10 best movie watching apps for android free

Watching movies can now be done easily anywhere and anytime using a smartphone. Here are 10 recommendations for the best Android movie watching apps for you.

Movies are one of the most popular forms of entertainment most searched people when they are bored. As technology develops, watching movies has now become an activity that can be easily done anytime and anywhere, with using a smartphone.

Various apps now available for you to watch your favorite movies or TV series on your smartphone. Here Jaka gives ten recommendations movie watching app best for you Android users.

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10 Best Movie Watching Apps


Who hasn't heard of this one application? HOOQ is a streaming service application video on demand which officially operates in Indonesia. This app provide thousands of movies as well as television series from home and abroad that you can watch. Fun again, all the movies and series are guaranteed with HD quality.

Apps Entertainment HOOQ DOWNLOAD

2. ShowBox

No less than HOOQ, ShowBox is also one movie watching app the most popular and widely used by Android users. Apart from providing lots of movies and TV series, you will also enjoy various interesting features provided by this application.

Apps Productivity SHOWBOX DOWNLOAD

3. SnagFilms

SnagFilms is also an application that provides thousands of options independent film, TV shows and documentaries that you can watch for free. Released since year 2007This application is also liked by users because it is rarely 'disturbed' by the many ads that appear.

Apps Productivity SnagFilms DOWNLOAD

4. Flipps

It is also one of the favorite applications for Android users to watch movies, Flipps also has the advantage of providing impressions live sports events aka sports for you which includes sports lover. Present since 2014, this application also collaborates with trusted news sites such as BBC and CNN.

Apps Productivity Flipps Media Inc. DOWNLOAD

5. MegaBox HD

True to its name, movie watching app This course provides a wide variety of movies and TV series with the best quality, aka HD. Superiority MegaBox HD namely the existence of a filter feature to filter movies and TV series based on rating and the level of popularity to be recommended to you.

Apps Browser Mega Box HD App Download DOWNLOAD

6. Viewster

Viewster including one application for watching movies which is quite popular. Even though it's not as big Netflix, this one application also provides a variety of movies and TV series that you can upload for free. In addition, this application has a feature to filter languages.

Apps Productivity Viewster DOWNLOAD

7. Crackle

This one application has advantages that make it the choice of some people over other applications. Yes, Crackle is a movie viewing application that can be accessed on almost all devices call it smartphones, smart TVs to game consoles. Of course also with a wide selection of films and TV series available.

Apps Productivity Crackle DOWNLOAD

8. Tubi TV

Has a look similar to desktop, app named Tubi TV it can be accessed conveniently on various devices such as smartphones and tablets because it has been version optimized mobile-his. Every time you want to play a movie or TV series, this app will show you: complete info such as release date, duration up to genre film.

Tubi TV Browser Apps DOWNLOAD

9. Popcornflix

Given a name that is synonymous with snacks when watching movies, Popcornflix has also become one of the favorite applications of choice for Android users when they want to watching movies or favorite TV series. This application also features interesting features, one of which makes playlists movies and TV series that you want to watch at a certain time.

Apps Browser Screen Media Ventures, L.L.C. DOWNLOAD

10. Yidio

An application that also provides services to watch your favorite movies and TV series, Yidio comes with display interface which is interesting. Besides being easy to use because interface convenient, this application too filter movies based on rating, genre and the source.

Yidio LLC Browser Apps DOWNLOAD

That's 10 Android movie watching apps best for you movie and TV series lovers. With the applications above, your desire to always watch can be fulfilled anytime and anywhere because you can do it via a smartphone. Good luck and watch!

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