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shhh... this is a secret Instagram feature that you should know!

You must have an Instagram account, right? Do you know the secret features on Instagram? Jaka will unload everything here!

As one of the most popular social media in the world, Instagram Of course it has interesting features that will spoil its users. Whether it's to beautify photos or add followers.

However, did you know that Instagram has some hidden features that not many people know about? Turns out there are a lot of gangs!

Well, Jaka will unload everything Instagram secret features it's in Jaka's writing on this one.

Instagram Secret Features

The features that ApkVenue will leak to you are rarely known to others. So, you will look cool if you try it on your Instagram account.

Ready? Let's just take a look at the list of features!

1. Get Notifications from Favorite People

You don't want to miss the latest post from Atta Halilintar? There's a way, gang. The trick, you just click the three dots on the account post you want to follow, then select Turn on Post Notification.

Or you can also go into the account profile, then click the three dots/three lines in the upper right corner. choose Manage Notifications then select which ones you want to get notifications for.

2. Fonts Special for Profile and Caption

For those of you who are bored with font Instagram is just like that, why don't you try changing it font-his? There are many applications and sites that allow you to change the font type on Instagram.

In addition to your profile, you can also use font in the feed and story. How to do? Jaka has explained it in full in this one article!

Looking for inspiration caption in English? Look for it here!

3. stalking Unknown Instagram Account

Hobbyists stalking doi, this trick is perfect for you! The trick, you just use the Google gang.

For example, if we want to find Atta Halilintar's Instagram account, we just have to type it Instagram Atta Halilintar. Usually it will immediately appear in the top search results.

With this, you can enter Instagram without logging in, even using the search feature!

More Secret Features . . .

4. See the Posts We Give Like

You want to see a list of posts you've posted like? You can, gang, Instagram has a feature for that. The trick, you just open Settings >Account >Posts You ve Liked.

5. Scheduling Instagram Posts

For those of you who post regularly feed Instagram, maybe you need an app to schedule your Instagram posts.

There are several applications that you can use, such as buffer and Planoly. The condition is that your Instagram account must be changed to business profile

6. Make Collection for Saved Posts

Instagram provides a feature to save photos that are our favorites. But if there are too many, we will get confused.

Fortunately Instagram already provides features Collection which allows you to create folders to separate the types of photos you save.

To do this, click the three dots (or three lines) located in the upper right corner of your profile, then select Saved. To make Collection new, click sign + which is in the upper right corner.

7. Story Highlights

Story is a feature on Instagram that will disappear within 24 hours. Then what if we don't want story is it lost?

The trick is to make Highlights gang! you simply open your profile, then click Highlights which is located below your profile.

8. Stalking Unnoticed

When we stalking Have you ever accidentally pressed a button? like? It'd be a shame to find out. Calm down gang, there's a trick!

First, scroll down to the last post of the person you like stalking. If you have, activate the mode Airplane Mode on your cellphone.

That way, you are free stalking safely without needing to worry, because if it is squeezed like it won't even be saved, gang.

9. Hiding Spam Comments

Many slimming account comments on your posts? If so, it's better if you use the feature Filter Comments.

How to activate it, go to Options >Account >Privacy abd Security >Comments.

Well, there you just enter words that are less pleasing to the gang, for example, slimming down or the names of animals that are often used as curse material.

10. Eliminate History Search

Well, if this one feature seems to be in high demand, are you one of them? We can't erase our search traces directly. Then how?

open Options >Account >Privacy and Security >Clear Search History. It will appear later pop-up which will ask you if you are really sure you want to delete your Instagram search history.

Want to know another way? Just read it in Jaka's article on this one!

11. Adjusting the Filter Order

You just like some of the filters that Instagram provides? Why not sort them according to the ones you use the most?

It's also very easy, gang. First, upload the photo you want to post. When in the filter selection menu, select Manage. To sort filters, you just need to hold the filter and move it as you wish.

12. Searching for Posts by Location

You can search for photos based on a specific location. For example, if you want to see photos at Monas, you just need to open the tab Explore, then select Location which is located on the right.

In addition, you can also search for any popular locations around you.

13. Posts in Feed Become Story_

Want to tell feed your latest to the followers? Just let the gang know through Story! The trick, you just press the logo Direct on your post.

choose Add This Post to Story. After that, you can edit it to make it look more interesting.

14. Adding Other People's Stories to Ours

The method is the same as the previous number. The difference is, this time what you will post in your Story is your friend's Story.

15. Hiding Other People's Posts

The last feature that ApkVenue will tell you is how to hide other people's posts without the need unfollow that person.

Instagram has features Mute to hide other people's posts so they don't appear on our homepage or stories.

That's gang 15 Instagram secret features what you really need to know! Do you still have a secret feature that ApkVenue hasn't mentioned? Share in the comments column yes!

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