how to order grabbike, grabcar & grabfood

Ordering Grab is easy, just follow the easy way to order Grab from Jaka. Complete with the latest features, here!

Are you still confused about how to order a Grab Bike, Car, or Food?

Since 2012, Grab has become a favorite transportation and delivery service application for Indonesian citizens, especially in big city areas. Grab is available in several interesting features that make your daily activities easier.

However, not everyone understands using the Grab application feature. Are you one of them guys? Don't worry, Jaka will tell you the steps how to order Grab Bike, Car, and Food easily!

How to Order Grab Easily Using the App

If you think ordering transportation and delivery services via Grab is difficult, it's not really. You only need to download the Grab application at Google Play Store and Apps Store which you can download via the link below, then follow these steps:

Android Grab

Grab iOS

1. Grab Car

The first feature of the Grab app Grab Car to rent an online taxi in the form of a car to the location you want. Here's how to order a Grab Car:

  • Open the app Grab, then select Car.
  • Then in the Ride column, choose your pick up location through the pick-up column.
  • Once you have a pick-up point, click column 'i'm going to' to determine the destination.
  • You will be given a list of prices that you have to pay in cash or using virtual money.
  • If you are sure of your destination, stay select book then Grab will find a driver for you. You will be given complete driver information and you can contact via chat or phone.

In addition to Ride, Grab is now adding new features, namely: Rent. This feature is suitable for those of you who want to travel privately with friends or family. Here's how to Rent a Car on Grab:

  • Click Rent on the GrabCar page.
  • Determine the place to pick up the car and the duration of the loan, which is for 4 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours, 10 hours and 12 hours. After that, select Book Now to order a car.

2. Grab Bike

Grab Bike the function is the same as the Grab Car, but uses a motorbike. How to order a Grab Bike is easy, here's the complete method:

  • Choose Bike on the main page, then specify the pick-up location and destination location as in the Grab Car order.
  • You can add destination locations in one go by clicking the '+' sign. After setting goals, click Book to order.
  • Just like ordering a Grab Car, you will be given complete information about your driver and can contact him via chat or phone. It's easy, right!

If you are lazy to wait for the driver to arrive at your location, there is also a Grab Now feature that you can use to get a Grab on the spot.

Alias ​​you just approach the Grab brothers on the side of the road, then say "Grab Now, sir". That is it.

If you are still confused, here Jaka gives easy steps:

  • Go to the Grab Bike page, then specify the pick up location and destination as usual. Approach a Brab Bike driver, then click Grab Now.
  • Click Connect With Driver, then enter code listed on the Grab Bike driver. Or if you will be connected directly if you order near the driver.
  • Be careful on the road guys!

3. GrabFood

Hungry nights and you are lazy to leave the house?

Now, GrabFood this is a service to order and deliver food from restaurants available in the Grab application to your home.

Want to know how to order? Check out the following easy way:

  • For how to order food on Grab, choose food on the Grab main page.
  • Then, choose your food manually by writing the name of the restaurant in the search field or selecting the food in the column Nearest To You. Don't forget to specify the delivery location.
  • After you choose your restaurant, select the menu that has been provided and specify the amount you want to buy. Then, select View Basketball to continue your purchase.
  • Well, after making sure everything is correct, you can choose Place Order to start ordering.

You will be given information about the driver who will order the food and deliver it for you. You can call and chat with the driver for easy communication.

That's how to order Grab to make your daily activities easier. Is it easy to operate?

If you have comments or questions about how to order Grab, you can write them in the comments column. See you in the next article!

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