how to stream the semi-finals and finals of euro 2016 via smartphone

How to watch live broadcasts or live streaming of the semi-finals and finals of the Euro 2016 cup on a smartphone.

Football tournament Euro 2016 which was held in France has entered the semi-finals or will only be three more matches. The semifinal match will be held on 7 and 8 July, while the final match was held on July 11.

Initially 24 football teams competed at Euro 2016. Schedule kick off The first Euro 2016 was held on 10 June with the host team France against Romania. Now there are only 4 teams left and 3 top matches. Reported from PhoneArena, then how to watch live streaming Euro 2016 semi-final and final matches on a smartphone?

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How to Watch Euro 2016 Semi Finals and Finals Through Smartphone

Of course you don't want to miss it, right? However, considering that Indonesia itself is in the Eid season, there are many people who are busy so they may not have time to watch television at home. The solution is you can watch the semifinals and finals of Euro 2016 football live or live streaming on smartphones.

There are many smartphone applications that can be used to watch Euro 2016 matches live live streaming, One of which is SlingTV. The SlingTV application is available for you Android and iOS smartphone users. The app is free, but to use you have to pay a subscription fee of USD 20 or around IDR 260 thousand per month. SlingTV provides access channel ESPN, TNT and ABC's Euro 2016 matches in English.

Besides SlingTV, for more detailed information about Euro 2016 you must also install the UEFA EURO 2016 Official App. As the name implies, this is the official app from UEFA as the highest authority on European football. This application provides complete information about the EURO 2016 event from the beginning to the end of the tournament. You will choose a favorite team and participants of EURO 2016 to always get the latest player and match information.

Next up is LiveScore UEFA EURO 2016, LiveScore presents a special application that discusses EURO 2016. The various features offered are not much different from the regular version, but it is clear that all team and match information comes from Euro 2016. Statistics and information on a match can be seen directly through the application. this.

Now with the 3 applications above, those of you who missed information about the Euro match can return to follow. What is certain, too, will not miss the peak matches of the semi-finals and finals. Who do you think will win the European Cup?

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