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Today, who is not tempted by free WiFi? This time, ApkVenue will share 3 applications to find WiFi hotspots anywhere.

Today, who is not tempted by free WiFi? Although there are many available various modem devices with bundling lucrative internet packages, if you continue to rely on internet packages, you can certainly break your wallet. Free WiFi is one way to save reasonable quota in addition to using quota saving apps on Android. This time, ApkVenue will share 3 applications to search for WiFi hotspots anytime and anywhere.

For a moment try to forget the satire "Keep looking for WiFi, when are you looking for the wife?" first. Well, the following application will make it easier for you to find hot spot WiFi around you.

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3 WiFi Hotpot Finder Apps

1. WeFi Pro - Automatic Wi-Fi

This application will display a map of your location, as well as show WiFi location points hot spot others available around you. So, it will be easy for you to find a hangout location that has WiFi with the best internet connection. This application is also equipped with a feature that will automatically connect your device to the best WiFi network in every location you visit.

By selecting the arrow on the Hotspot List tab, you will be guided to the location hot spot the. WeFi Pro itself has more than 200 million WiFi points that you can use to surf the virtual world.

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With this application, you will not only be helped to get location points with a free WiFi network, you can even get a password from a private WiFi located at that location. Because Instabridge allows you to connect with communities that will share passwords from private WiFi in a location.

You can also share the password of the private WiFi that you use at a location using this application. So, when someone else uses this application, he already knows the password. The more people who use this app, the bigger the free WiFi search community, and the better chance you have of finding hot spot Free WiFi anywhere. Instabridge has been used in more than 200 countries.

Come download and join other WiFi seekers!

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3. WiFi Finder

With WiFi Finder, you can easily find many free or paid (or locked) WiFi points around you. After installing this application, once you open it, the application will automatically offer to download database from hot spot WiFi that is around you. After the download process database finished, you can use this application to search for the presence of a WiFi network directly offline.

You can also sort by location with free or paid WiFi, making it easier for you when you want to choose a location that you think is suitable.

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If you have another WiFi finder app or found a location with good WiFi, share through the comments column.

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