These 5 card fighting games are no less exciting than yu-gi-oh!

You can strategize how to arrange a battle on the cards you already have. If you are curious about this Yu-Gi-Oh-like card game, then you can check out Jaka's review below!

Card fighting game or battle card is quite well known throughout the world and one of the card battle games that is never foreign to gamers is Yu-Gi-Oh. You could say a game like this requires a precise strategy. However, the strategy issued on each card is also different.

In Yu-Gi-Oh games or other card battles you can collect cards then bring out the characters on your own card. After that, only then can you rely on the cards that have been collected for fighting. You can strategize how to arrange a battle on the cards you already have. If you are curious about Yu-Gi-Oh-like card game this, then you can see the following Jaka's review, yes!

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In addition to Yu-Gi-Oh, these 5 card fighting games are also fun!

1. Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft

Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft is one of the best card fighting games besides Yu-Gi-Oh, and overall it's no different of course you are required to collect some cards then you can use them to fight. The game is very simple but fun, build a strong deck then release the character is in the card.

2. Soccer Spirits

Soccer Spirits according to Jaka is a card war game that is quite unique. In this game, you will be invited to combine soccer with football the battle between good and evil. If compared to Yu-Gi-Oh, this game is very different. However, the essence of the game remains the same, namely card fight. Very simple but fun and also very draining strategy.

3. Ascension

Ascension This is a card fighting game that has been available for a long time for smartphones. However, Ascension is still one of the best battle card games ever because it's also requires internet connection to play it. A fantasy card game that is exactly the same as the game Magic of Gathering and Hearthstone.

The gameplay is very interesting, in this game you will be encouraged to collect or collect, card then build a deck so that it allows you can fight with other players around the world. In addition, it provides many cards and these cards also have different abilities and strengths.

4. Deckstorm Duel of Guardians

Deckstorm Duel of Guardians In addition to bringing attractive graphics, this game is also very fun to play. Not much different from other card games. Of course you are required to collect cards, then build a deck, then fight. You can also play this game online so you can duel with other players.

5. Fantasy Warlord

Fantasy Warlord brings a unique gameplay too! This game presents a variety of cards that are very interesting and deep. In the Fantasy Warlord game, you will be required to collect strong characters and also build an alliance with other players. The cool thing is, because this game can also be online, so you can also play with other Fantasy Warlord players around the world.

That's him 5 best card fighting games which can be one of the best alternatives to the Yu-Gi-Oh game. Interestingly, games like this do not take us into gambling, but only direct us to the character figure on the card through the virtual world.

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