make you tense like a servant of the devil, these 7 line webtoon comics are the scariest and most shocking

This time, Jaka has compiled 7 of the scariest and most suspenseful Line Webtoon comics. Curious? Read on for more!

Surely you all know right Line Webtoon? Yes, Line Webtoon is a comic app free provided by Line. There are various kinds of comics there, ranging from artificial Korea until the comic is made children of the nation.

Among these comics, there are some that carry the horror genre. The story is really spooky and nerve-wracking. Well, this time Jaka has compiled 7 of the scariest and most suspenseful Line Webtoon comics. Curious? Read on for more!

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7 of the Most Scary and Thrilling LINE Webtoon Comics

1. Shiver

Shiver is a comic in the form of sketches, where each episode has a different story. Starting from horror story until thriller in the comic series.

What's interesting, Shiver not only offers ordinary comics, but also includes them animation, as well as background sound, make the story even more real. Consist of 38 episodes and made by several reliable comic artists, this comic has succeeded in making the readers shiver with fear.

2. Dead Days

Looking for comics with a zombie invasion story theme, like Resident Evil? Dead Days is the answer. You will be presented with an atmosphere Korea suffering from a zombie apocalypse.

The story in it is also not monotonous and anti-mainstream. Unlike usual, this zombie outbreak story will be related to music. Curious? You should try to read it.

3. Distant Sky

While most scary comics rely on ghost stories or murders, Distant Sky trying to present a more 'fresh' with the story of a disaster-stricken earth nuclear radiation.

Presented in a classic comic style with black-and-white pencil sketch, making Distant Sky even darker. You will be presented with a journey two couples looking for a speck of hope when the earth is at the end destruction.

4. Friday: Forbidden Tales

Friday: Forbidden Tales trying to thoroughly explore the dark side of life. The story is always gripping and dark with colorful graphics that are all dark themed.

You will be carried away and required to think in every story. You will walk through every different story on each episode. The most interesting is twist at the end of each story.

5. Creep

Ino Septian is the skill behind the birth of comics Creep. Artificial comics children of the nation It has a distinctive design. As the title implies, each episode has a different spooky story.

This comic also has twist ending with excellent execution. You will feel like rising roller coaster because the tension has varying intensity.

6. Cinema of Darkness

What makes this comic so 'legit' is the comic-style design 80s and backgrounds with different colors, without white normally.

The stories in it have quite short duration. But all have deep meaning, you can even read it several times, until you find the meaning of the story.

7. Gloomy Sunday

Gloomy Sunday, taking the title from the mysterious song of the same name, this comic really feels spooky and suspenseful. This comic carries a design that is quite modern and pleasing to the eye.

Gloomy Sunday is also a comic that in the form of a sketch story, where each episode has a different story. You can find horror stories, thriller, criminal, even strange stories. Rise every week, this comic is definitely suitable to accompany your weekend time.

That's 7 of the scariest and most suspenseful Line Webtoon comics. So, which one do you want to read the most? Write in the comments column below yes!