how to fix force close app on android

Your Android smartphone often experiences force close applications or often stops and even likes to go out on its own? Here's how to fix the force close application

Android smartphones are indeed created with all levels of perfect comfort. By using a device with an operating system made by Google, you can install any application you want to use. However, until now there are still applications like closed itself or also called force close applications on Android. what do you have to do?

If indeed the Android application that you use frequently force closes, it means that there is a system error on your phone. For that, you have to do several things that you must run to fix the force close application on Android.

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How to Fix 'Force Close' App on Android

1. Clear Cache of Every App

Usually, if you have a force close problem in a certain application, you can try to clear the cache on that application. You live in Settings >Application Management >select app >Clear Cache. By doing that, your main problem can be solved. However, if you still have problems, you can try Clear Data to delete everything, and try logging into the app again.

2. Reinstall the Application

If it is true that your application still cannot run normally, then you can try to reinstall your application. You already know how don't you? Just uninstall the problematic application, then look for the same application on the Google Play Store and re-install it.

3. Restart Smartphone

The simplest and very very easy way to do next is to restart smartphone Your favorite Android. In this way, you have indirectly done soft reset so that your smartphone is ready to be used again. If you can, do this every day to keep your phone running.

4. Factory Reset

The three ways above are first aid when your Android application has problems. If it's already severe, and you feel that your smartphone is actually slowing down, you can do the last thing, which is to do factory reset. But, before doing so, you must backup your data first so as not to lose after doing a factory reset. You can read Easy Ways to Backup and Restore All Android Apps Without Root.

Well, here's how to fix the force close application on an Android smartphone. The steps above are the first steps you must take when the application is problematic. Give your opinion and comments in the column below.