this is how to make your own rpg game without coding!

Want to become a developer and create your own RPG game? Here's how to make your own RPG game without coding! Of course you're curious right?

Tired of playing RPG games? Have you ever had a dream or desire to make your own game or not? If you have, but you don't want to make your own game because you don't feel you have the expertise to make games, don't worry.

In this day and age what can't you do? Here, Jaka gives a solution, especially for those of you who are tired of playing RPG games and want to turn into game developers. Here's how to make your own RPG game without coding! Of course you're curious right? Check out the review below!

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How to Create Your Own RPG Game Without Coding

RPG Maker is a series of game engines that is one of the best game development learning methods. Without ability coding or pictures, you can create your own RPG following the logic provided by the engine. If you like experimenting, you can use your coding or drawing skills to make things even more interesting.

This engine was last released in 2012 and was named RPG Maker VX Ace. While it's easy to use and very suitable for beginners, many veteran RPG Maker users find the engine simpler than RPG Maker XP or RPG Maker 2003 that were released years before.

In this RPG Maker MV you can create games for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and HTML5 on browser. This engine also brings many improvements. Just say it map editor improved, event system simpler, two battle modes with front or side view, higher resolution, support for touch screen and mouse control, max limit increase database, the division of the map into three layers, and many other features.

To run the RPG Maker MV software, the minimum required specifications are:

  • OS WindowsR 7/8/8.1/10 (32bit/64bit) or Mac OS X 10.10 or more
  • CPU Intel Core2 Duo or higher
  • RAM 2GB or more
  • HDD 2GB more
  • Graphics OpenGLR
  • Display 1,280 x 768 or more

This is what it looks like software RPG Maker MV. We can see elements that are familiar to us like other software in general. In the lower left corner there is a list of main maps to sub maps that we can add and edit as we like.

Then, on top of it was Tilesets to create our own map visuals. On it again, there is Quick Access Toolbar such as new (create a new game), open, save, cut, copy, paste, zoom in, zoom out, database, character generator, and so on. and at the top there is toolbar such as File, Edit, Mode, Draw, Scale, Tools, Game, and Help which are mostly in Quick access Toolbar.

We can also add and edit our game database which is the most basic element of an RPG game. Starting from editing Actors (character), Classes (Job) and their respective parameters, edit Skills (special abilities) that we use when fighting, Items, Weapons (Weapon), Armor (Defense), Enemies (Enemy), Troops (Opponent Party), and so on. All databases can be added and edited in such a way easily.

And the most fun thing, the Character Generator allows us to create visual characters according to our taste. Or if you can draw, you can add and incorporate it into your own game.

How? Now you know how to make your own RPG game without having to do coding. Interested in trying to make your own RPG game? You can try the version trial or buy the software directly on the official website. for more tutorials on making RPG games, you can look for them on Google or streaming YouTube.