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how to screenshot iphone & ipad all types easily

Confused how to screen capture screen on iPhone & iPad? It's not difficult, this is an easy way to screenshot iPhone using or without the power button. (5,6,7,8,X)

You just bought the latest iPhone and are still confused about how to use it? Want to SS or Screenshoot your iPhone but are still confused about how?

It's natural, everyone must first learn first!

Well, Jaka has this, How to Screenshot iPhone for All Types! So whatever type of iPhone and iPad you are, you can follow this method!

Curious how to SS iPhone without pressing the power button?

Calm guys! Jaka will discuss in full for you!

Because every shape body iPhones are always different in each series, so the discussion on how to capture screenshots is also different. This method also applies to all types of iPad, yes!

How to Screenshot iPhone 5/iPhone 5s

Starting from the iPhone 5 series, how to screenshot on this cellphone is very easy. You can see the method and description below:

Press/push the Power Button (at the top of the cellphone) + Home Button simultaneously for a few seconds

How to Screenshot iPhone 6 series/iPhone 7 series/iPhone 8 series

Furthermore, for the iPhone 6/7//8 series, the method is actually similar to the screenshot method on the iPhone 5 series.

The body, the power button that used to be above this cellphone, has now moved to the right.

See pictures and descriptions below:

Press/push the Power Button (on the right side of the cellphone) + Home Button simultaneously for a few seconds

How to Screenshot iPhone X, Xs, Xr, Xs Max

Well, because the iPhone X series doesn't have any physical buttons at all, the way to screenshot on the iPhone X series is a bit different.

The trick is like the picture and the explanation below:

Press/push the Power Button (on the right side of the cellphone) + Volume Up button (+) Button simultaneously for a few seconds

Bonus: How to Screenshot iPhone Without Power Button

Well, if you are afraid that your Home/Volume/Power buttons are often damaged because they are often used for SS, Jaka has a solution!

You can actually take iPhone screenshots without the power button by using Assistive Touch!

In this way, no matter what type of iPhone you have, you can still use this method to screenshot iPhone.

Enable AssistiveTouch

If you are still confused about how to activate AssistiveTouch on your iPhone, please follow the instructions below!

How to enable AssistiveTouch:

  • Enter menu Settings
  • Then select General
  • Next select menu Accessibility
  • Then activate AssistiveTouch

How to Screenshot iPhone using AssistiveTouch

If AssistiveTouch already appears, then you must follow the steps below to take a screenshot on your iPhone!

  • Press AssistiveTouch
  • Pili Device, then More and Screenshots

Whichever way you do to screenshot on iPhone, all images will automatically go to your iPhone gallery.

So tips from ApkVenue how to screenshot iPhone and iPad for all types very easily.

In fact, it turns out that you can also SS iPhone, without pressing the power button at all!

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