10+ best free android apps 2017 edition

Jaka also presents the best Android applications of 2017 which will be updated every month. If used optimally, the following applications will certainly make it easier for you to carry out activities of daily life.

In addition to the best Android games, ApkVenue also presents best android apps which will beupdates each month. If used optimally, the following applications will certainly make it easier for you to carry out activities of daily life.

The following best Android applications offer a variety of functions that you can rely on. Yes, after all without an application, a smartphone is not a smart device. Immediately, here are the best Android applications in the 2017 edition.

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Best Android Apps FREE

1. E-mas

As the name implies, the application Gold allows you to invest in gold. You can buy, sell or store gold easily through your smartphone.

E-mas itself is an application made by Orori which has been known as an e-commerce service specifically for buying and selling jewelry. You can real-time monitor the world gold price at any time and buy it when the price drops.

Create your E-mas account here, you will get free gold worth IDR 50,000. Are you sure you don't want to?

2. Kaspersky Secure Connection: VPN service

One of the safest ways to surf the internet is to use a VPN. Unfortunately, our flagship VPN service, Opera Max, has been discontinued.

But, don't worry because there are still alternatives. One of the newest is Kaspersky Secure Connection: VPN service made by the anti-virus company Kaspersky.

With a VPN, you can be more secure when you use public WiFi. Of course it also allows you to access more sites and content without being restricted.

3. Sarahah

The next best Android app is Sarahah. You know, social media applications that are currently viral have sucked in a lot of people to create accounts and share them, starting on Instagram Stories and so on.

Many people say and use Sarahah much like the question-and-answer app, ASKfm. But in fact Sarahah has a different goal than ASKfm.


Sarahah herself according to netizens comes from Arabic which means honesty. In accordance with the introduction on Sarahah's official website, this application is intended for work and friends to send messages anonymously as a means of evaluation and is one-way in nature.

4. LightX Photo Editor

LightX Photo Editor is one of the best photo editing apps on Android. The features it offers are quite complete.

From the start you can delete background, change the color of the clothes you wear, change the background color, combine two photos into an alias double exposure, and other cool features.

5. Samsung Internet Browser Beta

Some mobile phone manufacturers do provide their own flagship browser. One of them is Samsung which is exclusive to the Galaxy series, but that was then and now Samsung has 'opened the heart'.

Yes, the Galaxy S8 browser aka Samsung Internet Browser can already be used for all types of Android smartphones. This Samsung Internet Browser Beta v6.2 brings several interesting features, such as High contrast mode which allows you to read articles more easily.


Then, there's Night mode to keep your eyes healthy when surfing cyberspace at night, and much more.

6. Motion Still

One of the cool features on the iPhone that makes Android users jealous is the Live Photo feature. Where you can take moving photos that look real.

For Android, Google has Motion Stills. This best Android app allows you to take a Live Photo that is in GIF format for three seconds.


In addition, there is also a "Fast forward" mode, which can speed up videos from two to eight times the original speed. Yes, like Boomerang on Instagram.

7. Awesome Converter

Just like his name Awesome Converter is a Converter app. Then, what makes it special that Jaka decides to include it in the best Android application?

Complete, that's the reason. You can even convert currencies, you know, in addition to weight, length, square, volume, speed, temperature, pressure, and others.

8. Ottipo Photo Editor: Stickers, Frames, Effects

The last best Android app is Ottipo Photo Editor. Yes, as the name implies, this is a photo editing application with a myriad of features, you can add stickers, filters, frames, text, and more.

This app is still in beta, so please understand if there are a few bugs. However, the features will still continue to grow.

9. Vizmato

Not just selfies, now is the time to share short video. If you're one of those people who always follow this trend, the latest Android app called Vizmato will come in handy for you.

Visato is an app that will turn your short videos into really cool ones. There is a wide selection of filter effects that you can use, themes, music, effects and text.

You can also directly record with Visato for videos in slow motion or fast motion according to your wishes.

10. Firefox Focus

This Firefox Focus browser by default blocks ad tracking and can delete your browsing history automatically, including passwords and cookies.

Firefox Focus offers a minimalistic browser experience. Not many configuration options and features available, Firefox Focus is designed to perform quick searches, or direct visits to URLs, leaving no trace. So you can surf in cyberspace more safely.


11. Cashtree

The next best app is Cashtree. You can make money by downloading apps or games recommended by Cashtree. Visiting links, displaying ads on the lockscreen, and also via your account referrals.

You can buy Vouchers with the Cash you collect. Starting from vouchers from Matahari Mall, Lazada, Tokopedia, and others. In fact, you can buy a new smartphone with the Cash you collect.

That's the list of the best free Android apps on JalanTikus, which you shouldn't miss. With the help of the above application, you can do many new things on your smartphone. Do you have any additional applications? Share your opinion.

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