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face photo editing application to become an anime character

Are you tired of taking photos like that? try using this application so that your face turns into anime, let's check!

Do you like it anime?

You definitely want to look like your favorite anime character once in a while. Don't bother so cosplay, guys, because there is an easier way to turn your face into an anime character. How to do it with the application Cartoon Face Changer.

This application can edit your face to turn into anime characters. It's easy, just follow these steps and your face will instantly turn into an anime character. Here he is photo editing app so anime face easily.

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Face Photo Editing Applications Become Anime Characters

The Cartoon Face Changer application only changes your face, right? guys, for applications that can turn your entire body into anime, see the article 6 Best Anime Photo Editing Applications on Android. With this you can be stylish with your everyday clothes but with the face of an anime character.

You can download this application at Play Store and App Store for free. Okay, let's go into the manufacturing step.

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Photos of yourself or with your friends

Open the app Cartoon Face Changer, then you will be greeted with 2 options namely photo or gallery. If you select a photo, then you will be taken to the photo application. If you select the gallery, then you will be taken to the gallery of your smartphone. Select the photo you want to edit.

Choose your anime

After you select a photo, you will enter the page editing photo like the picture below. This app is ready 18 kinds of anime different from the faces of the main characters. Then, choose your favorite anime face.

Edit your anime face

There are 3 options to edit your anime character's face:

1.Enlarge image2.Rotate image3.Delete image

Slide the anime face to your face in the photo, then adjust the anime face to fit.

If you have more than one person in the photo, you can also add anime faces for your friends.

The steps are the same as before.

Save image

After all is done, you can save the image by clicking the save icon at the bottom of the screen. Then the photo will be saved in your gallery guys!

Safe! you can already turn your face into an anime, don't forget to tell your friends about this article, okay!

That's the way to easily turn you and your friends' faces into anime, guys. So, your photos are not like that. So many tips from Jaka regarding the Face Photo Editing Application to Become an Anime Character.

Don't forget to write your opinion in the comments column, see you in the next article!

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