7 best google chrome vpn extensions 2020

On a laptop using Google Chrome and want to use a VPN extension? Check out the recommendations for the best VPN Chrome extension version of JalanTikus!

Need a VPN but lazy to install the software because the laptop memory is full of anime and Korean drama collections?

Relax, Jaka has a solution for you. Instead of having to bother installing the software, it's better if you install a VPN extension in your browser.

This time, ApkVenue will give you some recommendations best VPN Chrome extension 2020 which can make the internet faster!

Why Should You Use a Chrome VPN Extension?

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The main purpose of having a VPN extension on Chrome is to keep you anonymous and protected of digital criminals.

Isn't there an Incognito Mode? Indeed, this mode can make you seem anonymous, it's just that the information you enter/exclude can still be detected by outsiders.

VPN extension too lighter and less consuming resources too much system. The "bonuses" you can get include ad blocking.

Most of the VPN extensions on this list only serve as a proxy or just affect traffic that goes through Chrome.

This extension only works when you are using Chrome, so your network is not completely secure. The level of encryption is usually only limited to using the SOCKS and HTTP/HTTPS protocols.

Recommended Best Chrome VPN Extensions

Now you know why you need a VPN extension for your Chrome. So, what are the VPN Chrome extensions that ApkVenue will recommend for you?

1. ZenMate Free VPN

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The first VPN extension that ApkVenue will recommend for you is ZenMate Free VPN because the speed is quite satisfactory and stable.

As a VPN extension for Chrome, many consider ZenMate to be one of the best because of the various features it has.

One of the unique features of this free Chrome VPN is SmartPrice. When you are going to shop online, you will get a price comparison of other relevant products.

You can only use all the premium features for free for one week. Even so, the free version is enough for you to use.

2. Hotspot Shield

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legendary VPN, Hotspot Shield, also has a version of its Chrome extension. You could say, this extension is one of the safest to use.

Just like before, this VPN extension also has two versions, namely free and paid. Of course you can choose the paid version to get all its features.

If you're patient enough with slow speeds and annoying ads, choose the free version.

There are five server countries that you can choose from, namely the United States, France, Canada, Chile, and Sweden. Its easy setup is perfect for those of you unfamiliar with VPNs.

3. ExpressVPN

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Almost in every Jaka article related to VPN, ExpressVPN almost always there. Not because it is a sponsor of JalanTikus, but because this VPN application is considered one of the best.

There are several settings that you can use, such as spoofing location or WebRTC blocking.

You can use this extension to unblock for geolocation reasons. You will appear as if you are from another country, but remain anonymous.

The server speed is also quite good although sometimes it takes a bit longer to connect.

Another Best Chrome VPN Extension. . .

4. TunnelBear VPN

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After you install the extension TunnelBear VPN, you will be directed to the registration page so that you can make the registration process easier.

Server speed varies depending on the location we choose. At least, there are 16 countries that you can choose from.

The biggest problem this extension has is limitations bandwidth for free version users, only 500MB per month.

This amount for some people is very less, especially if you are hooked streaming Netflix via Chrome.

5. NordVPN

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NordVPN well known for its ability to be multi-platform. Being an extension of Chrome is just one of them.

The interface is concise and easy to understand. Once you've logged in with your NordVPN account, you'll be instantly connected to the best server available.

This free VPN for Chrome is also lightweight so it won't slow down your laptop. For security, you can disable WebRTC permanently.

There is also a feature called CyberSec which serves to block ads and malware. There is free trial for 30 days for you to try!

6. DotVPN

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Next there is DotVPN which also often gets positive reviews from users. This extension offers bandwidth the infinite.

Besides, you will also get protection cloud firewall and 4096-bit encryption. So, this extension is suitable when you are connected to a public internet network.

In addition, there are dozens of server locations that you can use, ranging from Canada, Japan, Sweden, the United States, to the UK.

7. CyberGhost VPN

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The last VPN extension that ApkVenue will recommend for you is CyberGostVPN. This extension is able to block ads, tracking by malicious parties, to protect you from entering dangerous sites.

Your identity will also be anonymous while surfing the internet. You can also unblock geo-locations if you want to enjoy movie series that cannot be watched in Indonesia.

Usage traffic will be encrypted using AES 256-bit. So, you don't have to worry about being hacked or your privacy data will be stolen.

Those were some of the recommendations about best VPN Chrome extension 2020 which you can use to secure your privacy data.

Moreover, Chrome is dominating the browser market by controlling about 60%, leaving its competitors with a considerable distance.

Next, do you want to recommend a VPN extension for which browser? Write in the comments column, yes!

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