5 software that must be installed so that playing games on a PC is more exciting

Want more fun when playing PC games? If so, you should read the following Jaka article. Because this time ApkVenue will discuss 5 software that you should install before playing PC games. Listen only on JalanTikus guys!

Playing a PC game is very fun. Especially now that the graphics displayed by a PC game are really looks so real. Surely it will be more exciting if we play, either alone or with friends.

However, are you sure you're already having fun? Do you want even more fun? If so, you should read the following Jaka article. Because this time Jaka will discuss 5 software you should install before playing PC games.

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Here are 5 software that you should install before playing PC games

Play a PC game like Crysis, Counter Strike or Quantum Break it's really fun. But to make your gaming experience even more exciting, you should try it The following 5 software.

1. Razer Game Booster And Razer Surround

Photo source: Photo: Razer

The first is that there is software made Razer, namely Razer Game Booster and Razer Surround. To Razer Game Booster from the name alone it is clear, this software works for maximize performance from hardware your PC. The goal of maximizing itself is to minimize the occurrence of lag or crashing or low FPS.

Next to Razer Surround is to function to simulate your PC's sound output to be Surround 7.1, or the cool tech language is Virtual Surround 7.1. By using this software, the sound produced by your PC will later become as if it were more real.

2. MSI Afterburner

Photo source: Photo: MSI

The second software that you must install is MSI Afterburner. Software made MSI it's basically intended for MSI brand VGA cards. But you can use it for all types of VGA cards. It's just the features not as much when you use an MSI branded VGA card.

Even if it's not optimal, you don't have to worry. Because the features you need can still be used. These features include: monitor your PC temperature, monitor FPS value, monitor memory usage, and others.

3. Geforce Experience Or Raptr

Next, the software that you must install is the software made by the VGA vendor itself. If you wear Nvidia, you can download and install Geforce Experience. But if you use AMD, you can download and install Raptr.

Photo source: Photo: Geforce

Usually, in general, when you install drivers for graphics cards, these software will be installed automatically. But it's not impossible that you refuse the installation, or you install third-party drivers, so that software such as Nvidia Geforce Experience or Raptr is not installed.

Photo source: Photo: Raptr

Why is this application mandatory? Because this app will make it easier to determine a game configuration that matches your PC hardware. So there's no such thing as a game intro, but it's broken because the game configuration doesn't match. Because usually our intro time can't do yet settings.

Apps Productivity NVIDIA Corporation DOWNLOAD

4. Twitch

Photo source: Photo: Twitch

The next is Twitch. By using this Twitch service, you can share gameplay in real time with all your friends. So there's no more playing alone with a sense of loneliness, because your friends can now watch and comment.

5. Hot Keyboard

Photo source: Photo: Everything USB

The next is Hot Keyboard, an application that can turn your ordinary keyboard into having a keyboard macro button capability like on a gaming keyboard. Of course this makes you more competitive in playing a game. Especially online game which does require a competitive side in a game.

If you are confused about how, you can follow Jaka's method through the following article.


Well, that's him just now 5 software you should install before playing PC games. What do you think about these softwares? Which is the coolest? Leave your opinion in the comments column yes!

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