ji Min (Yeon Jeon Hun) in order to get his daughter back.

Oh yes, if you want to watch the latest Korean drama, this Indo sub, you can watch it at platform streaming Viu, gang.

InformationLie After Lie (Lies of Lies)
ShowSeptember 4, 2020 - TBA
GenreThriller, Suspense
DirectorKim Jeong-Kwon
Cast* Lee Yu-Ri (Ji Eun-Soo)

* Lee Il-Hwa (Kim Ho-Ran)

BroadcastChannel A

Friday - Saturday 10:50 p.m KST

4. Records of Youth

Starring by a row of famous Korean actors, Records of Youth tells the story of the struggles of a group of young people in the modeling industry.

Sa Hye Joon (Park Bo Gum) is one of them who tirelessly works to realize his dream as an actor.

Meanwhile his childhood friend, Won Hae Hyo (Byeon Woo Seok) is also a model who wants to venture into the world of acting.

The difference in background and economic status of the two, of course, provides different opportunities. But can they make their dreams come true?

InformationRecords of Youth
Show7 September 2020 - TBA
Episode16 Episodes
GenreRomance, Drama
DirectorAhn Gil Ho
Cast* Park Bo Gum (Sa Hye Jun)

* Byeon Woo-Seok (Won Hae-Hyo)


Monday - Tuesday 09:00 a.m KST

5. More Than Friends

Started broadcasting on JTBC channel on September 18, 2020, More Than Friends is the next latest 2020 Korean drama that is interesting for you to watch, gang.

This romantic comedy genre drama has the theme friendzone which is very relatable with everyday life.

Starring a series of famous Korean idols and actors such as Ong Seong Woo ex-Wanna One, Shin Ye Eun, Ahn Eun Ji, and others, the drama More Than Friends will reportedly be presented in 16 episodes.

InformationMore Than Friends
Show18 September 2020 - TBA
Episode16 Episodes
GenreComedy, Romance, Drama
DirectorChoi Sung Boom
Cast* Ong Seong-Wu (Lee Soo)

* Kim Dong-Joon (On Joon-Soo)


Friday - Saturday 10:50 p.m KST

6. The School Nurse's Files

Well, this one might be an option for those of you who like supernatural Korean dramas, gang!

Adapted from the novel by Chung Se-rang, The School Nurse's Files himself told about a nurse named Ahn Eun-young (Jung Yu-mi) who has the ability to see supernatural beings.

Because of the many distractions she feels at work, Eun-young is interested in solving the mystery with the help of a Chinese teacher named Hong In-pyo (Nam Joo-hyuk).

InformationThe School Nurse's Files
Show25 September 2020 - TBA
GenreFantasy, Comedy
DirectorLee Kyoung-Mi
Cast* Jung Yu-Mi (An Eun-Young)

* Yoo Teo (English teacher)


7. Zombie Detective

Tired of the usual romantic Korean dramas? If so, you can try watching the latest Korean drama about zombies entitled Zombie Detective.

Scheduled to air on September 21 on KBS2 channel, Zombie Detective tells the journey of a detective named Kim Moo Young (Chpi Jin Hyuk) in search of the truth in his past.

Moo Young himself has actually become a zombie for the past two years and is still trying to find answers to what happened to him.

InformationZombie Detective
Show21 September 2020 - TBA
GenreFantasy, Comedy
DirectorShim Jae Hyun
Cast* Choi Jin-Hyuk (Kim Moo-Young)

* Tae Hang Ho (Lee Sung Rok)


Monday - Tuesday 09:30 p.m KST

List of Latest & Best Korean Dramas 2020

Well, if the list above is a row of the latest Korean dramas that aired in September, this time Jaka also has a series of the latest and best drakor films with Indo sub that are no less interesting.

Before watching the latest Korean drama September 2020, it's better to watch the following recommendations for the latest and best drama, gang!

1. It's Okay to Not Be Okay

Starring Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji, It's Okay to Not Be Okay is the latest Korean drama that premiered on June 20.

This drama is about a health worker named Moon Kang Tae (Kim Soo Hyun) who never had time to be romantically involved with anyone.

Meanwhile, there is also Go Moon Young (Seo Ye Ji), a book writer who suffers from mental disorders. What do you think about their story, huh?

InformationIt's Okay to Not Be Okay
Show20 June - 9 August 2020
DirectorPark Shin-Woo
Cast* Kim Soo-Hyun (Moon Kang-Tae)

* Oh Jung-Se (Moon Sang-Tae)


Saturday & Sunday 09:00 p.m KST

2. Into the Ring

Airing on July 1st, Into the Ring is a drama that revolves around the lives of office people. This latest Korean drama airs every Wednesday and Thursday on the KBS2 channel.

Korean drama also known as Memorials it's about Goo Se-ra (Nana), a civil servant who often intervenes in other people's problems.

He got involved in people's problems, filed complaints, came up with solutions, even found love at the local county office, gang.

TitleInto the Ring
Show1 July - 20 August 2020
GenreRomance, Comedy
DirectorHwang Seung-Ki
Cast* Nana (Koo Se-Ra)

* Yoo Da-In (Yoon Hee-Soo)


Wednesday & Thursday 21.30 KST

3. The Good Detective

latest korean drama, The Good Detective, tells the story of two detectives with different personalities who work together to track down criminals and uncover their evil.

The story focuses on Kang Do-chang (Son Hyun-jo), a detective with 18 years of experience working with fellow members of the Criminal Crimes team.

Meanwhile, Oh Ji-Hyeok (Jang Seung-jo) role as an elite detective who inherits a fortune. He tries to uncover criminal cases using his insights.

TitleThe Good Detective
Show6 July 2020 - TBA
DirectorJo Nam-Kook
Cast* Son Hyun-Joo (Kang Do-Chang)

* Lee Elijah (Jin Seo-Kyung)


Monday & Tuesday 21.30 KST

4. Was It Love?

The next 2020 Korean drama recommendation is Was It Love?. This drama tells the story Noh Ae-jung (Song Ji-hyo), a single mother who works as a producer at a film company.

When he gave up on love, he suddenly met 4 men who appeared in his life and gave him affection.

The presence of these 4 men also brought a change in their love life after 14 years of their love story without passion. To find out what happens next, just watch this Korean drama!

TitleWas It Love?
Show8 July 2020 - TBA
DirectorKim Do-Hyung
Cast* Song Ji-Hyo (No Ae-Jung)

* Song Jong-Ho (Ryu Jin)


Wednesday & Thursday 21.30 KST

5. Mystic Pop-Up Bar

Adapted from the popular webtoon, Mystic Pop-Up Bar is one of the newest drakor titles that has been airing since last May 20 on the Netflix streaming platform.

This drama is about a 500 year old woman named Wol Ju (Hwang Jung Eun), a mysterious bar owner who has a grumpy nature.

In order to survive, Wol Joo is given a mission to solve the problems of 10 thousand different people so that she doesn't disappear and fall into hell.

To complete his mission, Wol Joo is assisted by his assistant, namely Gui (Choi Won Young) and also Han Kang Bae (Yook Sung Jae).

InformationMystic Pop-Up Bar
Show20 May - 25 June 2020
Episode12 Episodes
GenreDrama, Fantasy, Mystery
DirectorJeon Chang-Geun
Cast* Hwang Jung-Eum (Wol-Ju)

* Choi Won-Young (Gwi Manager)


Wednesday & Thursday 09:30 p.m KST

6. Oh My Baby

Photo source: Kdrama Zone (Oh My Baby is the latest Korean drama starring Jang Nara).

Are you looking for the latest romantic Korean drama titles? If so, you can watch the drama titled Oh My Baby which premiered on the tvN channel on May 13 last, gang.

This drama, starring Jang Nara, tells the story of Jang Ha Ri (Jang Nara), a 39-year-old kite woman who works as a deputy manager at a magazine company parenting, The Baby.

Jang Ha Ri who has given up on finding love let alone getting married, one day gets involved in a relationship with three men at once with different life backgrounds.

InformationOh My Baby
Show13 May - 2 July 2020
Episode16 Episodes
GenreDrama, Romance
DirectorNam Ki-Hoon
Cast* Jang Na-Ra (Jang Ha-Ri)

* Park Byung-Eun (Yoon Jae-Young)


Wednesday & Thursday 10:50 p.m KST

7. Soul Mechanic

The next list of the latest Korean dramas that you don't want to miss is Soul Mechanic or also known as the title Fix You.

The drama, which will replace Meow: The Secret Boy on the KBS2 channel, has a medical theme featuring stories about psychiatrists and their patients.

Lee Shi Joon (Shin Ha Kyung) is a psychiatrist who has a very straight personality. meanwhile, Han Woo Joo (Jung So Min) is a musical actress who helps patients through her acting.

InformationSoul Mechanic
Show6 May - 25 June 2020
Episode32 Episodes
GenreDrama, Romance
DirectorYoo Hyun-Ki
Cast* Shin Ha-Kyun (Lee Shi-Joon)

* Park Ye-Jin (Ji Young-Won)


Wednesday & Thursday 10:00 p.m KST

8. Backstreet Rookie

Next is Ji Chang Wook's latest Korean drama entitled Backstreet Rookie which airs on June 12, gang.

This drama tells the story of a romance between a handsome minimarket owner named Choi Dae Hyun (Ji Chang Wook), with a part-time employee named Jung Saet Byeol (Kim You Jung).

Apparently, Jung Saet Byeol is a female figure whom Dae Hyung had approached 4 years ago. So, how's the continuation of their story?

InformationBackstreet Rookie
ShowJune 12 - TBA
Episode16 Episodes
DirectorLee Myung-Woo
Cast* Ji Chang-Wook (Choi Dae-Hyun)

* Do Sang-Woo (Jo Seung-Joon)


Friday & Saturday 10:00 p.m KST

9. Hi Bye, Mama!

Photo source: Magic Pocket (Hi Bye, Mama! is one of the best new 2020 Korean dramas that you deserve to watch)

Replacing the drakor show Crash Landing On You on tvN channel, Hi Bye, Mama! so one of the recommendations for the latest 2020 Korean drama that is worth watching, gang.

This drama tells about Cha Yu Ri (Kim Tae Hee), a mother who died in a tragic accident that happened to her 5 years ago.

One day, Yu Ri's ghost is given the opportunity to return to her son and husband for 49 days. However, when that moment occurs, Yu Ri finds out that her husband has remarried.

InformationHi Bye, Mama!
Show22 February - 22 April 2020
Episode16 Episodes
DirectorYoo Je-Won
Cast* Kim Tae-Hee (Cha Yu-Ri)

* Go Bo-Gyeol (Oh Min-Jung)


Saturday & Sunday 09:00 p.m KST

10. Hospital Playlist

Next there is a Korean drama about doctors entitled Hospital Playlist which had become a topic of discussion among drama lovers.

The latest 2020 Korean drama comedy genre tells the story of the friendship of five doctors who have existed for a long time, even when they just entered medical school 20 years ago.

Uniquely, Ik Jun (Jo Sung Suk), Jeong Won (Yoo Yeon), Song Hwa (Jeon Mi do), Jun Wan (Jung Kyung Ho), and Seok Hyeong (Kim Dae Myung) can even read each other's minds only through stare.

InformationHospital Playlist
Show12 March - 28 May 2020
Episode12 Episodes


DirectorShin Won-Ho
Cast* Cho Jung-Seok (Lee Ik-Jun)

* Jung Kyoung-Ho (Kim Jun-Wan)


Thursday 09:00 p.m KST

11. Find Me in Your Memory

Combining drama, fantasy, and romance genres into one, Find Me in Your Beauty could be another alternative for those of you who are looking for the latest 2020 drakor, gang.

This drama tells the story of two people with different destiny, Lee Jung Hoon (Kim Down Wook) and Yeo Ha Jin (Moon Ga Young), who fell in love after the two met.

Lee Jung Hoon is a famous news anchor in Korea who suffers from hyperthymesia, a condition that allows him to remember an event in detail.

On the other hand, Yeo Ha Jin suffers from a rare condition where she often forgets the most important moments and memories from her past.

InformationFind Me in Your Memory
Show18 March - 7 May 2020
Episode32 Episodes


DirectorOh Hyun-Jong
Cast* Kim Dong-Wook (Lee Jung-Hoon)

* Mun Ka-Young (Yeo Ha-Jin)


Wednesday & Thursday 09:00 p.m KST

12. Nobody Knows

The next latest drama that you deserve to watch is Nobody Knows. This drama replaces the show Romantic Doctor 2 on the SBS TV channel, gang.

Directed by director Lee Jung Heum, this thriller drama tells the story of a detective named Cha Young Jin (Kim Seo Hyung) who lost his best friend to a serial killer.

19 years after the incident, the serial killer figure reappears, making Young Jin determined to catch him with his own hands.

InformationNobody Knows
Show2 March - 21 April 2020
Episode16 Episodes


DirectorLee Jung-Heumn
Cast* Kim Seo-Hyung (Cha Young-Jin)

* Park Hoon (Baek Sang Ho)


Monday & Tuesday 10:00 p.m KST

13.The King: Eternal Monarch

Photo source: Asian Drama Bible (New Korean drama 2020 The King: Eternal Monarch will air on April 17th)

Well, if this one is suitable for you who are looking for the latest Korean drama Lee Min Ho, gang. The King: Eternal Monarch is one of the newest dramas that aired since April 17 last.

This drama tells the story of a Korean emperor named Lee Gon (Lee Min Ho). He attempts to close the door to a parallel world opened by a demon released into the human world.

Meanwhile, a detective named Jung Tae Eul (Kim Go Eun) trying to protect many people, including someone he loves.

InformationThe King: Eternal Monarch
Show17 April - 6 June 2020
Episode16 Episodes


DirectorBaek Sang-Hoon
Cast* Lee Min Ho (Lee Gon)

* Woo Do-Hwan (Jo Young)


Friday & Saturday 10:00 p.m KST

14. The World of the Married

Photo source: K-Drama Teaser (The World of the Married is one of the best new Korean dramas of all time).

Next there is the latest high-rating 2020 Korean drama, The World of the Married which can be an option for those of you who are looking for Korean dramas with a non-monotonous plot.

This drama about infidelity tells the story of life Ji Sun Woo (Kim Hee Ae), a great doctor, and her husband Lee Tae Oh (Park Hae Joon) who is a famous director.

Has been blessed with a smart child named Jeon Jin Seo (Lee Joon Young), Sun Woo feels that his life is very perfect and happy.

However, the situation changed instantly when Ji Sun Woo found out that her husband had an affair. Watching this latest Korean drama is guaranteed to make you excited yourself!

InformationThe World of the Married
Show27 March - 16 May 2020
Episode16 Episodes


DirectorMo Wan-Il
Cast* Kim Hee-Ae (Ji Sun-Woo)

* Jeon Jin-Seo (Lee Joon-Young)


Friday & Saturday 10:50 p.m KST


Well, that's the latest and most popular Korean drama recommendation.updates until September 2020 from Jaka. Drakor always presents exciting stories and is different from the stories that have ever existed.

Yes, you can, if you want to watch it. But remember, don't watch drama marathons until you lose track of time, gang! Enjoy watching!

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