6 ways to avoid cyber crime when using video calls

Do you often use video calls? You must know 6 ways to avoid cyber crime when using this video call!

Communicate with video call it's fun, especially between family or friends who haven't seen each other for a long time. Seeing the faces of the people we love real time it is enough to cure the longing. Not only that, video chat with a girlfriend or friends in the same gang also feels fun and more interactive.

But surely behind it all, there are various kinds video call risk. The most common problems are the video is leaked to an irresponsible person, then used for evil things that benefit him. Starting from pornography, extortion, to identity theft.

Apart from leaked videos, there are other dangers that you need to be aware of from face-to-face activities on line is fraud, data theft, framing credit cards, and so on. Well, so you can have fun video calls with safe, make sure you always do how to avoid the dangers of video calls below, yes!

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6 Ways to Avoid Cyber ​​Crime When Using Video Calls

1. Use Encrypted Apps

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To ensure the confidentiality of your conversations, make sure you only use apps that encrypted. This means, even the party developer even can't see or hear the contents of the video call that you make.

Popular apps generally unencrypted so it should be avoided. Some recommendations for safe video calling applications include: Silent Phone, Soma Free, and JusTalk.

2. Update Antivirus

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Before making a video call, make sure you scan first your device to avoid the dangers of video calls. Antivirus used must updates and has the ability to detect all kinds of viruses, including malware that can leak private video recordings. Not only when going to video calls, updates and antivirus scans like this should be done regularly.

3. Don't Chat with Strangers

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Most of the crime cases via video chat occur when the victim communicates online video with new people from the Internet. This is what you need to avoid. Even more secure, make sure the application you use can be set so that not just anyone can access your contacts.

If you need to chat with strangers, better tell friends or family so they can help you when things go wrong.

4. Immediately Delete History

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The fourth way so that you avoid the dangers of video calls is that once you are done making a video call, clear history and cache from the application you used earlier. The hope is that there are no remnants that can be stolen in the future.

5. Don't be naked in front of the camera

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Whatever effort we make, the risk of video leaks or other crimes it can still happen, especially for cases of pornography and extortion. Therefore, the last precaution we need to take is to never naked or sexy in front of the camera. So even if your video is leaked, other people can't abuse it.

6. Report When Unwanted Things Happened

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If then you become a victim of one cyber crime, do not hesitate to report it to the authorities. Especially for matters relating to extortion, sexual exploitation, bullying, and identity theft. The number of cases of cyber crime which is not reported which makes such crimes more and more common.

Well, that's 6 ways to avoid the dangers of video calls. Have you done all these ways? If there is another way that Jaka hasn't mentioned, please write it in the comments column, OK!