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125+ funny words 2021, can make a status laugh!

Funny words for Facebook or WA status updates that can make you laugh. Check out a collection of funny captions that you can use here!

Funny words it could be mood booster the best and encouragement of life when you're bad mood or bored with things around you.

Moreover, words that are funny and make you laugh out loud are very good for making funny WhatsApp statuses. His name is life, definitely need entertainment dong! Who knows just make intermezzo or do you want to share it on your social media accounts!

It's fine if you want to find and share funny quotes for short, romantic, to wise status updates in 2021 to your friends. But, if you are still confused to find it, here is a collection.

Romantic Funny Words

For those who are still glued to their ex, you can also use the romantic funny quotes below as funny statuses for your ex! Don't give up before there is a yellow leaf, gang!

These funny words or captions about love will make you look more attractive, rather than talking about things that are too serious.

If you feel the crap is not optimal, just check the recommendations romantic words from Jaka too!

  • You know what my love for you has in common with the sun? The similarities are both published every day and will only last until the apocalypse.

  • My love for you is guaranteed without artificial sweeteners, artificial preservatives. all natural pure from the heart.

  • I don't know who you are or what you're made of. all i know is one. you have made me fall in love

  • What you see in the fridge, it's not beef liver, it's my frozen heart because you left it..

  • Good morning, my dear, many people say that if you are a flower, they want me to be the beetle. But I don't want to be like that, I still want to be human, so I can enjoy your beauty without having to take your honey. I will treat it with a splash of love water every morning.

  • I want to say I miss you, it's like being close. I want to say love, I'm afraid that I'm not ashamed. I want to say LOVE, I'm afraid that someone will have it. I have to, can you tell me what's wrong?

  • Fighting jealous people is funny and will be sorely missed when the relationship is over.

  • If you ride a motorbike, you will be fined. Because there are three of us, me, you, and love.

  • Can I have your photo please? I want to show my friends that angels really exist.

  • People say love is being chased, so don't be surprised if until now I'm still chasing you

  • The best are not those who come with all their advantages, but those who do not leave because of all our shortcomings.

  • Your gap will be considered perfect by the heart that is destined for you.

  • Love is like the wind. You can't see it, but you can feel it.

  • There is only one heart and lips because it was created just to say you are the only one and give my heart to you.

  • As water flows from high to low, my love flows from your eyes down to your heart.

  • One semicolon. You are beautiful I have.

  • Beautiful to send to a boyfriend, of course with funny words, which can make your girlfriend smile and even laugh.

  • Sometimes I feel scared when I see you, want to know why? Because you are a robber, robber of my heart

  • I do not have perfect character, but the perfection of my love is only for you.

  • People say don't forget history, but I'd rather close history and open a new page with you.

Funny words on Facebook

Although there are already competitors in Twitter even Instagram, Facebook still one of the most popular social media applications in the world, gang!

Well, for those of you who want their posts to appear more interesting, you can use an example funny captions on Facebook the following. Guaranteed to make you laugh!

  • Stupid people can be happy with their stupidity.

  • In the morning, the bed and the toilet are both trying to grab our attention.

  • I discovered there was only one way to look skinny: Hang out with fat people.

  • A fallen leaf can never hate the wind, even if it's only for a second. Likewise, a hungry stomach can't blame the rice, but it's our fault that we kasalaki bongana don't eat money.

  • People who think that being single doesn't sell well may think that they are merchandise.

  • I'm quiet, secretly I fell in love with you.

  • There are herbs, on top of the nails. your laugh is etched in my heart.

  • If you can't make other people laugh, at least don't make other people cry, right?

  • When someone tries to stay away from your life, don't wait until they pay off their debt.

  • Past history can be used as a valuable lesson, if you don't have memories, at least it can be someone else's memory.

  • If you want to take a lazy shower, you have to go to the bathroom, is there an online toilet or not so that it can be delivered.

  • 3 things in this world that cannot be counted, namely the number of stars in the sky, the number of fish in the sea and the amount of love I have for you in this heart.

  • Something valuable that can not be written in a book but can only be remembered and stored in the heart.

  • How to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

  • I suddenly fell asleep when you said "I LOVE YOU" I didn't hear it but I just wanted you to repeat it...

  • If I were asked to choose my life or your life, I would choose my life because my life is you.

Very Funny Words

Jaka opens very often Instagram see memes viral is hilarious for no reason other than to laugh because indeed we all need comedy in our lives, gang.

For those of you who are late, Jaka guarantees funny words laugh The following can help your day at least be a little more colorful.

You can also use the words that Jaka has collected below as funny FB captions to make it even cooler, you know.

  • Delay hunger, eat indomie, starving heart, love blooms.

  • In your car there is a scent, if in your eyes there is a rainbow.

  • Good morning, don't forget to breathe, because it's useless if you smile if you don't breathe hehe...

  • Even though I'm an adult but I can't live independently, the proof is that I can't live without you.

  • If your boyfriend is crying don't say anything and hug him. But if you're still crying, ask to go shopping wkwkwk.

- The clothes are protective fences. Fences should protect without obstructing a beautiful view.

  • Do you know the difference between today's children and old age children at night? Children today wake up at night to update status, but children in old age wake up at night to pray tahajjud.

  • In the past, there was an abbreviation for TTM, namely Friends but Mesra, while nowadays there is TTMT, namely Friends but Eat Friends.

  • Luckily I'm a gamer, there are quite a few things that can make me the target of my emotions and ego, namely the game itself.

  • Rich people, many possessions and often spree but do not have time. Meanwhile, poor people have a lot of time for spree but no money

  • If now there is someone who is beside you and is always there for you, then be grateful for being given a life partner who is willing to sacrifice many things for you.

  • Praying is a good thing, but praying continuously without any effort and action will still be something in vain.

  • You are like a criminal who has infiltrated my dreams, stole my heart and robbed me of my feelings.

  • A beggar has found a pornographic book on the street, suddenly the book is opened.

  • Due to a breakup and a broken heart, a man is found drowned in a sea of ​​deepest wounds.

Funny words to make you laugh

Upset because college is complicated, Indonesia is constantly flooded, acute bucin, and cases of the spread of the corona virus that until now have not died? It means you need a funny caption to laugh!

Jaka can't help solve your problems, but Jaka has a collection of funny writings and funny pictures that will at least make you smile a little, gang!

Funny captions make you laugh You can copy this as a very funny status for WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram. Guaranteed your friends will laugh out loud!

  • The government must revise to immediately change the color of the 3kg gas cylinder to yellow, gray, pink or blue, because the green color will explode according to the balloonist.

  • Do you want to be a radio announcer? After all, you always broadcast a wave of love in my heart.

  • Cheating is beautiful, as long as both of them are cheating, so no one feels hurt, it's fun, right?

  • Matchmaking is like a fried food seller. Waiting for no one to pass by, when I don't want many to pass. uh, when I was about to arrive, there were already a lot of people queuing up.

  • It's okay if we have different operator cards, as long as our names are on the same family card.

  • When you feel your life's trials are too heavy, it's because God knows you can handle them. If it's still heavy, go on a diet.

  • Actually, I'm a kid hanging out, because the toilet at my house happens to be a squat toilet.

  • If you're still a TEENAGE, it's best if you're only allowed to do things in TEENAGE first.

  • The results of research by medical experts, that it turns out that 100% of a person's cause of death is the heart, that is, the HEART STOPS throbbing.

  • Falling and failing is normal, but falling on one heart is just extraordinary and it only happens to you.

Funny Words for Status Updates

Photo source: Funny caption for FB or WA status updates.

Whether it's for caption Today's Instagram or for tweets on Twitter, it is important to show that you are good at fighting tongues.

That's why it's important for you to remember funny words for status updates Here's the following because who knows one day there will be an opportunity to use it, gang!

  • A million words of love I want to convey. Did my pulse run out! Send me your credit, I'll text my love.

  • True friends always share, if I were the sea, you would be a fish, I would be a beetle, you would be a flower, I would be the sun, you would be the earth, if I were Tarzan, would you like to be the monkey?

  • When I'm sad you're by my side, when I'm angry you're by my side. When I cry you are by my side, Now I realize, lest you are a bad luck to me.

  • Unfortunately, I often call you I text you, it turns out that now I realize, it turns out that mmmmm I love my pulse more.

  • Friends, friends. Boyfriend, girlfriend, don't be friends like dating. Moreover, dating like friends. The difference is thin, but it's bitter, bro.

  • Do you want to be a radio announcer? After all, you always broadcast a wave of love in my heart.

  • My love for you is AWESOME, yes, if there is an inbox from your heart, it's immediately hip-hip hurray.

  • My father used to tell me to go to school until the S3 level. After meeting you, I just want to get to the level of marriage.

  • The good ones are rejected, the bad guys are courted, it's their turn to be hurt saying: All guys are the same.

  • Rese lu! Can't believe it! betrayal! Uncouth! Countryside! You think I'm scared, huh?? Why do you tell people my secret when I'm CAKEEPPP!!

  • Faith is like a tattoo, only having a little has already been pointed out.

  • Hard work is a must, because money can't go into my pocket or purse by itself.

  • If you go to work, don't leave your face behind. So, when you're at the office, you don't have to look face-to-face!

  • Any heavy work will feel light, if we do not do it.

  • Good thing love is blind. Can you see if you can? Bad people don't work.

Funny Words Create FB Status

Look mediocre and don't have enough capital to beautify yourself? You guys are lucky because no one can see your real figure on the internet, gang!

So, always make yourself more attractive by using funny funny quotes the following when updating the status on Facebook to make it even cooler.

  • It's enough that your IQ is high, don't be prestige.

  • If someone insults you, do not rush to deny their statement. Looks like they were right.

  • In the future, the best barista is the wife. And the most delicious coffee is the one made with love.

  • Don't mind the person who hates you, just give him a gift with love and a time bomb in it.

  • Don't take gamers for granted, because in fact gamers are unique people, who have high emotions and high sensitivity.

  • I'm sorry that I left you for a while, to complete my heavy mission for a while.

  • Since when did you become a dancer? Then why is your shadow always dancing in my mind.

  • Do you know the difference between today's children and old age children at night? Children today wake up at night to update status, but children in old age wake up at night to pray tahajjud.

  • You don't have to worry if something happens to you. Because I've learned how to protect you from harm and enemies from games.

  • I still don't understand people who like to say 'you were a child yesterday afternoon', meaning that 6 days have passed since you were a child last week. You are a child last week and so on.

  • Everyone can like you, but only your personality and attitude make them want to stay with you.

  • A smile doesn't always mean someone is happy. Sometimes a person smiles just because he doesn't want to explain why his heart is hurting.

  • If you sincerely love him, never decorate his eyes with tears, his ears with lies, and his heart with wounds.

  • In love, when things are different, don't look for who is wrong, because you and he are the same team with the same goal.

  • Stop wishing on someone you know deep in your heart that he can never be yours.

  • Life can't be better without love, but love in the wrong way makes life worse.

  • The key to not regretting: Don't disappoint those who care, don't betray those who are loyal, don't hurt those who want to wait.

  • Call me silly or too much, when I was more concerned with buying credit just to hear your voice than buying food.

  • I will still wait for your presence, And I will never complain.

Funny Wise Words Make You Laugh

Photo source: Freepik; Funny Wise Words Make You Laugh

If you need a life guide, you can try reading funny wise words make you laugh which Jaka has collected here.

Why is that? Because not infrequently, wise words can only enter if they are packed with fresh and entertaining humor. Here's the list!

  • Be like a pineapple. Standing tall, wearing a crown, and sweet in it.

  • Life must have many obstacles. If there are many obstacles, it means catering.

  • Always follow your heart. But remember, bring your brain too.

  • Learn from tuyul, still small but already smart to make money.

  • I bought expensive clothes. But it looks cheap when I put it on.

  • Homework is complicated. If it's simple, it's called a restaurant.

  • Life is like a very long television show without a remote control.

  • Lazy is really a bad word. I prefer to call it selective participation.

  • A successful man is one who can make more money than his wife spends. A successful woman is the one who can find a man like that.

Funny FB Status

Handsome is relative but rags are absolute, gang! Face can be treated with clothes & skincare but the skill of seduction of loose change is hard to hone!

So, take good care of it funny FB status words so that you can swiftly make your partner's heart melt, gang!

As many people say, to win a woman's heart, make her laugh first. This funny status can help you get there.

  • Falling and failing is normal, but falling on one heart is just extraordinary and it only happens to you.

  • No need to promise me the stars and moon, just promise you will always be with me under the light.

  • Those who are going out are crying, upset, going out with people or onions.

  • You are like Hansaplast, you always cover the wounds in my heart.

  • Love never fails to harvest, because happiness and sadness are permanent results.

  • Longing and jealousy are celestial bodies that when put together form love. Not like the stars of the sky. Not like a rainbow. Because I'm not all of them. I am what I am. My face is like this.

  • When I'm jealous, don't be mad at me. Instead, try to calm me down and wake me up. Because that's the job of the couple in a healthy relationship.

  • Like the people in Ethiopia there who are starving. Just like them, I too am hungry, yes hunger for love from you.

  • You are more special than Halley's Comet, which appears once every 76 years. Because you appear once in my life and are irreplaceable.

  • If you are the sun, then I will be the moon. Which reflects your light so that the earth doesn't darken after you're gone.

  • I'm always by your side wherever you go, even if you can't see it. Through prayer, I can do it.

  • Our bodies are apart, but our love is always close.

  • You are someone who is untouchable but exists, someone who is invisible but produces longing.

  • My husband, you are the sun that rules my heart. Oasis Among My Barren Heart. And the soft moon in the dark night. Continue to be the Priest and Master for Our Little Family. Happy Wedding Anniversary, My Beloved Husband.

  • Dinda, you are the pearl of my heart, the shine is as bright as the jewel of the sky. On our wedding anniversary, I just hope to always see your pearly smile until I'm three legs.

  • Today there is only one sentence that fills my head. For someone who is always in my heart, the most special person in my life, Happy Anniversary, dear, happy I love you.

  • If likened to the internet, you are Google. Because you have all the answers I'm looking for. Happy birthday dear.

  • So Long Dating, I'm Getting Tired of Saying Happy Birthday. Because I Can't Wait To Say Happy Wedding Anniversary. When Will You Make My Dream Come True?

  • Happy Anniversary My Love, I hope our love relationship will last forever without an expiration date being the end point.

Javanese Funny Words

Want to make a funny caption but use a different language than the others? Just try using Javanese, gang!

Although it is often considered old-fashioned by some people, the Javanese language can actually make people who read it laugh if you arrange it correctly.

Well, here's a collection Java funny captions which you can try.

  • The peanuts are savory, but when you put them in the beans, it's really sore.

  • Jenenge urip has to be a bit of a trial, yen is like saweran kui jenenge dangdutan.

  • The saddest sin is sinmbat or duwe money.

  • Ojo, call me an ex, call me an alumni, sopo understand, here is a reunion.

  • Kowe Grandma loves to talk, please continue to code. I'm sitting in a safe sing need a code.

  • Sopo sing gelem mijeti me. Grandma wedok doesn't pack bojo. Grandmother, bojone no sir.

  • It's better to sing humorously but sweetly than pretentious romantic but tragic ending.

  • I think I need a utowo gps map, nek karo koe, i'm sure we have to be eng endi.

  • No wonder my crew is not lazy. Sing not food false hope.

  • I'm a real sengojo ora adus, ben kethok is natural.

  • Kui ra's courtship doesn't need to be publicized, the important thing is that the invitations to the teapots are spread out.

  • Fortunately, my heart is being manipulated by Gusti Allah. Grandma Gawean waits for Wes to crumble with Wingi.

  • Ojo tease bojone wong. Let bojone wong sing tease us.

  • Wong lemu kui, dudu kakean manganese, but the sing diet program failed.

  • Grandmother said ojo dhuwur-dhuwur, mengko lambemu iso into the plane.

  • Originally, I had to cry but wedi didn't have my umbel metu.

  • I know that my fortune is just a deposit. But Gusti, mbok granny nitip kathah sekedhik.

  • Grandmother said that Ojo was sweet, but mundak cangkeme was surrounded by ants.

  • Merdeka follows Soekarno, mbe Hatta, neatly lined up and covering the wallet. Yen sing line Pattimura, means the content of the struggle.

  • Dadi wong ojo is stiff, not dry.

Still want to know other funny Javanese words that are no less laughable? You can read Jaka's article below:


Short Funny Captions

Photo source: Quotes

Making people laugh through the words you write doesn't have to be long! You can also use short funny quotes that still don't lose the element of humor.

Well, if you are confused about what kind of expression can make people laugh, here is Jaka's recommendation for short funny words that still make you laugh.

  • Knowing yourself is a healthy way to live a good life.

  • Don't be afraid to be ugly as long as there's still Photoshop hanging around.

  • It's a little hot. It's raining a bit. It's comfortable, dear.

  • Want to be a village flower but afraid of usury.

  • In fact, women are willing to be co-opted. As long as men are willing to be poisoned.

  • Don't hesitate to solve the problem! Unless it says 'to solve means to buy'.

  • Do not return the favor, because it is not necessarily the kindness that did it.

  • No matter how heavy the work, if it is not done it will feel light.

  • Rich people are afraid of being poor, but poor people are never afraid to be rich.

  • The couple is rich indomie. One less, two more.

  • Don't pretend to be what you are. If you travel, you have to take a shower and make up first.

  • A person's success always starts with a dream. If so, let's go to sleep.

  • Good morning, whose heart is empty but not ready to live in.

  • Yesterday I complained because there was a lot of work piled up, it was very difficult to stay in the line, don't pile it up.

  • Joking, don't miss it, if you miss it, it's far back.

  • The ex is not to be remembered! Your ex is a hero.

  • When you feel your life's trials are too heavy, it's because God knows you can handle them. If it's still heavy, go on a diet.

  • From the fan I learned how to cool the atmosphere.

  • Money can't buy happiness, but having money is happier than not having it.

  • The more numbers on the calendar, the fewer numbers in the wallet.

Funny words with pictures

Need funny phrases but in the form of pictures? Don't worry, Jaka also has one, gang!

Instead of being curious, come on, just take a look at the group funny words pictures more details below.

1. Face Search

Photo source: Woazy

2. Laundry

Photo source: Brilio

3. Return

Photo source: Pinterest

4. Makeup

Photo source: Yahoo News

5. River

Photo source: Very funny words

6. Woman

Photo source: Madeblog

7. Love

Photo source: Brilio

8. Lecture

9. Lamp

Photo source: Unique Image

10. Perfect

Photo source: Yahoo News

That's a collection of 2021 funny words that Jaka has provided for you. Even though it seems weightless, in fact there are not a few funny but meaningful captions that you can use, you know!

please you Copy and paste for you to make a cool WhatsApp status, Facebook status, or be used as a Cool Wallpaper for your cellphone!!

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