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3 ways to chat on facebook without installing messenger on android

Annoyed that the Facebook Android app asks you to download Facebook Messenger so you can open messages? Follow this method to outsmart it

Facebook, which is growing rapidly, never stops providing innovation for the sake of its new innovations. One of Facebook's innovations that is very disturbing is Facebook Messenger which is devoted to replying messages with Facebook friends. The separation of the messaging function from the Facebook application has really annoyed many Facebook users, including Jaka. Well, this time Jaka will give 3 new ways to chat on Facebook without having to install the Messenger app.

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Messenger does offer complete features, from sticker features to calls. Unfortunately this Messenger application is famous for causing wasteful battery and low RAM. Plus Facebook is also famous for causing wasteful batteries. Isn't it annoying to have to install both at once?

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How to Chat on Facebook Without the Messenger App on Android

For those of you who have large storage space and large RAM, it might not be a problem if you have to install applications Facebook and Messenger at a time. But what happens if the Android storage space and RAM are mediocre? That's why Jaka gives you 3 ways to do it chat on Facebook without having to install the Messenger app.

1. Using Facebook Chat Enabler

To be able chat on Facebook without Messenger installed, you can use Facebook Chat Enabler. With Facebook Chat Enabler, you can reactivate the feature chat on Facebook. The trick, just install this application, then activate it. If you have the Messenger app installed on your Android, this app will delete it.

Because the inbox tab in the latest Facebook application has been removed, it's time to do this chat, you have to click the Messenger sign. Later you willdirect to the inbox view. Interestingly, this inbox display is the inbox display on the Facebook web, so it is trusted and safe.

Interested? Download Facebook Chat Enabler below:

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2. Use Disa

Disa is an Android application that will collect every message that comes into your Android in one container. With Disa, you can see chat from WhatsApp, SMS and chat Facebook in one application. To be able to reply chat Facebook on Disa, you don't need to install the Messenger app. Enough log in with your Facebook account, then you can chat to your Facebook contacts directly via Disa.

You can use Disa as a replacement application for WhatsApp and SMS too. And again, the fresh look of Disa will make you comfortable using it.

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3. Use Facebook Lite

By using Facebook Lite, you can enjoy the full features of Facebook, including the functionality of Facebook chat via inbox. Interestingly, Facebook Lite is much more battery efficient and consumes RAM when compared to the Facebook application itself. Want to know how Facebook Lite differs from regular Facebook? Try reading the article How to Save Quota, RAM and Storage When Using the Facebook Android Application.

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By using Facebook Lite, you will be able to reply chat on Facebook without having to install Messenger separately. Another plus, display chat on Facebook Lite inspired Messenger.

Instead of having to install Messenger which has a fairly large file size and also high RAM consumption, why not try one of the ways above? By the way, which way do you prefer? Jaka still likes to use Disa, because it looks fresh and collects various messages in one application.

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