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several ways to backup chat line easily, works 100%!

Want to backup chat on the Line app but don't know how? Just take a look at Jaka's article on how to backup the chat line below!

Similar to WhatsApp, a chat application made by the Ginseng Country, Line, also allows users to exchange text messages, videos, photos, sounds, and so on.

Not only that, this application also offers a Line sticker feature which attracts quite a lot of users' attention because of its uniqueness.

Although it is equipped with various interesting features, not much different from other chat applications, chat history in this application can also be lost if you don't do a backup, gang.

Therefore, to avoid this problem, in this article, ApkVenue will discuss how to easily backup Line 2019 chat.

How to Backup Chat Line from All Contacts

Want to backup all Line chats at once from all contacts you've had contact with? Can you do it, gang!

In this way, you no longer need to back up the chats one by one from each contact, but with just one step.

Curious to know how? Come on, see the full method below!

Step 1 - Go to the 'Settings' menu

  • To enter the Settings Line menu, first you select menu 'More' in the lower right corner. After that, select the 'Settings' icon.

Step 2 - Select the 'Chats' menu

  • After entering the Settings menu, then in the General settings you select menu 'Chat'.

Step 3 - Select the 'Back up and Restore chat history' menu

  • The next step, you select the menu 'Back up and Restore chat history' then select menu 'Back up to Google Drive'.
  • After that, the backup process will run automatically to the gmail account that is connected to your Line.

  • If it is successful, then the status last backup will update automatically.

How to Backup Chat Line from Specific Contacts

In addition to backing up Line chat from all contacts that have been in contact with you, you can also backup chat from certain contacts only, gang.

Besides being able to save more internet quota and memory, this method also allows you to select chats from which contacts are most important to backup.

To do this, you can follow the steps from ApkVenue below.

Step 1 - Select the chats of the contacts you want to backup

  • The first step, you first select the chat from which contact you will backup, gang.

Step 2 - Select the 'Settings' menu

  • The next step, you enter the menu 'Settings' by choosing arrow icon in the upper right corner. Then, select menu 'Settings'.

Step 3 - Select the 'Export chat history' menu

  • After that, you select menu 'Export chat history' then select Gmail as a medium for exporting chat history files.
  • Next, you will be directed to the Gmail page to send the chat history file. At this stage, you can enter your own or someone else's email. If so, then select the 'Send' button.
  • At this stage, the chat history file has been successfully exported and you can open it via the Microsoft Word application on your cellphone anytime and anywhere, gang.

How to Backup Chat Line from Specific Chats

Not only can you backup the entire chat content, you can also only choose certain chats to be backed up, gang.

Regarding the method, you can follow the steps from ApkVenue below!

Step 1 - Select chat

  • First of all, on the chat page you select the contact whose one or more chats you will backup.

Step 2 - Select the 'Edit messages' menu

  • Furthermore, click arrow button at the top right and you select menu 'Edit messages' to select which chats to backup. Then, select menu 'Save in Keep'.
  • At this stage, you put a tick on the chat you want to back up. If so, then select button 'Keep'.
  • At this stage, the chat that has been selected will be saved in the menu 'Keep' which you can access at any time.

  • Menu Keep You can find it on your Home Profile Line at the bottom of your profile photo. Very easy, right?

Well, those were some ways you can do to backup chat history in the Line app, gang. It's easy?

By doing a backup, then it can minimize loss chat history important thing you might need in the future, gang.

Meanwhile, for how to backup chat lines on his own laptop, Jaka still hasn't found a way, so for now, only the information above can be conveyed, gang.

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