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10 best ad blocker apps on android 2018

Well, here Jaka has 10 of the best ad blocker applications for Android in 2018. Listen, let's go!

Whos not disturbed with ads that often appear when you're using a smartphone? Anyone would not like ads that are often annoying even to the point of cover the screen smartphones. These advertisements usually appear on smartphones internet connected. This is certainly very annoying and makes us want to get rid of these ads immediately.

Ads that appear on smartphones can be destroyed in various ways. One of them is to use ad blocker apps. Well, here Jaka has 10 of the best ad blocker applications for Android in 2018. Listen, let's go!

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10 Best Ad Blocker Apps on Android 2018

1. Adblocker Browser

If you are always bothered by the ads that appear on the browser you are using, then it's time for you to switch to Browser Adblocker. This application will block all kinds of annoying ads, protect your smartphone from malware and adware and save battery and internet data. You can freely browse without being disturbed by ads with a super fast and free browser pre-loaded.

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2. DNS66

DNS66 is a simple app to block ads on your device mobile. This application has features that can be used easily to get rid of ads annoying. DNS66 provides a VPN service that will prevent any kind of adverts coming in and put them on the blacklist.

You can also choose server which you want to block or allow on the settings page. Very practical and it only takes one tap to get rid of annoying ads.

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3. NetGuard

Ads don't only often appear in browser applications, but can be in other applications such as keyboard applications, games, and others. NetGuard will block internet access on all applications installed on your smartphone.

You can determine for yourself, which applications need to be blocked for internet access so that your smartphone can access the internet free of ads annoying. Apart from blocking ads, NetGuard can also help save data, saves power usage and protects smartphones from threatening viruses.

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4. AdGuard

AdGuard is an ad blocker application that is quite easy to use. This app is very helpful for blocking windows pop-up which often presents itself due to advertisements. Apart from blocking ads, AdGuard also works protect smartphone from harmful things at the time of installing the application.

5. Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus has features that can be used to protect your smartphone from harmful advertisements. This application has been equipped with a tutorial so that you will be able to use it easily and help you in learning set configuration. Adblock Plus will block ads that often appear on your browser and other applications installed on your smartphone.

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6. 1Blocker

Not only can it be used in PC/laptop, 1Blocker now also here to protect mobile devices from all kinds of annoying ads. This application will block pop-up windows and protect the smartphone from the dangers of malware. The simple way of use will make you getting easier take advantage of this one application.

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7. AppBrain Ad Detector

This one application will not let a single ad pass into your smartphone. With its complex features, AppBrain Ad Detector will ensure your comfort when browsing or opening applications that are connected to the internet. This application can even detect directly before the ad actually trying to infiltrate to your smartphone.

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8. AdAway

AdAway you can use it on a rooted smartphone to remove ads quickly and effectively. This app very powerful get rid of pop-ups and all kinds of ads that appear in all applications including games. AdAway also provides extra protection for smartphones from malware threats and other virus hazards.

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9. MinMinGuard

Just like AdAway, your smartphone must also be rooted before you can use this application. MinMinGuard provides protection for android devices that are often disturbed by unimportant advertisements. All kinds of ads will be blocked, both those that appear in the application game and non-game.

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10. Muncher

The last one is Muncher, a practical ad blocker application for your smartphone. With this application, you will be free from annoying advertisements and safe from various types of advertisements dangerous malware. Muncher will ensure data security and comfort using a smartphone without worrying about the appearance of advertisements that sometimes close the smartphone screen.


Well, that's him 10 best ad blocker apps on Android 2018. If you are still often bothered by the appearance of unnecessary ads on your smartphone, let's download the application now!

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