10 best free phone apps for android

The availability of free call-based applications you can use to communicate with friends without spending a penny! Here are the 10 best free call apps for Android!

In today's sophisticated era, anything is easy to do, including communication. Technological developments allow you to communicate with anyone in a different country. All you need is only two, namely a smartphone and an internet connection.

To connect to the internet, you must spend which is not small. However, the availability of -based applications free call you can use it to communicate with friends without spending a penny! Here he is The 10 best free calling apps for Android!

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10 Best Free Phone Apps for Android

1. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger used to be used for sending message. But, the features in this app has grown and now has provided free call service which is a pity to miss! Indeed, this application consumes a lot of battery power, but worth it to try it, bro! Especially because it's free!

2. Google Duo

You may be a little unfamiliar with this one application because Google Duo very rarely used in Indonesia. However, this application also provides free call and video chat services for free. If you want to try, you can sign up first. After that, enjoy the free phone service to your heart's content.

3. GrooVelp

GrooVelp is a free call application in United States of America. The working system is very easy, just simply add phone number just. But, you need collect credit to be able to enjoy the services provided. You do this by watching ads that are displayed in the application. These credits may run out, but you can collect them back by watching as many ads as possible.

4. Hangouts

Android users must be familiar with the application Hangouts this! This application provides several services, namely: free calls, video calls, and SMS whoever you want to contact. This application is quite popular in Indonesia America and Canada, especially with the free features provided.

5. Skype

Free calls, texting, video calls, and video chats are four features that you can enjoy on Skype. This application is a very popular application. Uniquely, you can use this application to communicate with anyone around the world.

How to use this app too quite easy. It is enough to register a mobile number, email and password. After that, you can use it to communicate as much as possible.

6. Signal Private Messenger

This application provides services free call and chat with a high level of security. Whatever you do, be it call or text, the data you send will be encrypted first to stay safe from the ignorant hands out there. This app quite popular in America, especially for those who want applications with a high level of security.

7. Slack

Application Slack, have you heard of it, bro? This application is not used in Indonesia, but it is quite popular in America because it provides free call services. Unfortunately, the free call service can only be used by fellow Slack users just. Besides that, the sound quality too not good. Especially if you communicate with people in different countries.

8. TextNow

Even though the app is named TextNow, this application also provides a free call service that is a pity to miss. Unfortunately, free call and text services only applies for those who live in America or Canada. For those of you who live outside America and Canada, you must pay yes!

9. Viber

The application that used to be only for free calls, can now be used for video chat and video call lol! You can take advantage of this application for free for all users Viber.

If you want to communicate with people who don't have Viber, there is a fee you have to pay. And the cost too not a little yes, bro! Instead of paying, you better ask your friends to install this application on their Android!

10. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is an application for texting. However, this application already provides services free calls and video calls. Uniquely, this application also allows users to share a story like Insta Story, bro! This application has been named a chat application most popular around the world.

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Well, that's The 10 best free calling apps for Android! Want smooth communication but no WiFi or data plan? You can take advantage of one of the 10 free call applications on Android above, friend! Smooth communication, money will not be tight. Hope it is useful!

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