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[tutorial] how to make google form & quiz on cellphone

How to make a Google Form on a cellphone without being complicated? It's easy! Check out how to create the full Google forms here. Can make questionnaires and quizzes on HP!

How to make a Google Form inmobile phone iPhone or Android is now increasingly sought after by various groups. For example, students to office workers because their functions are very helpful.

You no longer need to make research samples, especially questionnaires on paper and distribute them directly to people. Because with Google Forms everything can be done via a smartphone or laptop.

Unfortunately, there are still many people who don't know how to make questions on this Google Form, gang. Are you one of them?

If that's the case, it's better if you just look at Jaka's discussion about how to make a Google Form on HP more details below.

How to Create a Google Form on an iPhone/Android Phone

Previously, Jaka had discussed How to Make a Google Form Easily and Practically via computer or PC. now for those of you who are very mobile aka often work everywhere, you can now do Google Forms directly on your cellphone.

With HP, you don't have to bother carrying a heavy laptop everywhere. In fact, you can find out how to make a Google Form on an Android phone or iPhone the easiest, fastest, and most effective way.

Without the need to linger, consider the following Jaka's review!

How to make a Google Form on a cellphone without an application

For those of you who are lazy to create Google forms using additional applications because they make your cellphone slow, you can make them directly on the official Google Forms website.

The method is also very easy and similar to when you do how to make a Google Form on a laptop, gang.

Oh yes, the steps that ApkVenue will explain below can also be done by those of you who are looking for it how to make a Google Form on an iPhone or Android cellphone.

Well, instead of being curious, it's better to just look at the steps on how to make a Google Form on a cellphone without the following application.

Step 1 - Visit the Google Forms site

  • From the browser application on your cellphone, you visit Google Forms official site (//

  • Then you will be immediately confronted with the view blank form to start making questions.

Step 2 - Edit the form content

  • Then you can directly edit the contents of the form starting from the title, description of the form, then proceed to the question.

  • In the section for creating questions, you can select the type of answer you want, such as multiple choice, checkboxes, and others.

  • You can also activate sliders'Required' if it is necessary.

Step 3 - Add a new question

  • To add the next question, all you have to do is select the plus icon (+) in the lower left corner.

  • Then, write down the questions as needed.

Step 4 - Submit the form

  • If all the questions are deemed sufficient, all you have to do is submit the form by pressing the icon 'Send' at the top.

  • Here you can directly send the Google forms link to the respondent's email or you can also copy the link and share it on social media such as in IG stories.

Step 5 - Viewing feedback

  • After the survey link is shared, you can see the results of the responses that have been obtained in the section 'Response'.

How to Make Google Forms on Android Phones With Applications

How to make a Google Form on a cellphone with this application is actually almost the same as when you create it directly through the official Google Form website. It's not a bother at all!

Most importantly, make sure your internet connection is fast and quality in order to create GForm smoothly.

In addition, this method can also be an alternative when you are lazy to make it via the Google Form site because user interfaceits complicated, for example.

So this time ApkVenue will provide steps on how to create a Google Form on a cellphone using an application FormsApps. Just look at these few steps, yes!

Step 1 - Install the App

  • Since you can't download Google Forms on your cellphone because it's not available in the mobile app version, therefore you can use an application called FormsApp. Its function is the same as the Google Forms site that we know.

  • You can download it via the link that ApkVenue has shared below.

Apps Productivity SurveyHeart DOWNLOAD

Step 2 - Login Gmail account

  • When you first open it, you will be given some introduction about this application. Next login using your Gmail account.

Step 3 - Start Creating Forms

  • Here there are various templates that you can choose to make it more practical or you can also create a new form by selecting an option 'Create Blank Form'.

  • For example, this time Jaka will choose create blank form.

Step 4 - Edit Form Fill

  • After that you give the title of the desired form along with a brief description of the purpose of the research or survey.

  • If so, to enter the questions you want to ask, you press the plus icon (+). Then select the type of question you want to ask.

Step 5 - Create a question

  • You make the desired questions and answer choices if you choose the CheckBox or Multiple Choices question type like Jaka.

  • You can also set whether the question is mandatory or not, by activating sliders'Required'. If so, tap anywhere outside the dialog window.

  • Well, to add a new question you just press the plus icon (+) again and so on.

Step 6 - Share the form link

  • After all the questions have been made, you just press the button 'Submit' to get a link to the form and share it with respondents.

Finished! That's how to make a Google Form from an Android phone using the FormsApp application.

How to View Google Form Results on HP

Well, the advantage through this application, you can also immediately see the results from Google Forms easily. The method is also very simple. Here's how to see Google Form results on an Android phone!

Step 1 - Select the form

  • On the main page, tap which form you want to see the results for. After that tap on the option View Responses.

Step 2 - View survey results

  • You can see the results of Google Forms that respondents filled out one by one, as well as a summary here 'Summary' or 'Individual'.

Step 3 - Download survey results

  • Well, to download the results you just press the button 'Downloads' then select the desired file format.

Then what if you want to print the Google Form form to be hard copy? How to save the response in PDF form.

How to Make a Quiz on Google Forms from HP

Besides being often used to make research surveys, you can also use Google forms to create a quiz, gang.

For teachers who are confused about media for online test students, you can also use the quiz feature in this G Form.

Instead of being curious, it's better to just look at the steps on how to make questions on Google Forms and the answers below.

Step 1 - Create questions

  • Create questions as usual on Google Forms. You can scroll to the top (How to create a Google Form without an application) to see the steps.

  • You can also insert funny pictures if needed by selecting the picture icon at the bottom.

  • The above is an example of a Google Form for a quiz that Jaka has created.

Step 2 - Convert the questions to quiz format

  • Then you change the question format into a quiz by tapping three dots icon above then select 'Settings'.
  • Select tab 'Quiz' and activate sliders'Take this as a quiz'. If you click the button 'Save'.

Step 3 - Give quiz answers

  • After the format is changed to a quiz, now you provide answers to the questions that have been made previously.

  • Click board icon at the bottom of the question, then enter the desired answer and points. If you click 'Finished'.

  • Repeat this step for all questions that have been created.

Step 4 - Submit quiz

  • If you have, you can directly send the quiz questions that have been made to a certain email or copy the link and share it on social media.

It's done! Very easy, right? Make fun with friends or you want to make giveaway but confused about how, you can try to make a quiz on Google Form.

Those were tips how how to make a Google Form on an Android phone or iPhone using the application or without the application from ApkVenue. How about it, it's not a hassle at all, is it, gang?

By using this Google Form automatically the work related to collecting data samples or surveys will be easier and more practical. Hope it is useful!

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