this is how to check hp specifications easily

You want to know what kind of specifications HP do you have now? Read on, how to easily check HP specifications on Android.

When buy android smartphone, the first thing to pay attention to is definitely the specifications of the HP, right? Does it fulfill our desires and can carry out various kinds of tasks that we want to do.

However, maybe many Android users are still confused about how to do it how to check specifications on his smartphone. This time, JalanTikus will share how to check HP specifications you easily.

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How to check HP Specifications Easily

For those of you who want to know how to check the specifications of an Android cellphone For you, here are some applications that can display your HP specs. Want to know what the application is? Come on, let's see!

1. AnTuTu Benchmark

The first and most popular application is AnTuTu Benchmark because it can display the full specifications. In addition, there is a feature where you can HP test you to see its performance score and compare it with other HP.

Show full specificationsThe size is the largest than other specification check applications
Monitor CPU usage and battery temperature continuously real-time via notification barRequires additional applications when you want to test HP
Test feature for HP ability test and see the score
Can compare your HP ability score with other brand HP
There is an indication of battery health
There is a device verification feature to see if our cellphones are genuine or fake
Apps Productivity AnTuTu DOWNLOAD

2. CPU / RAM / Device Identifier

In addition to checking the specifications of your smartphone, this application will also explain information from the specifications itself, such as: information about CPU used by your smartphone. So, of course, this application is very informative for those of you who want to learn deeper about HP innards.

Show full specificationsAn untidy appearance
More detailed information on specificationsConfusing app navigation
Provides information about CPU usage
Apps Productivity Davy Bartoloni DOWNLOAD

3. CPU-Z

CPU-Z is one of the best application to display Android phone specifications"". In addition to displaying the innards of your cellphone in full, this application also has a neat appearance by **distinguishing several categories of information your HP specifications.

Neat lookThere are ads in the application
Simple app navigation
Displays complete specification information
There is information about the sensors on your cellphone
Small app size
Apps Productivity CPUID DOWNLOAD

4. Droid Hardware Info

Just like the previous application above, this application can be used to check the complete specifications of your cellphone. You will get information about device, system, memory, camera, temperature, battery and sensors. Even better, you can export information about your cellphone in the form of a PDF report.

Displays full HP specificationsThere are ads in the form of videos that are very disturbing
Neat display with multiple specification categoriesAsking permission to the internet, something suspicious and not needed
Monitor temperature, CPU usage, and battery condition continuously real-time
Can export HP information in the form of PDF reports
Apps Utilities InkWired DOWNLOAD

5. Aida64

You could say this application to check HP specifications is made for experts. Because, Aida64 have information that quite complete, starting from hardware until software. So, for those of you who want to know in-depth information about your cellphone, this application is perfect for you to install.

The information shown is very complete, from hardware to softwareThere are ads, but not a big problem
Simple look
Very easy app navigation

Things to Pay Attention to About Smartphone Hardware

After you see the specifications of your cellphone through the application above, what are the things you need? take note in the information?

1. Screen

On information screen or screen, there must be information about the screen resolution on your cellphone, such as 240 x 320, 640 x 480, and so on. These figures describe how many pixels in that screen. The bigger it is, the brighter your cellphone screen will be.

2. Processor

The processor or CPU itself is often referred to as the brain of your cellphone because it performs the task of carrying out processes and functions HP work controller you. The more quantity core processor, the work done can be shared with other cores evenly and feel lighter. However, everything returns to their respective core speed which is denoted by HZ aka Hertz.

3. GPU (Graphical Processing Unit)

GPU itself is a dedicated processor for the graphics section 3D of microprocessor. GPU power itself is determined by the frequency of MHZ (mega Hertz), GFLOPS (Floating Point), Direct X, Open GL ES, Open CL, and others.

4. RAM

RAM is what is often thought of as benchmark the power of a smartphone. Most people will think the bigger the RAM, the better the HP.

You need to know, there are several factors that can determine whether the RAM on your cellphone is the best or not, namely: RAM type, RAM configuration, and RAM frequency. Well, for more information about the specifications of the smartphone innards, you can read the existing JT articles below, guys.


Well, that's some how to check HP specifications using an application that you can download via Playstore. All the applications that JT mentioned above are really good, they all come back to their respective choices. So, back to each other's tastes.

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