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3 ways to delete contacts on iPhone, fast & efficient!

You want to delete contacts on iPhone the easiest? Here are tips from ApkVenue how to delete contacts on iPhone and iPad directly many at once.

You just bought the latest version of iPhone and still gaptek to use it? Or it turns out that you are confused because no know how to delete iPhone contacts?

No need to panic guys! You can take the steps that Jaka will provide below. In fact, ApkVenue has 3 ways at once for you to easily remove the numbers of people who no you want on your iPhone.

Isn't that great story or your WhatsApp status is 'clean and reduced'? You can also delete the number of your most beautiful ex so you can move on immediately!

No need to linger, here's how to delete contacts on iPhone and iPad! No need jailbreak how come guys!

3 Easiest Ways to Delete iPhone and iPad Contacts

There are 3 ways you can do to delete either some or all of the contacts on your iPhone and iPad that you can do.

All three are easy to do, it only takes a dozen seconds! Please choose the easiest way according to you!

1. Delete from Contacts

Actually, how to delete contacts on the iPhone is 'a little hidden'. It's not difficult, but you have to enter the contact editing menu.

Here's how to delete iPhone and iPad contacts:

Step 1: Select the Contact You Want to Delete

  • Open the contacts menu on your iPhone or iPad.

  • Select 1 contact that you want to delete from your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2: Delete Contact

  • Select menu Edit which is in the upper-right corner of your iPhone or iPad screen.

  • After that, scroll down down, until you find the menu Delete Contact.

  • Verify that you really want to delete the person's contacts from your iPhone or iPad. Finished!

Unfortunately, manually deleting contacts on this iPhone/iPad can only be done for one contact. You can't delete many iPhone contacts directly.

Well, if you want to delete iPhone contacts a lot, you can follow this second method.

2. Using the App

By using an application called Groups You can delete many contacts on your iPhone at once.

This app is 100% free how come, if only to delete contacts only! Here's how to delete multiple contacts on iPhone and iPad at once:

Step 1: Install the Group app

  • Download and install the app Groups from the AppStore on your iPhone or iPad.

  • Once installed, please open the application and directly select the menu All Contacts.

Download Groups here

Step 2: Select the Contacts You Want to Delete

  • Select multiple contacts you want to delete (there is no limit on how many contacts you can delete at once).

  • If you have selected the contact you want to delete, please select the menu bar Choose Action which is right at the top center of this app.

  • Next, select menu Delete Contacts to delete the contacts that you have selected earlier.

  • Verify your wish to delete these contacts by selecting the menu Remove from my iPhone. Finished!


If you want to delete all contacts at once without exception you can also use the app Groups.

Here's how to delete all contacts with the app Groups.

  • The initial steps are the same, open All Contacts in this app.

  • You don't need to select one by one the contacts on your iPhone or iPad. Directly select the menu Select All which is in the left corner of this application.

  • This application automatically selects all your contacts. Next, you just need to select the menu Choose Action then Delete Contact. Finished! Now all your contacts have been deleted!

Oh yeah, if your goal is to delete all contacts on your iPhone, there's actually an easier way that doesn't require an app at all.

Please follow this third way!

3. Delete from iCloud

Actually you can directly delete all your contacts via iCloud how come! Confused how?

Here are the steps to delete all iPhone contacts via iCloud:

Step 1: Go to iCloud Menu

  • Enter menu Settings.

  • Then, go to your iPhone Profile.

  • Select the iCloud menu.

Step 2: Delete All contacts

If all this time your iPhone is connected to iCloud, then your contacts will be stored in iCloud. Well, to delete all contacts stored in iCloud, you only need to turn off syncing contacts with your iCloud.

  • Swipe/disable Contacts from the list of connected/synchronized apps with iCloud.

If you have chosen to disable syncing between iCloud and your contacts, an option will appear Keep on My iPhone and Delete from My iPhone.

  • choose Delete from My iPhone and automatically all contacts that you store in iCloud will be deleted. Finished!

That's how to delete contacts on iPhone and iPad. Oh yes, you can also move these contacts from your iPhone to Android. Instead of having important contacts deleted too!

That's how to delete contacts on iPhone and iPad, it's really easy right?.

It's not bad that iCloud memory is reduced, you can download songs on your iPhone ok the rest of the memory!

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