How to make a goblin sword impaled photo safely and easily!

Want to be up to date on social media with photos of Goblin swords? Don't bother. Come on, make a photo of a Goblin sword impaled easily and safely!

If you are actively using Facebook, Path, or Instagram, you must have seen photos of people being stabbed with swords lately, right? Now, Goblin sword stab photo trend This is really busy on social media. Have you made it yet?

Let's be present, let's join the Goblin photo editing! Don't know how? Calm down, JalanTikus will give you easy way to edit photos stabbed by the Goblin's sword safely without malware!

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Goblin Photo Editing Fun

For information, this Goblin sword is taken from the Korean drama entitled Goblins which has been widely discussed in recent times. This photo can be made using a photo editing application Meitu.

How to Make a Goblin Photo with Meitu

Follow following steps To make a Goblin photo, use Meitu:

  • Download and install the Meitu app.
Meitu Browser Apps, Inc. DOWNLOAD
  • Open the Meitu app, then select photo which you want to edit to appear pierced by a Goblin sword.
  • Shift until you find the tab Stickers. Then go to Sticker Shop and download stickers Goblin Sword. Oh yeah, there are many other stickers that you can use in Meitu, not just Goblin swords.
  • Then just use and set the sword sticker on your photo.

If it feels right, just click Save & Share. And start sharing photos of your current Goblin sword impaled on social media. Very easy, right?

How to Safely Use Meitu

Recently, there has been news about the Meitu photo editing application stealing user data. Are you scared your data is stolen Meitu? If so, do the following to prevent Meitu from stealing your data:

  • Enter menu Settings on your Android, then select Apps.
  • Next look for the Meitu application. In the Meitu Application Manager, change the permissions. Remove permissions to access Phone and Storage if you are finished editing Goblin photos.

Thus, Meitu will not have access to steal data on your smartphone. Easy and safe isn't this how to make Goblin photos on Android?

Good luck!

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