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The 3 best moving photo apps for creating creative short gifs and videos

To make moving photos (GIFs) or Live Photos a la Apple, here are the best moving photo apps on Android. Compared to regular selfies, moving photos (GIFs) are certainly more exciting because you are free to express yourself.

Besides photos selfie and live videos, moving photo like Boomerang on Instagram or picture with GIF format has also become a trend nowadays. Surely you often don't find moving GIF photos or short videos on social media?

Compared to selfie which is so and so, moving photos (GIFs) are certainly more fun because you are free to express yourself. GIFs are also much shorter than videos, so they save more on data.

To make moving photos (GIFs) or Live Photos a la Apple, here are the best moving photo apps on Android.

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Best App To Make Moving Photos (GIF)

1. Motion Stills

The first moving photo app is Motion Stills made by Google. You can create moving photos or short 3-second videos like Apple Live Photos in GIF format easily.

There is also a mode fast forward, which can speed up videos from two to eight times their original speed. Yes, like Boomerang on Instagram. The result you can save in GIF format or as a regular video.

2. Instagram

The next best moving photo app of course Instagram. You can make various forms of moving photos or interesting short videos through the feature Instagram Stories.

From start Boomerang for moving GIF photos) in back and forth. Until Rewind to make moving photos or short videos backwards.

3. Messenger

Messenger not just for chat with Facebook friends, you can also use them to create interesting short videos. Then convert it into a GIF image with WhatsApp.

You can rely on features Face Filters or face filters with lots of interesting options, to make moving photos as creative as possible.


Our End

That's the best moving photo application, please be creative to create interesting GIF images or short videos. Then, share to social media. Do you have any other moving photo apps?

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