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easy way to change subtitle color in media player classic

Are you tired of seeing movie subtitles that are only white? This time, ApkVenue has an easy way to change the subtitle color in MPC.

Do you like watching movies on your laptop or computer using Media Player Classic? If you pay attention, color subtitles default or translated text on MPC is white. But there are also people who prefer subtitles yellow like when watching a movie on television, or other colors. Well, this time Jaka has an easy way to change the color subtitles at MPC.

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You can change the color subtitles you with a variety of color choices provided. These settings will not change or affect the appearance and performance of the MPC. Just so that you are more comfortable and fun when watching the film. Here are the steps:

Easy Ways to Change Subtitle Color in Media Player Classic

  • Open your MPC as usual. If you don't have it yet, you can download here:
MPC-HC Video & Audio Apps DOWNLOAD
  • Click menu "Views", choose "Options". You can also open this menu by pressing the button "O" on the keyboard.
  • After menu Options open, select section "Subtitles", "Default Styles", then click the box next to the text Primary.
  • Now you can choose the color you like. For example, Jaka wants to choose the color blue. Click "OK".
  • After color Primary switch, click "Apply", then click "OK".
  • It's done. You can close the MPC application first, then open it again. Now subtitlesit turns blue.

Very easy right? I hope your watching movies will be more fun. If you have additional information, you can share it via comments, yes!

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