5 ways to make a fake call from your cellphone

Don't want your phone number to spread? The following 5 apps can help you create fake numbers and make fake calls on Android.

For those of you who like to do online transactions, be it buying or selling goods. In the process, sometimes we have to include a phone number, even though we really don't want our phone number to be spread out and known to many people.

For example, you are selling goods in online buying and selling site. But, you don't want to include your real number. Of course not for crime, yes, you can use the following Android fake call applications. Reporting from Wonderhowto, here's how to make a fake phone number. You can use this disposable number for positive things, such as for keep privacy you.

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How to make a fake call from your cellphone

1. Hushed

how to make the first fake number is to rely on an application called Hushed. With Hushed, you can make fake calls on Android and communicate securely. In fact, not only local numbers. Hushed also provides international numbers (more than 40 countries) and can manage not only one number but also several numbers at once.

You can download Hushed for Android and iOS smartphone users. Unfortunately, Hushed only offers 3 days for a free trial. Good for testing. If this app is really helpful, you can subscribe for a relatively low cost starting at US$5.99 or around Rp78.000 per month for unlimited usage and you have an International phone number.

2. TextMe Up

How to make the next fake phone number using the app TextMe Up. With TextMe Up, it allows you Android and iOS smartphone users to have an overseas number and you can make phone calls to more than 200 countries.

To make phone calls to other people, you can subscribe or for free by getting credits by watching videos or completing offers. Subscription costs start from US$2.99 ​​or around Rp39,000 per month. Oh yes, the first number is free but the selection of the next number will be paid.

3. Burners

How to make a fake call on Android next using an app called Burners. With Burner you can make fake calls on Android and SMS from your new private number. Unlike Hushed, Burner numbers will use normal fees according to your operator.

The best part about this Android Burner fake call app is that you can change the number at will. You can try Burner with a 7 day free trial. After that you can decide to buy a credit package starting from US $ 1.99 or Rp26.000.

4. Sidelines

How to make a fake call on Android next is an application called sideline. With Sideline you can make fake calls on Android and there are 2 free numbers available for your smartphone. Like Burner, Sideline also uses your carrier's network.

You can also create a separate voice message from the original number. The best part about this Android Sideline fake call app is that it's completely free, despite the ads. However, you can get rid of the ads by subscribing to US$2.99 ​​or Rp39,000 per month.

5. Line2

How to make a fake call on Android next using the app Line2. Line2 offers both personal and business packages, at relatively affordable prices. There are also features for forwarding calls, group calls, sending messages, and notifications voicemail-to-email.

The best part about Line2 is that it can not only be used for Android or iOS smartphones, but includes Mac, Windows, Amazon Fire, iPad, and Apple Watch. Line2 offers a 7 day free trial and after that you can subscribe.

Bonus! How to Make a Samsung Fake Call

For you smartphone users Samsung, you can also make fake Samsung calls. How to open settings, then fake call settings, and activate the fake call fast button set timer fake call, then write the name or number (caller). Now, to activate it press while holding down the navi key. After active wait until timer work and you will receive a call from the name/number you created.

That's how to make a fake number, for safe, smart communication, and to protect your privacy. Each of these applications has its own advantages and disadvantages, but Hushed and TextMe Up more optimally used in Indonesia. Yes, instead of having to bother buying a new starter card. What do you think?