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how to live stream on twitch with obs

Do you want to be a game streamer on Twitch? If so, Jaka will tell you the easiest way to live stream with OBS on Twitch!

Are you one of those who have a hobby of watching para? streamer play games live? If so, maybe you also aspire to do the same.

Besides live streaming on Facebook, one of the most popular platforms for doing streaming is Twitch.

Well, this time Jaka wants to share how to livestream with OBS on Twitch no fuss!

What is Twitch and OBS?

When compared to Youtube, maybe the name Twitch is not very popular in Indonesia. Site for watching videos live streaming this is indeed more focused on the game world.

Released in 2011, Twitch has had 10 million users per day and more than 2 million creator active in creating content, which of course contains a lot of games.

If you are interested in becoming a content creator on Twitch, you need video software, one of them OBS or Open Broadcast Software.

OBS is a free application used for recording and performing live streaming from playing games that we do.

This software is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

How to Livestream with OBS on Twitch

How to use OBS so that we can live streaming on Twitch? It's really easy, gang!

How to Create a Twitch Account

First of all, you must have a Twitch account first, gang! How to register is more or less the same as social media in general.

  1. Go to site, select menu Sign Up which is in the upper right corner.
  1. You can choose the option to register using your Gmail account or with Facebook.
  1. When you're done, you'll be asked to choose a few things that might interest you so Twitch can recommend videos for you to watch.

How to Connect OBS with Twitch Account

Next so that you can live streaming on Twitch using the OBS application, you must connect your Twitch account to OBS, gang!

  1. First, first download the OBS application on your laptop and make sure you give admin access so that your activities can be recorded.
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  1. Click File > Settings and select tab Stream which is on the left.
  1. There will be many options streaming services. choose Twitch from the menu dropdown which exists.
  1. Connect OBS with your Twitch account.
  1. Another way, on dashboard Twitch, choose Settings > Stream Key > Show Key to see stream key what you need to do live streaming on Twitch.

  2. Copy pastestream key it to the dialog box in the menu Broadcast Settings, then click Apply.

  3. You can enter some details before streaming the game you are going to play.

Setting Video Display Streaming

After OBS has connected to Twitch, it's time to set your video display, gang! You can adjust according to your taste.

  1. In OBS, right click on the box Sources and click Add > Game Capture.
  1. choose Create New then click OK.
  1. Choose various options to enable or disable, don't forget to click OK to save the settings.

  2. If you want to add a webcam video, right click on the box Sources and click Add > Video Capture Device.

  1. If you want to add images and text, right click on the city Sources and click Add > Monitor Capture.

  2. After all the preparations are complete, you can press the button Start Streaming located in the lower right corner to get started streaming you!

If you don't have a webcam to record your face playing games, just use your cellphone, gang! How to do? Read Jaka's article on this one!

So that's it, gang, method live streaming on Twitch using OBS. Now, you can play the game while streaming on Twitch!

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