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how to divert calls on android & iphone

Are you busy and don't want to be disturbed by incoming calls? Just divert it by diverting phone calls on Android and iPhone below!

Do you often feel busy and don't want to be disturbed?

Don't let your focus get lost because there are many incoming calls to your cellphone, just divert incoming calls to your number.

With it, all incoming calls will be diverted to another destination number. How do you do it, Jaka?

It's easy, you just have to follow how to divert calls on Android and iPhone below!

How to Forward Calls on Android & iPhone

Call forwarding or call forwarding is a feature to divert incoming phone calls to another number.

Usually this feature is used in office or corporate phones. Actually, you can do it for personal interests and needs too, really

In some companies, calls will be routed to voicemail or an automatic answering machine.

For example, making a call to call center certain company.

Call divert itself was first discovered by Ernest J. Bonanno. Now this redirect feature continues to be used.

Not only companies, you can also use this feature for personal needs, you know! The method is quite easy, you just have to set it on your cellphone.

Every smartphone has this feature, whether it's with the Android or iOS operating system. Let's see the full method below:

How to Forward Calls on Android

First, ApkVenue provides a way to divert calls via Android.

To use this call forwarding feature, make sure your number is installed and read by HP. Don't forget to activate the number first.

Every Android phone has this feature, you can follow these steps that Jaka shows by using a Samsung cellphone (your cellphone may have slightly different steps):

Step 1 - Go to Dial then select Call Settings

  • You can find Call Settings by clicking the three dots in the upper right corner of the Dial screen.

Step 2 - Click Supplementary Service

Step 3 - Select Call forwarding, then Voice Call

  • If you use 2 numbers, SIM 1 and 2 will appear. Select the call forwarding number you want to transfer.

Step 4 - Click Always forward, then fill in the number and click OK

  • The number you fill in is the divert number when a call comes to your cellphone.

If the above method is not suitable for your Android phone, you can activate the call divert feature in Call Settings or call settings contained in Dial.

Or you can also apply the Call Forwarding feature by using a third-party application, ApkVenue uses an application Easy Call Forwarding.

Download Easy Call Forwarding via Google Play Store.

Follow these easy steps:

Step 1 - Open Easy Call Forwarding app, then click Configure

  • If you have more than one SIM in your cellphone, then you just have to choose between SIM 1 or 2.

Step 2 - Fill in the destination number and provider type, then click Save

  • Destination number is inputted with the incoming call divert number. Your provider selects Standard/Default.

Step 3 - You will receive a notification

  • Make sure you get a notification 'Registration was successful' which indicates the call forwarding feature has been registered.

Step 4 - Click the lever next to 'forwarding is disabled' to turn it on

To turn off this feature, all you have to do is click the lever again until it says 'forwarding is disabled'. It's easy, gang!

How to Forward Calls on iPhone

Next is how to divert incoming calls on iPhone. The method is quite similar to Android which you can find in Call Settings.

You can follow the complete method below:

Step 1 - Go to Settings, then click Phone

Step 2 - Select Call Forwarding, then click the lever next to Call Forwarding.

Step 3 - Fill in the destination number for call divert

  • How to fill in the destination number by clicking Forward To, then fill in the number in the column provided. Then click Back.

By turning on the Call Forwarding feature, all incoming calls to your number will be diverted. Make sure the number diverted is correct.

If you want to turn off the feature, you can click the lever next to Call Forwarding again.

Well, you can also use the application to divert calls. The method is quite easy, I can apply it in the application Call Forwarding Lite.

Here's the full way:

Step 1 - Open Call Forwarding Lite app, then click All Call

  • You will get a notification 'your code is ready'. Then switch to Dial.

Step 2 - Paste the code on Dial, then click Call and you will get a notification

  • The call forwarding feature will be successfully activated if it says 'Setting Activation Succeeded'.

If you want to turn off the call forwarding feature, all you have to do is copy the code in the column deactivate in the application.

Then, repeat the same method until there is a notification that the feature has been successfully disabled. It's easy, gang!

That's how to divert calls on Android and iPhone. Do you have any questions when setting up this feature?

Write your questions and opinions in the comments column, yes. See you in the next article!

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