5 of the most ridiculous easter eggs found in the game

this time JalanTikus will tell you about the 5 most ridiculous easter eggs that can be found in the game.

Easter Eggs are messages, jokes, hidden features on DVD movies, software, operating systems to games. If you are a true gamer, you must have found a variety of easter eggs in the games you play.

Of the many easter eggs in the game, this time JalanTikus will tell you about the 5 most ridiculous easter eggs that can be found in the game. Here's the full review.

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The Silliest Easter Eggs in the Game

1. Hitman: Absolution (Ice Cream Truck)

During the mission End of the road, you will be in the middle of the desert with someone you can kill or leave behind. Easter eggs in the game Hitman: Absolution in the form of an ice cream truck that crashes into the person you're carrying.

To spawn it, shoot five vultures that flies above you. Wait a minute and automatically ice cream truck will hit your target.

2. Mega Man X (Hadouken!)

Street Fighter and Mega Man are two of the best games made by Capcoms. But these two games can't be united until this super easteg egg is found in the game Mega Man X.

After jumping over many obstacles and collecting various upgrades without receiving damage, you'll find Dr.'s hidden upgrade. Light (the one who dresses like Ryu). X can now fire Hadouken with a combination attack the same one.

3. Metal Gear Solid (Psycho Mantis Knows You Like Castlevania)

Psycho Mantis is not Snakes' strongest enemy in the game Metal Gear Solid. However, his mental ability is so amazing, because it can read your mind.

The point is that Psycho Mantis can describe what is stored in PS1 memory card you. When you save game data Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Mantis would say "You like Castlevania, don't you?"


4. Call of Duty: Black Ops II (Playable Atari games)

Call of Duty: Black Ops II has a quite unique easter egg. In this game, you can find a game so, Atari, which can be played. In other words, you can play games within games.

To find this secret, you just have to play private match in Nuketown 2025, then shoot everyone in the head mannequin there before 90 seconds. Automatically, a TV will appear near the venue and a sign to play an Atari game.

5. Crazy Gods (Bath Girls)

This Easter egg is highly sought after by Crazy Gods players. In features guild In this case, you will give soap to help the goddess of heaven clean up. If you are lucky, you will see the goddess watching us give and throwing soap at us. If you are bad, you will see the grandparents who are bathing there. Ha ha ha...

Want to try Crazy Gods - God of Rage? You can download for free here: Crazy God - God of Rage

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Those are some of the most ridiculous easter eggs to be found in the game. If you have other pictures, don't forget share in the comments column.

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