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5 easy ways to make android apps without coding

If you want to have your own Android application instantly without having to learn coding first, then below we have compiled 5 right websites to create Android applications without coding.

This second, Android has become one of the operating systems with the most users worldwide, beating other popular operating systems such as iOS and Windows. Therefore, one of the right media to popularize our products, websites, or articles is through this Android.

As we all know that Android applications have an APK extension, and so far they are often created using the Android Studio application. If you want to have your own Android app instantly without having to study coding first, then below we have arranged 5 perfect websites to create Android apps without coding.

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5 Easy Ways to Create Android Applications Without Coding

1. AppsGeyser

As the opening of list this time we are a website called AppsGeyser. This website will professionally guide you to create the first Android-based application. It can convert content into apps, and even give you the means to make money.

AppsGeyser is perfect for working on apps and monetizing them in an easy way. Read our next article about AppGeyser through the article entitled How to Make Android Applications Without Coding.

2. Appypie

Next is another cool one. Her name is Appypie, and they provide -based facilities cloud to create Android apps without you having to study coding at all. Even without having to install software anything on the computer.

Appypie pampers users in a way that simple, and generate -based applications HTML5 which can run on Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, and Blackberry.

3. Buzztouch

In third place is open source software named Buzztouch. Software which was created en masse to work on iPhone, iPad and Android applications, it is useful to be paired with Software developer kit default from iOS and Android.

4. Appyet

If you already have your own website or blog and want to create an Android application version, then Appyet very right. He can turn every website and blog into a native app which is compatible with Android.

Easy and free, that's the added value of Appyet.

5. Appclay

AppClay be the cover of list us this time. Software this was done by Shephertz Technologies and become a cool and easy facility to create Android applications without having to coding and without even having to install software whatever.

Just like any other service, Appclay generates native app for Android which is based on HTML5.

Those are 5 websites that you can use as a place to create Android applications for free and easily without having to coding. Is there anything we missed? Don't forget to share your opinion in the comments column below.

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