5 best apps for writing on android screen

Applications for writing on the android screen can also be used to scribble.

Tired of writing by typing on the keyboard? Want to try the method write on android phone screen?

Yes, now we can make handwriting on the android screen thanks to touch screen technology or touch screen.

This time, ApkVenue will share 5 of the newest and best 2019 android writing applications.

Collection of Apps for Writing on Android Screen

The applications that ApkVenue shares below can be used without stylus pen. So, you can immediately write with your fingers like writing on a notebook.

In addition to writing, you can also create your writing according to your tastes and desires. The following is The 5 newest and best Android writing apps.

1. Google Handwriting Input

You can immediately write anything just by moving your finger like you are writing on paper with Google Handwriting Input.

This application made by the giant company Google you can use to write on email, SMS, social media, and so on.

You can also use Google Handwriting Input to search for mobile phone numbers in the contact list and perform a search on a search engine.

Download the application here.

2. Squid

Carried by Steadfast Innovation LLC, Squid has the advantage of writing on the Android screen as easily as writing with a pencil on paper.

The application, which used to be called Papyrus, has a signature feature for a printed document. In addition, you can also undo/redo, select, move, and resize your writing.

With Squid, you can experience the uniqueness of writing on the Android screen.

Download the application here.

3. FiiNote

FiiNote arguably one of the best applications for writing on the android screen. This application provides a feature that allows you to write notes like writing in a diary.

In this application there are also colorful pens that can make your writing more interesting. You can also change any color for each letter you write.

Download the application here.

4. Microsoft OneNote

After previously there was an application for writing on the Android screen from Google, now it comes from Microsoft. The features provided by OneNote are somewhat similar to Squid.

OneNote is suitable for those of you who want a double function, namely to take notes and to doodle. This application is arguably quite popular on the Google PlayStore and has received many positive reviews from users.

Download the application here.

5. Liveboard: Interactive Whiteboard

Liveboard: Interactive Whiteboard offers a recording feature while chatting in the same application. Liveboard is an application where you can take notes like on a whiteboard with friends or co-workers directly (LIVE).

Everything you write will be displayed in real time in a particular forum that you create. So, only you and the people you invite to the forum can see what you write.

In addition, you can also add images, mutually change colors, and change the font type in this application. Cool, right?

Download the application here.

Those are 5 applications for writing on the android screen that ApkVenue can share. So, have you chosen your best version of the writing application on the screen yet?

Hopefully the list above can be helpful and useful!

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