mobile legends vs vainglory vs aov, which is better?

Are you a hardcore MOBA mobile game player? Want to know which MOBA mobile game is the best? Let's read the following JalanTikus article to find out the information!

Game genre Multiplayer Online Battle Arena or what is commonly abbreviated MOBA now it is mushrooming in smartphones. Several titles, such as Mobile Legends, Arena of Valor, and Vainglory, are the flagship of mobile gamers in Indonesia.

It's so famous and each has a different hard-line fanbase between these MOBA games, to the point that the fanbases 'nudge each other' too, you know. What is it? the difference between the three games?

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Differences in Mobile Legends, AoV and Vainglory

Before getting into the differences between Mobile Legends, AoV and Vainglory, it's a good idea to read it first the background of each game the. Let's see right away!

Mobile Legends

This game made by Moonton in Indonesia can be said to have the largest fanbase among the other two rivals. Many don't know, before changing its name to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, this game was previously named Magic Rush: Heroes Mobile, Legends: 5v5 MOBA.

The Mobile Legends game itself was published by Moonton on July 11, 2016 for Android and November 9, 2016 for iOS. Since then, this game immediately stole the attention of mobile gamers.

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Arena of Valor

Has a different name in each region, and in Indonesia it is named Mobile Arena, finally the publisher, Tencent Games uniform its name around the world to become Arena of Valor or commonly abbreviated as AoV.

This game itself stole the attention of players in Indonesia because it has heroes adapted from DC comics, such as Batman, Superman, Joker, and Wonder Woman. This game itself was released on November 26, 2015 and was named the most popular game in 2017 by Google Play.

In September 2017, Nintendo finally got interested and officially announced it was bringing Arena of Valor to the Nintendo Switch console as well. This is done so that AoV games can be played anywhere and anytime.



Released in November 2014, this game was first made for iPad devices. Finally, in July 2015 the Android version was released and finally penetrated into smartphones. When it was first introduced at the iPhone 6 introduction event, this game was immediately greeted with enthusiasm by the visitors.

It's not surprising to get a positive response from gamers, because the founder of Super Evil Megacorp who is actually the creator of the Vainglory game is a veteran of Rockstar, Riot, Blizzard, and also Insomniac.

After years of maintaining a one-line style with 3v3, Vainglory finally has the same 3 line 5v5 mode as other rival MOBA games.

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The difference between Mobile Legends, AoV and Vainglory

After a little introduction about the three games, this time let's talk about the difference between Mobile Legends, AoV and Vainglory. Let's see!

1. Maps

Actually, there is no significant difference regarding Maps from each of the games above. However, all of them have their own characteristics in each of their Maps, such as the location of jungle creeps and creep buffs. The names of each map are also different, such as Sovereign's Rise for Vainglory, Land Of Dawn for Mobile Legends, and Antaris for Arena of Valor.

2. Control

If Mobile Legends and AoV both have virtual analog which makes it easier to play, much different from Vainglory which has tap system. Of course, the tap control must prioritize precision when playing it and smartphones with larger screens will benefit more.

3. Item Purchase System

You can't just buy items wherever your hero is when playing in Vainglory. Unlike Mobile Legends and AoV, you are required to buy items at the base or in the jungle shop who are on both sides of the jungle.

4. Attributes

In Mobile Legends and AoV games, there is a system called attributes where you can increase the basic attributes of the hero you will use. If on AoV it is called Arcana, and Mobile Legends itself is called Emblem. In Vainglory itself there is something called Talent, but it can only be used in Brawl Mode, such as Blitz and Battle Royale.

5. 'Big Monsters'

The difference also lies in each 'Big Monster' which will provide assistance in the form of attacks on enemy bases, buffs, or money to buy items. In Vainglory itself there are two 'Big Monsters', namely Blackclaw who will help destroy the turret and Ghostwing who will provide buffs.

In ML itself there is a Lord who helps destroy enemy towers and Turlte who will give money. And in AoV there is Abyssal Dragon who will give money and Dark Slayer who will give buffs to each hero.


Well, those are some of the differences that we can find from the Mobile Legends, AoV and Vainglory games. Each title certainly has its own advantages and disadvantages and of course it is the right of each player to choose which game to play. But, do you think, which game is the best? Write in the comments column yes!

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