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how to see private instagram, no need to follow!

Want to point to your ex's or crush's Instagram but their account is locked? Psst, try the following ways to view private Instagram. Guaranteed to see the contents!

Curious about going to the doi's Instagram feed but it's locked? Then you need to know how to view private Instagram, here!

As one of the most popular social media today, Instagram is indeed equipped with features private which allows you to protect your IG account from being seen by just anyone.

However, sometimes there are times when a feature that is intended to protect user privacy is considered an obstacle for those of you who want to know the contents of someone's IG feed.

But, calm down! Because Jaka has a solution how how to view instagram that isprivate more details below.

6 Ways to View Private Instagram

Want to point to a private crush or ex's account? If so, you should try some of the tricks below so you can freely see the various posts in it.

No need to linger, just follow every method that ApkVenue explains below!

1. Create a Fake Account

If you really want to see a locked Instagram profile account, be it your crush, ex, or even his ex-girlfriend's boyfriend, you can create a fake account.

Fake accounts or fake accounts are an alternative to pointing other people's IG accounts that are locked, without the need to follow their accounts using your personal account.

By trying this method of viewing private Instagram photos of people without following, you can be free to point to anyone at any time.

Create a fake account using other people's names and photos that don't describe you. The name chosen should also not be strange so that other people do not suspect.

2. Borrow Another IG Account

True, this is one of the easiest ways compared to the way above. You can borrow a friend's cellphone to become your crush's Instagram follower.

However, it will be much easier if you borrow a friend's cell phone who has already followed your target's IG account.

In this way, you also don't have to use your personal account to follow that person's account. Very safe, right?

Besides being safe, this way of knowing locked Instagram photos can also save you quota. But before trying this method, make sure you have asked your friends for permission.

3. Take advantage of the Site

You can also see how to view locked Instagram without following through a site called

Later, you will be asked to enter the username of the account you want to view. After that, you can see the number of posts, followers, and also following.

But, it's not that easy! Before you can view the contents of the account, you must first fill out some survey questions.

What Jaka is worried about is that this site will ask you to fill in privacy data, such as your name, cellphone number, home address, and email.

4. Visit the Site

You can also do how to view locked Instagram posts without following on the site

This site allows you to view content and posts on locked Instagram accounts. In fact, you can also download Instagram photos and videos in it.

To access it, enter the username of the locked IG account. Make sure you type it correctly so that the account in question can be found immediately.

Furthermore, similar to on the previous site, you have to fill out a survey or download an application to proceed to the stage of dismantling your target account.

5. Use the Instagram+ Aplikasi App

If you fail to do how to view private Instagram through the site, you can try using the application Instagram+

This Instagram MOD application allows you to view photos or videos from a locked IG account. You only need to login to your Instagram account through this application.

After that, you can immediately search for the IG account you want to peek at. Tada!! You can see all the posts in it, deh!

Unfortunately, Instagram+ is not available on the Google Play Store. But don't worry! You can download Instagram+ via the link below.

Photo & Imaging Apps DOWNLOAD

6. Using Private Instagram Viewer Sites

The next trick to see a private Instagram is through the site Private Instagram Viewer (//

This site allows you to freely view photo and video posts from someone's locked IG account. In fact, you don't even need to follow the account, you know!

You can also freely access this site either through a smartphone or PC device. However, before that again you are required to fill out a survey which is quite disturbing and not necessarily safe.

Well, that was how to see a private Instagram without following the account using your personal account. Very easy, right?

After successfully performing a collection of tricks on how to unlock Instagram account privacy above, you can freely peek at all the posts in it.

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