the latest collection of 2019 mobile cod cheats

Has Cheat Pekalongan penetrated COD Mobile? Let's look at a collection of Call of Duty: Mobile cheats that are often used by cheaters (update 2019).

Have any ML or PUBG players "migrated" to Call of Duty: Mobile alias CODM not yet? Well, the latest FPS game on Android is indeed being hype by offering HD graphics.

Officially introduced on October 1, 2019, it doesn't mean the COD Mobile game is free from the name cheater, gang.

Even now, there's still a lot going on cheater which you can find in the match.

Then what kind? cheats COD Mobile what do they use often? Check out the discussion below!

Cheats Pekalongan COD Mobile: The Feud of Two Forts!

Who is not familiar with the term "Pekalongan city"? You gamers on line must know!

So famous from the era of the Point Blank game, even Pekalongan City in Central Java is often dubbed as "Cheaters City" by para gamer.

From Jaka's search results, it turns out that there are parties who openly offer cheats Call of Duty: Mobile through social media to have its own site.

Photo source: Droid Gamers

First, there is a site at once fanpage Facebook named Pekalongan VIP Cheats who claims the app cheats they anti-banned by its developer, Garena.

It can't be downloaded for free, Cheat Pekalongan VIP even offers a fee cheats IDR 150 thousand for 30 days or IDR 320 thousand for a permanent package for the application.

Even this site promises a money back guarantee if cheats until it is detected by the game owner!

Not only Call of Duty: Mobile, on this site you can find cheats other games, such as PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends, and Free Fire are good for this version mobile or the emulator.

There are two too fanpagePekalongan Citer who claims that the application cheats what it provides is not for sale, gang.

In fact, they also warn of fraud carried out on behalf of Pekalogan Citer, as in the Pekalongan VIP Cheat above.

So, which one do you believe more? If Jaka prefers to play honestly and without cheats Definitely!

Type Group Cheats Frequently Used Call of Duty: Mobile Cheaters

Indeed use cheats in games, especially games online multiplayer such as COD Mobile is very profitable for its users.

Unfortunately, for opponents who feel it will certainly have negative consequences, because the game that should be fair and rely on skills be in vain.

Reported from various sources, here are some type group cheats COD Mobile who are often encountered in matches, gangs.

1. Aimbot

Photo source: Hackerbot

Among all cheats on this list, you could say cheatsAimbot is the most annoying.

How not, players will get some kind of help to target the opponent accurately without needing skills special.

With cheats this, most player noob will also look like a professional player competing in the tournament eSports.

2. No Recoil & Unlimited Bullets (M4)

Photo source: Sportskeeda

One of our difficulties when playing games withgenre FPS or battle royale is recoil. For those of you who don't know, recoil is the shock effect that occurs when the bullet exits the weapon.

Well, there cheats what makes recoil of weapons completely lost, gang! In the absence recoil, players will more easily target the opponent accurately.

Besides, there is also unlimited bullets cheats aka inexhaustible ammo. We can spit out bullets blindly without fear of running out.

Conditions of both cheats this is you have to use a weapon assault rifle M4 and cannot be used for other weapons.

3. Speed ​​Hack

Photo source: YouTube

What if your opponent could move at the speed of light making it very difficult to aim? That's what will happen if the player uses cheatsSpeed ​​Hack this one.

Not only does it increase the character's speed, cheats It is also capable of accelerating the ejection of bullets from the weapon.

The positive thing, kind cheats this is one of the easiest to figure out. So, if you find a player whose movement is not normal, report it immediately!

4. Wall Climb

Photo source: Cheat Pekalongan

The next is cheatsWall Climb. As the name implies, with cheats You can climb walls easily like Naruto.

There is no place that is impossible for you to reach. You can also move quickly from one place to another.

By placing a position in a place that is difficult to reach, the chance of not being caught by the enemy is getting bigger. Moreover, if you use a type of weapon sniper.

5. Wallhacks

Photo source: YouTube

CheatsWallhacks this one really sucks. How not, we can see the enemy's position even though hiding behind a wall.

We will get the look as if we were wearing sophisticated glasses made by United States technology. The presence of the enemy can be known because of the different colors themselves.

By knowing the opponent's position and their movements for sure, victory will be easily obtained by cheater. Moreover, the use of cheats It's also hard to detect.

Danger Cheats Call of Duty: Mobile, Can Be Affected Banned Permanent?

Garena Indonesia as publisher from Call of Duty: Mobile in the country, of course, do not stay silent in the face of the cheater scattered.

If it gets caught, what is the level of the player and how much CP is added?top up, then Garena Indonesia will apply banned permanent forever.

What's more, you can also actively participate in reporting players who use cheats use the page //

Photo source: Facebook Garena Call of Duty: Mobile

Not only that, as Jaka reviewed above, the Pekalongan VIP Cheat requires you to pay some money. There is clearly a potential for deception here.

As user cheats, you also have the potential tobully by fellow Call of Duty: Mobile players if they are proven to have cheated in the game.

Moreover, it could be that you will be chased and terrorized constantly because other players are annoyed with your cheating behavior, gang!

Video: Secret Places You Must Know in Folder COD Mobile, Auto Win!

If you use cheats to play games like GTA V, of course it doesn't matter. Even then it is only limited to game mode singleplayer okay, gang.

Use cheats when playing games will only make you look not confident in your own abilities.

So, it's better if you play this Call of Duty Mobile game with skills-yourself without using help cheats, gang!

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