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watch film imperfect (2019) full movie

Watching Imperfect in 2020? Why not? You can watch and download Imperfect (2019) full movie here!

Are you one of those people who feel inferior to your physical condition? Do you find it difficult to get a girlfriend because of this condition?

If so, you need to watch a movie Imperfect full movie, gang. Directed by Ernest Prakasa, you will see a slightly different romantic movie.

genre comedy-romance, movie Imperfect will be starring Jessica Mila and Reza Rahadian. What is the synopsis of this one film?

Nonton & Download Film Imperfect (2019)

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Even though it's been almost a year since its release date, apparently there are still many people who want to watch the Imperfect movie full movie in 2020.

Moreover, this film has also recently been released in Indonesia platform movie streaming, Netflix, which made his prestige rise again.

Actually, it's not without reason why many people want to watch the Imperfect full movie streaming movie, considering that the story and moral message it offers is really top-notch, gang.

Well, before continuing to watch the film, it's better to first see the synopsis of the following Imperfect film.

Imperfect Movie Synopsis

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Rara (Jessica Mila) is a woman who works in a women's cosmetics company. Even so, he seemed to pay little attention to his own appearance.

She was born as a woman with fat genes and tan skin which was inherited from her father.

In fact, his mother was a former model in the 90s. The beauty of the mother only passed down to Rara's sister, namely Lulu (Yasmin Napper).

Therefore, he often gets unpleasant treatment from his surroundings. Fortunately, Rara really likes her job.

Moreover, Rara has a lover named Dika (Reza Rahadian) who truly loves him. He could see Rara's kindness that no one else had.

One day, Rara gets a chance for a promotion at her workplace. The condition is, Rara must completely change her appearance.

Will Rara be able to prove herself? Would changing to be prettier make her happier?

It's better to just watch the Imperfect movie online via the link that Jaka will give at the bottom!

Interesting Facts about Imperfect Film

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As a film with the theme of body shaming, there are many interesting facts about this film that you need to know. Anything?

  • This film is based on a book of the same name written by Ernest Prakasa's wife, Meira Anastasia.

  • This is fifth movie directed by Ernest.

  • This film is based on a true story experienced by Meira. He has received problems body shaming and standard body.

  • Jessica Mila is willing to increase her weight up to 10kg in order to show the role of Rara more totally.

  • This film is arguably star-studded. Besides Jessica Mila and Reza Rahadian, there are Dion Wiyoko, Karina Suwandi, Boy William, Shareefa Danish, and many others.

  • Initially, Ernest did not think of Jessica to play the character of Mila. He got a recommendation from the producer.

  • Unlike the previous films, there are many new players in Ernest's film this time. The reason is that Ernest often gets criticism for using actors he has used in previous films.

Watch Imperfect Movie

ShowDecember 19, 2019
Duration1 hour 53 minutes
ProductionStarvision Plus
DirectorErnest Prakasa
CastJessica Mila, Reza Rahadian, Yasmin Napper, et al
GenreComedy, Drama, Romance

You may be aware that this romantic Indonesian film is trying to give a message about the problems surrounding body shaming that often happens around us.

Joking style that has been considered normal is actually able to make other people feel hurt and hurt.

If you want to watch Imperfect full movie live streaming, just click on the link to watch the Imperfect full movie streaming indo sub, which is available below!

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Download Film Imperfect (2019)

You are saving internet quota and prefer Imperfect full movie download use a WiFi network? It's possible, gang!

Moreover, the Imperfect movie is also no longer on the cinema screen, so you only have the choice of watching it streaming or downloading it to watch offline.

Well, for those of you who want to download the Imperfect 2019 movie, you can directly access the link below or if necessary use the IDM extension so that the download process can be faster.

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That was the synopsis and interesting facts about the film Imperfect. This film will present Ernest's typical comedy like a movie Ngenest and Check the Store Next door.

Ernest will also take on a minor role in this film as he has often done in previous films.

Is there another Indonesian film that you want to watch? Write in the comments column, yes!

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