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7 of the best pubg-themed movies on youtube, pubg gamers must watch!

PUBG is the most popular game today. Therefore, many people make films with the theme of PUBG. Here are the 7 best PUBG movies!

PUBG or PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS is the most popular game today. Many people are addicted, ranging from children to adults.

Battle royale genre games like PUBG are indeed popular in Indonesia. Even so, the popularity of PUBG is able to beat the games that were previously a favorite of gamers.

Because of its popularity, there are so many fans of PUBG and PUBG Mobile games who are interested in making fanmade films with the PUBG theme. Wow, like what, huh?

7 Best PUBG Themed Fanmade Movies on YouTube

Did you know that PUBG and other battle royale genre games were inspired by a movie called Battle Royale from Japan?

Although not fully imitating, PUBG has adopted many elements in the film such as red zone, blue zone, and others.

Well, in this article, ApkVenue wants to tell you some a fanmade movie inspired by the PUBG game, gang. Check out the following article, gang!

1. PUBG: The Movie

PUBG: The Movie is the first PUBG-themed fanmade film that Jaka has included in the list. This one movie has got more than 10 million views on YouTube.

This movie was uploaded by channel JT Gaming which has 192 thousand subscribers. This film tells the survival struggle of a squad consisting of 4 people.

Spiced by comedy, film fanmade This will entertain those of you who are busy working or studying. Guaranteed, you immediately want to play PUBG after watching this film.


The BATTLEGROUNDS Movie || PUBG is a PUBG fanmade movie uploaded by the channel Corridor. This channel with 6.6 million subscribers uploads movies very often fanmade, gang.

Well, their PUBG movie is a movie live action with a touch of comedy that will keep you entertained. This film also made it very intentional, you know, gang.

Watched movies more than 18 million times It has a plot twist ending. Anyway, you have to watch the movie fanmade PUBG is funny this one, deh.

3. BATTLEGROUNDS The Movie! (Official Fake Trailer)

Well, if BATTLEGROUNDS The Movie! (Official Fake Trailer) this is a parody film made by parody channel Nigahiga.

This channel with 21 million subscribers will present you a parody of the PUBG game trailer, gang. This PUBG movie has already received around 428,000 likes.

Tells about a PUBG player who is just learning, he joins his three friends who are already pros in playing PUBG.

You will find an ending that will make you gawk. PUBG Movies with views more than 15 million times this is really funny, gang!

4. PUBG Logic Supercut (funny sketches about PUBG)

PUBG Logic Supercut (funny sketches about PUBG) is a PUBG movie fanmade uploaded by channel Viva La Dirt League.

Currently, the channel has gained 1.2 million subscribers, gang. This film consists of several funny scenes with the theme of PUBG which are presented in the form of live action.

Many of the scenes describe how PUBG players behave in the game, starting from being chaotic when playing lobby, to the magic of the bulletproof frying pan.


Don't get me wrong, it turns out that Indonesia also made a PUBG movie which is no less good, gang. Movie titled PUBG Real Version | PUBG MOBILE INDONESIA uploaded by channel Mindplace Studio.

This movie has been watched more than 3 million times and got 77 thousand likes, gang. Even though it's a parody of the film, but the makers have great intentions, you know.

Armed with makeshift equipment and good edits, they are able to make entertaining PUBG movies. I really salute this Indonesian YouTuber.

6. COOL!!! PUBG LIVE ACTION FULL (Thai subtitles)

Although not made in Indonesia, this film was uploaded by an Indonesian channel called CakWALIK. Movie titled COOL!!! PUBG LIVE ACTION FULL (Thai subtitles) take the PUBG Mobile theme.

When you first watch this film, you will definitely be amazed by its cool visuals. Not only cute, the CGI properties and effects used are also not kidding.

Jaka can't imagine how much budget and effort the filmmakers put into creating a short film like this. PUBG Mobile fans must watch!

7. PUBG Movie Sanhok Bootcamp

Lastly, there is a movie called PUBG Movie Sanhok Bootcamp uploaded by channel 50. This channel has 171 thousand subscribers.

This film does not focus on the story, but rather on the cool moments in the PUBG game. This moment was captured with cinematic so it feels like watching a movie.

In premise, this film shows the player's efforts to survive in Bootcamp, Sanhok. PUBG players definitely know how difficult it is to dive in there.

That's Jaka's article about 7 PUBG-themed fanmade films that you can watch on YouTube. Which movie is your favourite, gang?

Write your opinion in the comments column below, OK!

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