guess crazy?! These 8 android apps have super unique functions

Android is believed to be a smart phone. But ApkVenue does not agree if the android application is not trusted as a smart application!

Android is believed to be a smart phone. But Jaka doesn't agree if android app Unbelievable as a smart app! Based on Jaka's own experience, android applications are not only famous for having lots of ads but there are also some applications that very useful for our daily life, although not all of them but there are some that must be owned by android users because its unique.

There is an android application that precisely make us fail to understand after downloading it and some are equipped with unique functions so that we can help our life. So, you must be curious, what are these applications? To find out more details, you can see Jaka's review below, yes!

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8 Range of Android Apps With Unique Functions 2017

1. Picture War App

Have you ever played in social media? If you often, especially Facebook then you understand the meaning of this unique application. Yes, Facebook is currently being stirred up with MEME images that are often used for social media picture war in the comments column. For those of you who are confused about looking for funny pictures, this image war application can be used be entertainment you everyday. You can take it and then upload it to social media for a picture war.

2. Crazy Guess App

What is certain is that this application will be very entertain when bored and bored. When you look at the title of the application, it's already quite strange and eccentric, then this application will definitely work funny and make me laugh. This application is also very simple, you are only given an odd question then guess the question.

3. The Last Smoking App

Maybe you're asking the real question what is the function of this application? The name alone is so weird! It turns out that there is some kind of guide for those of you who are a smoker then want stop ASAP. This application turns out to be a lot make people successful quit smoking. Well for those of you who intend quit smoking, try this application so that your health is maintained.

4. Clap To Find Application

Super app unique this will be suitable to be installed, especially for those of you who are forgetful people, like forgot to put the smartphone. So the function of this application is find a lost smartphone in a nearby place. No need to bother, you just need to clap then the smartphone screen will turn on by itself. This way your smartphone will quickly found.

5. Online Chat Application

The fifth one is stupid and make me laugh. But it's unique, maybe you have a lot of problems and want to vent but shy same friend. now online chat app this can make you vent without worrying about being nervous. And this app too have millions of users who will be ready to serve and give a solution to your problem.

6. Xray App

Although super sophisticated, this application can also be dangerous because it is very likely to be misused. Because the function of this application itself is to penetrate someone's clothes or your own, but fortunately the function applied is not too vulgar so it doesn't matter if you are curious about everyone's up and down things.

7. Cracked Screen App

If you are often ignorant with your own friends, ApkVenue recommends installing this application. Because its function makes smartphone you or your friends looks like a real crack. So it will surprise your garden for sure. Sophisticated but will only be useful for those of you who often have fun.

8. Anty Fly App

It doesn't make sense either, but if it's really proven there's nothing wrong with installing this application. As the name implies, of course, this application is useful for chase away small animals that often fly. Maybe you have a lot in your room mosquitoes, flies or cockroaches then Anty Fly can be your lethal weapon. Have you even seen trader use this application to repel flies, super magical isn't it? Also make sure you have it installed.

That's 8 android apps with unique functions of all time. Yes, it can be said that the functions of some of the applications above are very strange, but who cares if they are really useful? If you're curious, there's nothing wrong with installing one of them.