6 of the best cellphone exchange applications, increase capital to buy an iPhone!

Dizzy looking for capital to buy the latest iPhone? Just use the recommendations for the following 6 best HP exchange applications from Jaka, gang!

Drooling to see a row Best HP 2020 but can only be sad to see the price is comparable to the motor? Don't be afraid because you are not alone, gang.

Along with the development of technology, indeed the price of HP, especially HP flagship, already experienced unreasonable price increase in recent years.

Fortunately, now we can use our old cellphones to add capital to buy new cellphones with the help of HP swap app which Jaka will discuss here, gang!

6 of the Best Mobile Add-On Applications

With the HP brand now increasingly aggressively releasing several new cellphones in under 12 months, many of us are now often change HP.

For example, even though realme 5 pro newly launched in August 2019, realme already launched its successor, realme 6 pro in early March 2020, gang!

So, seeing this trend that doesn't seem to be going away, you must take advantage of it 6 of the best HP trade-in apps which ApkVenue will discuss here.

1. Laku6 (Trusted Cellphone Exchange Application)

Those of you who are looking for a sloping iPhone cellphone price, you can try the used cellphone trade-in application behavior6 which offers a very practical HP trade-in process, gang.

You simply download the test application to check the condition of your cellphone and fill out a form about your cellphone which will be used to determine the selling price of the cellphone. When finished, you just have to choose from a series of cellphones registered with Laku6 which includes all major cellphone brands in Indonesia such as Samsung and Apple.

All cellphones sold at Laku6 have gone through a comprehensive checking process and for user safety, Laku6 also offers 90 days warranty, gang!

Unfortunately, the existence of a comprehensive checking process causes this HP trade-in feature limited to users in Jakarta just right now.

DeveloperPT. Laku6 Online Indonesia
Minimal OSAndroid 4.4 and above
SizeDifferent depending on device
Download50,000 and above
Rating3.3/5 (Google Play)

Download the Laku6 app here


2. Tokopedia

Anticipating user needs, online buying and selling applications Tokopedia from mid-2019 it has doubled as a new cellphone exchange application, gang!

The process too simple because users just need to look for items that have labels "Can Exchange Add" and follow the process of checking goods and verifying identity. Due to the very large Tokopedia seller ecosystem, the Tokopedia HP trade-in program is also available have a very diverse product selection.

Amazingly, the products that go into this program not only limited to HP and this program can also be used by Tokopedia users throughout Indonesia, gang.

Minimal OSAndroid 4.1 and up
Download50,000,000 and above
Rating4.5/5 (Google Play)

Download the Tokopedia application here

Apps Productivity Tokopedia DOWNLOAD

3. BliBli

You don't want to be left behind by your competitors. BliBli now also doubles as an HP CoD trade-in application (cash on delivery), gang!

The process is 11-12 with Tokopedia where users simply search for products with labels Trade-ins and just follow the instructions for checking goods from the system.

After the administrative process is complete, the user just has to wait Courier arrival from BliBli which will verify the condition of your old HP directly.

With this service, you don't have to drool looking at the best camera cellphones because the BliBli HP exchange service can increase your capital to buy new cellphones, gang.

Minimal OSAndroid 4.2 and above
Download10,000,000 and above
Rating4.4/5 (Google Play)

Download the BliBli app here

Apps Productivity DOWNLOAD

4. Tutamera (Erafone Mobile Add-On Application)

Although the practice of buying and selling online has become the norm, Jaka believes that there are still many of you who choose to buy the latest cellphones at physical locations such as Erafone.

But, did you know that there is now an official Erafone mobile exchange application? The name of the app is Tutamera, short for Trade-in Erafone, gang!

The application is only used for determine the price of old HP only you and the trade-in process must still be done at the nearest Erafone location.

To develop their Erafone trade-in service cooperate with Laku6 so don't be surprised if interface what they use looks familiar.

DeveloperPT. Laku6 Online Indonesia
Minimal OSAndroid 4.1 and up
SizeDifferent depending on device
Download500,000 and above
Rating2.9/5 (Google Play)

Download the Tutamera app here


5. Mii Trade-In (Xiaomi Phone Exchange Application)

Still feel that the competitive price of the latest Xiaomi cellphone is not cheap enough? If you are given a heart, you always ask for a heart, gang.

Fortunately, Xiaomibe kind because they also already have **the official Xiaomi online cellphone exchange service through the **Mii Trade-In application.

Similar to Tutamera, this application is only used for determine the price of old Xiaomi cellphones you and the trade-in process can be done at Mi Store closest.

Because of Xiaomi again cooperate with Laku6 to develop this application, Mii Trade-In has interface which is very similar to Tutamera.

DetailsMii Trade-In
DeveloperPT. Laku6 Online Indonesia
Minimal OSAndroid 4.1 and up
SizeDifferent depending on device
Download10,000 and above
Rating2.4/5 (Google Play)

Download the Mii Trade-In app here

Mii Trade-In

6. Trade-In (Samsung Mobile Add-On Application)

Talking about quality, few can compete Samsung in the Android world. Unfortunately, this quality is offset by Samsung's unreasonable prices.

Well, to lighten your load a little, this one brand has provided Samsung HP exchange service official via the * Trade-In** application, gang!

With this service, you don't have to bother visiting the nearest Samsung outlet because Samsung will send a courier to take your old HP if there is no problem.

As before, Samsung cooperate with Laku6 to develop this application so that it has a design interface and the exact same HP test process. Trade-In
DeveloperPT. Laku6 Online Indonesia
Minimal OSAndroid 4.1 and up
SizeDifferent depending on device
Download10,000 and above
Rating1.4/5 (Google Play)

Download the Trade-In app here Trade-In

That's the list 6 of the best mobile phone trade-in apps from Jake. In addition to being able to increase capital, the above application is also useful for reducing piles of goods in your home, gang!

One thing to keep in mind, because the apps above use standard prices, don't be surprised if Your old cellphone is rated at a price that is a bit too slanted.

Have you ever used the above application? How was your experience with their HP exchange service? Share in the comments column yes!

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