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secret features of camera 360 apps that are not in the new version

Many use the old version of Camera 360 because it is smaller and lighter. Even though there are 6 cool things that you can't do in the old version of Camera 360.

Camera 360 is the most popular camera and photo editing application in the world. This Camera 360 application is available for Android Phone and iOS. Various Camera 360 effects can make your photos look even cooler. It can even make a dull face so shiny like a Korean artist. But do you only use the Camera 360 application for selfie just? Even though the latest Camera 360 has various features that are definitely fun and useful for your daily life. Here he is 6 Cool Things You Can't Do on Old Versions of Camera 360.

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Many people are still looking for apps Camera 360 the older version which is smaller and lighter in size, but of course with minimal features. Camera 360 Ultimate the latest has a larger file size, but certainly not without reason. The latest version of Camera 360 comes with a variety of cool features that you must try. All of these features can be seen by opening the main menu, then sliding the screen to the left. Click button "Explore", and you will find various features and functions that are fun and useful for you.

6 Cool Things Not Available in Old Versions of Camera 360

1. Easy Camera

This is a feature Camera 360 which is very easy to use. You just point and snap. Because the Camera 360 application has made automatic settings so that the photos are maximized in terms of lighting and color. So, even if you snap, you will never get a bad photo.

2. Effect Camera

The Camera 360 application is famous for its various stunning photo effects. There is more than 200 unique effects which you can use. Some are already available when you install, others you can download for free. So feel free to play around with all the effects. You can make your photos more beautiful, more handsome, prettier, or more unique.

3. Color-Shift Camera

With features Color-Shift With this, you can create a dramatic effect on your photos. The way it works is to turn on one color such as red, pink, blue, yellow, then turn off other colors to black and white. Your photos will look more "gothic" with this effect.

4. Audio Camera

This is one of the unique features in Camera 360. You can take pictures while recording sound with a duration of 5 seconds. So it is as if there is a sound emerging from a still image. If you are creative, this feature can be a tool to make something cool.

5. Video Camera

I think this is a standard feature of every HP camera. Besides being able to take pictures in the form of photos, it can also be used to record videos. In the latest Camera 360 there are also features Video Camera. You can record videos in good quality without thinking about complicated settings.

6. QR Code Scanner

If you already have the latest version of Camera 360, you don't need to download another application to download it.scan QR-Code. Just take advantage of the features in Camera 360. This QR-Code can be used for various things, such as reading text, opening web pages, opening link videos, and so on.

That's 6 Cool Things You Can't Do on Old Versions of Camera 360. The things above are not available if you are still using the old version of the Camera 360 application. So it doesn't matter if the file size is a little bigger. The important thing is that the features are cool and useful. If you have other opinions, you can share them through the column comments below this.

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