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5 ways to speed up 3g connection as fast as 4g lte network

Unfortunately, there are still many people who are stuck on 3g connections. Therefore, here I will present how to speed up a 3g connection as fast as 4g LTE...

4G LTE technology does make online activities more fun, browsing smooth, fast social media access, and minimal buffering video streaming.

Unfortunately, there are still many people who are trapped in 3G connection. Therefore, here Jaka presents how to speed up 3G connections as fast as 4G LTE.

To enjoy the features 4G LTEFirst, your smartphone specifications must support 4G.

The problem is, there are still many people who use 3G smartphones in Indonesia. In addition, not all areas are covered by the 4G network.

How to Speed ​​Up 3G Connection As Fast as 4G LTE

Here are some ways to make your 3G connection as fast as 4G LTE.

1. Use Opera Max

Almost all activities carried out on smartphones use internet data and currently many applications already support quality content high definition.

The goal is to spoil your eyes. But if you're only on a 3G network, you could say it's quite heavy.

Apps Browser Opera Software DOWNLOAD

So, let's just make things lighter by using Opera Max.

In addition to saving your internet quota, by turning on Opera Max, content is compressed up to 23 percent before it reaches your smartphone and saves up to 50 percent. So, making all activities faster as fast as the 4G network.

2. Use Opera VPN

Apart from Opera Max, Opera Free VPN is also a mandatory application that you must install to speed up your 3G internet connection.

As the name implies, Opera VPN unblocks a lot of content and accesses your favorite websites and apps from anywhere.

Besides being able to make you surf in cyberspace safely, browsing with Opera VPN is also much faster. Because Opera VPN blocks all ads. Without the distractions of ads, everything is so much faster.

Apps Networking Opera Software DOWNLOAD

However, you cannot activate Opera Max and Opera VPN at the same time. So, just adjust it to your situation.

3. Turn off Autoplay Video on Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram now it supports video content. Sometimes buffering video on the 3G network disrupts our activities and the quota runs out quickly.

For that, the solution is you can disable autoplay videos on Facebook and Instagram.

How, you can read in the following articles: How to Disable Video Autoplay on Facebook and How to Turn Off Video Autoplay on Instagram.

4. Using the Lite Version of the App

In this digital era, social media is very important. Because, sharing information becomes easier.

One of the social media that is still used by many people and easy to use is Facebook.

Facebook is indeed the most appropriate means of cyberspace if you want to find various information and news.

However, if your Internet connection is not good, you will definitely feel the name of being annoyed and extraordinary.

Apps Social & Messaging Facebook, Inc. DOWNLOAD

For that, the way to speed up Internet connection on Android that you can do is to download it Facebook Lite.

By downloading Facebook Lite, you can speed up your 3G connection very well.

Because, Facebook Lite itself is known to be light and efficient in using Internet data. Surely accessing social media is getting faster. Remember, download Facebook Lite!

Besides Facebook Lite, other applications that have a Lite version are Line Lite. Oh yeah, you can also use Opera Mini browser which is very famous for its reliability in compressing data.

5. Keep Network Mode to 3G

Maybe you have heard this method many times, but it is quite optimal to apply. Sometimes in areas where the network signal is unstable, we need to just keep our network mode down to 3G.

Otherwise, the connection will fluctuate to 2G and 3G. That can make the smartphone battery run out quickly and the temperature is hot.

Want to know how? Simply by typing the code as below, then select "Device Information" and set to network "WCDMA Only".


Those are some ways to speed up 3G connections as fast as 4G networks. Up to here, do you understand?

If not or there is additional information, share your opinion in the comments column yes. Good luck!