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7 best james bond movies to watch before no time to die

7 of the best James Bond films of all time that you can watch before No Time to Die is released, starting from the oldest to the newest.

James Bond is one of the most iconic movie characters of all time. Secret agent 007 has had more than 20 films since the character was first introduced.

The films received mixed reviews. Many were very well received by film fans and some were judged far from good.

So before you watch James Bond: No Time to Die, it's a good idea to watch this best James Bond movie first!

7 Best James Bond Movies You Must Watch

With the theme of a glamorous and dangerous spy life, James Bond films managed to get their own place among film lovers.

The film, which often involves beautiful women, has even become one of the most popular films of its time.

Of the many films that have been released, which films are the best James Bond films and why? Here's more information.

7. On Her Majesty Secret Service (1969)

Photo source: battlefilm.org

The character of James Bond in the last Bond film in the 60s was played by George Lazenby. James Bond in this film is played more gentle than before.

In this film, James Bond must thwart the efforts of a villain who is trying to conquer the world by poisoning cosmetics around the world.

To carry out this mission James Bond must disguise and approach the daughter of the criminal and stop this evil plan from within.

This film became one of the best James Bond films thanks to chemistry between George Lazenby and Diana Rigg.

This James Bond film is one of the most emotional films of all James Bond films.

This film managed to change the audience's perception of George Lazenby who was previously disliked Become one of my favorite classic James Bond characters.

This movie gets 82% critic score and 64% viewer score in rottentomatoes.

6. Golden Eye (1995)

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Golden Eye tells the story of a stolen weapon technology and James Bond must try to stop criminals from using the technology.

This film is a breath of fresh air for fans of the James Bond series after the series was on hiatus for about 6 years due to legal issues.

James Bond in this film is played by Pierce Brosnan who was initially doubtful that he would be able to portray this iconic character well.

Even those who doubted Brosnan had to shut their mouths after the film was released and was very well received by film fans.

This movie got score 78% critic score and 83% viewer score in rottentomatoes and rating 7.2 on IMDb.

5. From Russia with Love (1963)

photo source: imdb.com

This James Bond film, released in 1963, is filled with brilliant and iconic action.

Some scenes such as the fight on the train and also the scene with the helicopter become action scenes that are memorable and famous at the time.

The villain character in this film, played by Robert Shaw is also one of the best villain characters in this series.

This film changes the perception of its predecessor films which have difficulty bridging reality and fantasy in the films they work on.

This film decided to put reality aside and completely focus on the action and this decision has yielded good results.

This movie got score 95% critic score and 84% viewer score in rottentomatoes and rating 7.4 on IMDb.

4. Dr. No (1962)

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The first film in the James Bond series managed to introduce the character of James Bond well to the general public.

Tells about the adventures of James Bond in finding answers to the loss of his partner, he managed to gain success even with a small budget.

If most James Bond films feature captivating action, this is the first one more focused on story and character development which is played.

More put the focus on spy movies instead of action movies spiced with gadgets and stunts making this film one of the most iconic James Bond films.

This movie got score 95% critic score and 82% viewer score in rottentomatoes and rating 7.3 on IMDb.

3. Skyfall (2012)

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Skyfall is the third James Bond film, starring Daniel Craig. In this film, Daniel's loyalty to M is really tested when M's past comes back and tries to destroy everything.

The motivation of the villain in this film, played by Javier Bardem is clear and plausible, namely to destroy M and everything he has built.

Silva's character as the main villain in this film is also one of the best villains in this film series. Silva has high intelligence and the ability to carry out his plans.

Sam Mendes as the director of this film managed to turn a James Bond film back into a brilliant and riveting action film as it should be.

This movie got score 92% critic score and 86% viewer score in rottentomatoes and rating 7.7 on IMDb.

2. Goldfinger (1964)

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Unlike Skyfall which depicts James Bond more realistically, Goldfinger insert more madness in this spy action movie.

This film was made with a more comical approach from character development, plot, to the sophisticated tools used.

The main villain character in this film becomes one of the most iconic villains in the James Bond series.

The characters, music, action, and futuristic gadgets have made this film a successful James Bond film memorable in time. Goldfinger has become trademark James Bond films at the time.

This movie got score 97% critic score and 89% viewer score in rottentomatoes and rating 7.7 on IMDb.

1. Casino Royale (2006)

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Daniel Craig's first film as James Bond succeeded in making the character of James Bond relevant to the world of modern cinema.

The character played by Daniel Craig is made more mature and realistic compared to other James Bond characters played by his predecessors.

James Bond's girlfriend in this film, Vesper Lynd, played by Eva Green also becomes one of the best female characters in this series.

The complex relationship between James Bond and Vesper Lynd in this film successfully makes this film more interesting.

This movie Successfully opened a new era of James Bond in the present.

This movie got score 95% critic score and 89% viewer score in rottentomatoes and rating 8 on IMDb.

There he is, the gang of 7 best James Bond films by Jalantikus. The films above are classified as the best films because they managed to attract the hearts of film fans in their time.

You can still watch some of the films above for those who want to know the development of the character of James Bond from the first to what it is like now.

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