The 6 best & most popular dubstep apps on Android

Making dubstep music is easy, you know! Want to know how? Try the following dubstep application on Android. Guaranteed to make songs like Skrillex.

You're a fan of the same Skrillex, Mount Kimbie, and James Blake? Want to know how to make music like them? Just use the dubstep application for Android phones below.

Dubstep is genre music that is quite popular in the world. Genre it reached its peak of popularity in 2009 - 2011, after many top musicians collaborated with dubstep producers.

Skrillex, Deadmau5, Excition, Zomboy, Kill The Noise, Noisia, Klaypex, Mount Kimbie, and James Blake are some of the dubstep musicians that we still hear often.

6 Best & Most Popular Dubstep Apps on Android

At first glance, dubstep music looks like music electronic dance. Yes, this is true, considering that dubstep is the development of genre the.

Then, dubstep developed again into EDM, trapstep, drumstep, and so forth.

Well, before you install the dubstep application on your Android phone and start making songs, there are a few things you should know about the character of dubstep music:

  • Use bassdrop. Bassdrop or Wobble Bass expands and manipulates the bass sound using a low-frequency oscillator.

  • Rhythm doesn't follow a 4/4 count like music genre techno and house.

  • Bassline or the bass track tends to be thicker.

  • Tempo or average speed between 70 -75 bpm and 140-150 bpm.

  • In general dubstep consists of 4 parts, that is intro, the bass drop, main riff (mid-section), and outro.

After you know a little about the characteristics of dubstep music, you can use the dubstep application below to make the music follow the characteristics above.

You don't need to buy midi controller to use the application below, really. Just an Android cellphone and a headset or headphones, but not a bluetooth one for fear delay.

1. Drum Pad Machine


The first dubstep application is Drum Pad Machine. Custom apps Easybrain This is one of the most popular music mixer apps.

In this app you can compose your own loops and melodies with super pads on launchpad which has been available.

With the Drum Pad Machine application, you can also learn about the basics music production with various sound effects.

2. DubStep Music Maker Rhythm Machine & Beat Maker


Next, there is a dubstep application called Dubstep Music Maker. Through this application, you can make dubstep music in an easier and simpler way.

If you want to be a DJ or music producer, you can start with this app. Some of the features in DubStep Music Maker such as 8x4 beatpad, modifying pads as desired, various effects, and more.

3. MixPads 2 - Dubstep Drum Pads Dj


MixPads 2 It is also one of the best dubstep apps currently on the market.

An attractive appearance, cool features for DJing, and various effects, make this application suitable for you to make a mainstay.

You can also directly send your work to friends from the MixPads 2 application, you know!

4. Dubstep Producer Pads


Next, there is an application called Dubstep Producer Pads. The features available in this application include 32 variants full-scale of various instruments, along with 32 samples.

You can combine all of that as you like. Then, there's also metronome to keep your rhythm from sounding missed or running, and several options sampler operation.

5. Dubstep Drum Pads Guru


The dubstep application that you can try next is Dubstep Drum Pads Guru. This application can certainly make you, a dubstep fan, happy.

The effects, music, and loops available in the app are not strictly for professionals. Even though you are still a beginner, you can also learn a lot in the Dubstep Drum Pads Guru application.

6. Dubstep Drum Pads 24


Next, there is an application Dubstep Drum Pads 24. This application can certainly make you who do not have special abilities to make songs interested because of the features that are available exclusively for entertainment.

After you make the song, you can directly save it on your cellphone in MP3 format.

For the record, when you install the Dubstep Drum Pads 24 application for the first time, you will be prompted to install another application specifically designed to compose songs from genre other.

You can download everything for free, really!

That's him The 6 Best and Most Popular Dubstep Apps on Android. Making Skrillex-style music is really easy, right?

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