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5 strange and secret apps on android

Weird and 'secret' apps that you can't find on the Play Store? There is! Here Jaka tells 5 of them.

Millions of applications are available for you users of smartphones or Android-based devices. All kinds of applications for various needs can always be found in the Android application warehouse, Play Store.

However, it turns out not a little strange and secret app on Android that is not available alias you can't get it on the Play Store. What are you curious about? Here are five applications.

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5 Weird and 'Secret' Apps on Android

In addition to the applications that you use every day, it turns out that there are still many strange and 'secret' applications that you can use on your smartphone or Android device. These applications do have strange features and 'secret' benefits in them.


Unfortunately, you can't easily find and get it because the following applications are not available on the Play Store. But don't worry, this time ApkVenue will give recommendations for five strange and secret Android applications along with links download-his. Here are five applications:

1. Kozawa

The first application is Kozawa. As shown in the image below, this application is a mysterious application that contains a lot of hidden content (whether images/photos or videos) which are covered with the one eye symbol or which are identical to the illuminati concept.

A little leak that Jaka can give, the Kozawa application invites you to solve the 'secret' hidden behind the one eye symbol. If successful, you can then enjoy alias watch the content hidden in it. What is the content of the content?

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2. Binky

The second application is called Binky. This application is actually a social media. Then why is a social media application called one of the strange or secret? Because this application is different from other social media, it doesn't even reflect itself at all as a social media.

Binky is a social media application that allows you to play social media without any socialization on social media. Yes, with this application you will be given a feed or timeline like social media in general. It's just that no one else will realize what you're doing such as what photo you took like, who are you follow or what comments do you send to post-an account.


3. I am rich!

If you look at the title, you might think that this application can make money in a (possibly) illegal way. No, the I am rich app! does have a 'secret' feature that can make you rich.

By opening this application, you don't need to buy or do anything to get a license or recognition that you are a rich person. The application is the only one that will claim its users that he is a person with abundant material alias rich.


4. Blowers

This application does have a secret trick that is different from other applications. One of them is that it can turn off the flame! Yes, Blower is an application that allows you to extinguish fires with notes, not large-scale fires.

This application uses the speakers on your smartphone or Android device. By making a super noisy sound that produces air and is expelled through the speaker holes, the air can extinguish small fires such as candles or matches.


5. Nothing

Another strange and secret application in which it turns out to be a surprise. Named Nothing, this app invites users to download, opened the app, did nothing, then got nothing.

But it doesn't end there, you know! Even though it looks like this application is just a useless application and has no use at all, it turns out that there is something you can get if you can solve the mystery that is in the application.


That's five strange and secret apps on Android which is almost impossible to find on the Play Store. Have you ever found or know of other applications that are no less strange and keep many 'secrets' outside of the applications above? Don't hesitate to say it in the comments column.

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