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list of the scariest ghost games in the world

If you are a horror lover, you must try this recommendation for the most scary ghost game in the world for the android, PC, PS4 and PSP versions. Guaranteed not to sleep!

Are you a true gamer and like the horror game genre?

It is undeniable that the horror genre is one of the most exciting games to play.

Especially when played with friends.

Well, this time Jaka wants to recommend world's scariest ghost game from multiple platforms/console games and various horror genres, some even from Indonesia.

Curious right?

Let's read to the end, guys, guaranteed not to be able to sleep after playing!

The Scariest Ghost Game in the World

ApkVenue will recommend the world's scariest ghost game on several different platforms, namely Android, PC, PS4 and PSP.

World's Scariest Ghost Game - Android

1. Granny

A creepy Granny keeps you locked in her house. Now you have to try to get out of his house, but you have to be careful and calm. He heard everything. If you drop something on the floor, he hears it and runs.

You can't hide from this terrible granny. Every second, you won't know where this granny will appear.

According to Jaka, this is one of the scariest ghost games in the world for the Android version.

PriceFree/In-app Products
Game Size66 MB
Minimum Android4.0 and up

2. Mystique Series

The scariest horror game on Android is actually not on the Playstore. However, you should try this game.

This horror game is in the form of a puzzle that will weave a story, when you have finished playing each game/level in it.

One of the advantages of this game is the ghosts that are displayed in this game in a spooky 3D feel.

Game Size2.24 MB
Minimum Android3.0 and up

3. Eyes - The Scary Horror Game Adventure

If you like horror stories related to haunted houses, Game Eyes - The Scary Horror Game Adventure is perfect for you to try.

The main mission of the game Eyes is to explore a haunted house in which there is a lot of treasure and money.

Discover terrible terrors and scary creatures in horror games. Tips from ApkVenue, never play this game alone!

PriceFree/In-app Products
Game Size92MB
Minimum Android4.1 and up

4. Dungeon Nightmares

The story in this game begins when every night you sleep, you wake up in an endless nightmare that is very scary.

When the candle that helps illuminate your path in a dream actually shows that you will not be alone there.

In this game, you have to survive every night to find more clues about the nightmare you are having and must solve it.

PriceFree/In-app Products
Game Size38MB
Minimum Android2.3.3 and up

5. Horror Island

Not only are you trapped on an island alone, you will discover a mystery many people hang themselves.

A ghost island must be the setting of a horror place that is certainly terrible. That's why Horror Island is said to be one of the scariest ghost games in the world.

You are required to survive on a ghost island without eating and drinking, and being disturbed by scary ghosts on the island.

Game Size47.3MB
Minimum Android2.3.2+ and up

World's Scariest Ghost Game - PC

1. Sophie's Curse

You got a job, taking care of an old man by night in a house you just bought.

This house has no electricity and you have to rely on some kind of hand crank generator to light up the place, but there's something in the dark that's ready to make your heart flutter!

If you are not brave and strong with jumpscare, don't you dare play the most spooky ghost game on this PC.

Minimum Specification RequiredOS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit OS required)

Storage: 500 MB available space

2. Outlast 2

This game tells the story of a cult of a cult religion and you take on the role of a journalist trying to unravel the mysteries of this sect.

However, what happens is that your helicopter crashes and you are trapped in a village that adheres to this heresy.

The main mission of this game is that you have to get out of the village, but the obstacles and ghosts and other scary things never end

Minimum Specification RequiredOS: Windows Vista/7/8/10, 64-bits

Storage: 30GB available space

3. Amnesia: The Dark Descent

This most terrifying horror game tells the story of a young man who suddenly wakes up in a dark alley and doesn't remember anything, aka amnesia, aka memory loss.

Not only is the game atmosphere tense, but there will be monsters that keep chasing and haunting you.

The essence of this game, you have to avoid these terrible monsters to survive.

Minimum Specification RequiredOS: Windows XP/Vista/7

Hard Drive: 3GB

4. Resident Evil 7

This Resident Evil 6 continuation takes place in the interior of Louisiana, with a new main character named Ethan Winters.

Ethan discovers a mysterious video about his wife's death several years ago. Can Ethan be able to find Mia and the mystery that is chasing her.

The scariest ghost game you can read in full in the article 7 These Horror Games Will Make You Nightmare.

Minimum Specification RequiredOS: WINDOWS 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (64-BIT Required)

Storage: 24 GB available space

5. DreadOut (Original Indonesia)

This game tells the story of Linda, a high school student who is traveling with her friends and lost in a city in the middle of nowhere which is very scary.

The main mission of this game is to find Linda's friends who mysteriously disappeared.

Dread Out has now entered the second series. If you want to know other local horror games, please read the article 5 Best Local Horror Games 2018

Minimum Specification RequiredOS: Windows 7/8

Storage: 5GB available space

The World's Scariest Ghost Game - PlayStation 4

1. Agony

Agony is a fantasy horror video game that just came out in 2018 and was developed by Madmind Studio.

In this game, players begin their journey as tormented souls in Hell trying to escape the horrors.

Throughout this game you will meet various demons and the most terrible demons you will ever find!

PriceIDR 670,000
Game Size10.53GB

2. Layers of Fear

If you're looking for a psychological horror game that can ruin your sleep, then the Layers of Fear game should be your choice.

One of the scariest horror games on PlayStation, it's really full of scary mysteries

This game tells the story of a painter who has just moved into a new house filled with horrible paintings, and becomes hallucinating at seeing the apparition and becomes even more insane.

Game Size3.61GB

3. Until Dawn

There is a group of young people who are traveling to a villa and all terrible possibilities will happen.

There are many characters and story choices that you can choose for yourself to determine the storyline in this video game.

So, if you don't like ghost games that are too sadistic, maybe you can make this game the best choice.

Game Size36.47GB

4. Outlast

The storyline of this game uses a first-person perspective who acts as a reporter who wants to cover an abandoned mental hospital.

Unfortunately, this mental hospital is not an ordinary mental hospital, but is full of mysteries and terrible ghosts that will make you shudder in fear.

ApkVenue highly recommends this PS4 version of the world's scariest ghost game if you have the guts.

Game Size4.3GB

5. The Evil Within 2

This game is a sequel to the first Evil Within game series. Jaka guarantees this game is as terrible as the previous game.

The story plot of this game is very interesting. Sebastian turns out to find the fact that his son (Lily) is still alive and being held in a secret organization.

Will Sebastian manage to find Lily while confronting the terrifying creatures that interfere with his quest to find his son?

PriceIDR 699,000
Game Size28.22GB

World's Scariest Ghost Game - PSP

1. Silent Hill: Origins

The scariest ghost game on the PSP that Jaka recommends this time is already legendary, Silent Hill: Origins.

The main character in this game is named Travis, who tries to unravel all the mysteries in different places such as the Hospital, Sanitarium and Theatre.

Can Travis be able to escape and solve the mystery that has been haunting him? Play until it's finished guys!

Game Size705 MB

2. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is the seventh installment in the Silent Hill game.

The subtitle Shattered Memories refers to breaking and rearranging memories. In this game, of course the memory that is solved is a terrible and scary memory.

This game must be played with players' experiences from everyday life, so that they can successfully collect fragmentary memories.

PriceIDR 335,757(ebay)
Game Size-

3. Corpse Party: Book of Shadows

Corpse Party tells the story of a group of students, a teacher and the younger sister of one of the students from Kisaragi High School who are trapped in a cursed school full of

In this game we play as the students and try to collect clues in order to get out of the school.

In essence, you have to get out of the school safely and destroy the evil ghosts.

Game Size953 MB

4. Manhunt 2

Set in a mental hospital, this most horror game will make you throw up if you can't play it.

This mental hospital patient roams freely because the security system is broken.

Your job is to escape from this mental hospital by brutally killing all nurses, doctors and fellow mental hospital patients.

Game Size965 MB

5. ObsCure II: The Aftermath

Your main mission in this game is to direct two characters who are trying to solve the terrible mystery that follows them

This game is full of puzzles that you need to solve, collect items and face off against enemies who are terrible monsters.

Dare to try out one of the most horror games on this one? You can play it on emulator too you know!

Game Size942 MB

That's the recommendation for the scariest ghost game in the world that ApkVenue provides for you.

Which game is your favorite and dare you play it to the end?

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