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what is the dark web? here's a fact & an easy way to access it!

Confused what is the deep web and the dark web? Now, this time Jaka will review the following how to create a safe dark web account and tips for accessing it.

The dark web registers as well as the deep web is not just a sex video site as most people think. This site has a much more complex function as well as more dangerous.

Maybe some of you have heard the term dark web or deep web, at the same time wondering what exactly is the function of the two.s

The internet world that you use today is only on the surface. Much deeper, you can find deep web and dark web.

Literally, deep web and dark web generally contain confidential content that cannot be accessed by everyone. Then what's that dark web and deep web actually? Here's the full review!

What is the Dark Web and the Deep Web? What's the Difference Between the Two?

As at the beginning of this article, it could be among you something's still wrong with understanding deep web nor dark web, gang.

Well, just imagine! Jaka illustrates that the internet is a vast ocean, so the internet that you have access so far is only the surface, aka surface web.

Everything you do, starting from streaming videos, checking work emails, shopping on line, browsing internet, social media such as Facebook and Twitter to other activities are still included in this section.

In other words, all of these activities are still open to the public or can still be accessed via search engines (search engine) as Google and Bing, still included surface web.

Understanding Deep Web and Dark Wen Register

Then what about deep web and dark web itself? Previously, Jaka had discussed in full in an article entitled, "Complete and Simple Explanation, What Is The Deep Web?".


But easily, it can be concluded that the contents in deep web or dark web is content that will never be indexed by search engines.

So of course it is impossible to be accessed by chance by ordinary internet users, for example data internal server company or government content, guys.

What is the difference between deep web and dark web? Yes, it depends on the context and the type of content. The content or sites contained in deep webnot everything is about dangerous or illegal content.

Different from dark web which contains illegal and dangerous things to explore, for example illegal sex video websites, assassins, to drug buying and selling transactions.

What Sites Are on the Dark Web and Deep Web?

Deep web, which includes dark web certainly contains a variety of content and sites. The content on the deep web network is varied, and mostly negative connotations.

Starting from just to communicate in secret, to get illegal goods such as weapons, drugs, to pornography.

Most of you may think that the deep web and dark web are illegal sex story sites, but in reality, there's a lot of content that's much darker.

Here, Jaka has summarized some things that you will generally find in deep web nor dark web, guys.

1. Illegal Black Market

On the black market, as the name implies, it clearly provides a variety of illegal and dangerous goods, and all of this you can find at dark web.

Starting from counterfeit goods, drugs and illegal drugs, firearms, software pirated, stolen credit cards (card), human organs, and many other illegal goods.

In addition, the risk of transacting on the black market dark web also clearly bigger and far more dangerous than the average online store.

2. Digital Currency

Digital currency alias cryptocurrency as bitcoin and others are indeed on the rise lately.

Cryptocurrency It is also used as a means of anonymously transferring money for various transactions. Generally this is commonly used for money laundering and other illegal transactions.

The use of cryptocurrency is also one of the characteristics of the dark web, as well as a separate filter that makes transactions on the dark web more difficult to track.

3. Hacker Group

Lots group hacker professionals often gather and have private conversations on line in deep web.

This is done to communicate with each other and also to sell their abilities to those who need the services of paratroopers hacker this professional.

4. Fraud

Because when accessing deep web no one supervises related to security, this one part is often used for fraud and piracy activities.

So therefore, it is not recommended to make transactions on deep web sites especially the dark web if you don't have experience, nor are you accompanied by someone who knows the ins and outs of this world.

People who just know how to create a dark web account will be very vulnerable to fraud when making transactions here.

5. Pornography

Maybe it has become commonplace to access pornographic content in surface web, can use a VPN or with the help of other similar media.

However, it is different from pornographic content circulating on the Internet dark web, which is generally about child pornography to other sadistic content.

As Jaka also once reviewed in the sex video series deep web some time ago, gang.

6. Secret Social Community

There are also many people here who gather for communicate with each other on the network deep web.

The reason is simple! One of the advantages of communicating in deep web is no more privacy issues and data collection is carried out.

Unlike when you access networks like Facebook, Twitter, or Google that are vulnerable

Is it Safe to Access the Dark Web and Deep Web? Here's How!

If you look at the content on deep web or dark web, surely some of you are still wondering, "Is it safe to go in and explore it?".

The answer is of course NO! Yes, whatever the purpose of the nature deep web this is very anonymous and a paradise for the hacker also crackers in exploiting user weaknesses.

Here they can steal important information from an account, because it basically access deep web is a suspicious act, let alone until download and take advantage of the content in it.

But if you want to keep using it, there are some precautions you can take to protect your identity.

How to Create Dark Web and Deep Web Accounts to Browse Their Content

To access deep web or the dark web is not as simple as opening browser and type in the web address.

You need a special trick to be able to access content on the deep web, let alone the dark web. In addition, to make it more secure, you also need a special browser.

Then how to access it safely? Here's Jaka's review how to access deep web properly and correctly, both via PC and smartphone.

1. How to Access the Deep Web on a PC Well & Correctly

For those of you who want to access the deep web, you can access it on a PC, gang. But beforehand you need to prepare various things and ready to accept the resulting risks.

Jack actually do not recommend you to browse content on the deep web or dark web, let alone just to access the site sex story alone.

There are many risks ranging from data theft to computer devices infected with viruses. So don't forget, those who are still desperate to access the deep web do it with your own risk yes!

  • Step 1: - The first time, you must use a PC device that already uses an operating system Tails OS, which stands for The Amnesic Incognito Live System. This OS itself is a development of the Linux OS with a high level of security and confidentiality.

Download OS Tails at the following link!


Never use Windows OS to access deep web on a PC, because it is very vulnerable to its security system.

  • Step 2: - Then installTOR Browser which you can get at the link below. TOR Browser itself is a browser software specifically designed to access deep web or dark web.
Apps Browser The Tor Project DOWNLOAD
  • Step 3: - Don't forget to use VPN network (Virtual Private Network) which is useful formask your personal data so as not to spread on the internet. For recommendations software Best VPN, you can go to the following link:
Apps Networking Mudhook Marketing, Inc. DOWNLOAD
  • Step 4: - Make a plan before exploring deep web or dark web, because it has a high potential to become a target for attack hacker or viruses. To help with planning, you can download following applications:
Apps Productivity Cubeactive DOWNLOAD
  • Step 5: - Finally, you just have to open the TOR Browser on your computer and you can use the following sites, as your guide to browse deep web, guys.
Site NameSite AddressSite Description
DuckDuckGo3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onionThis site functions as a search engine like Google or Bing
0Day Forumqzbkwswfv5k2oj5d.onionThis site is a trusted deep web or dark web forum
Hidden Wikizqktlwi4fecvo6ri.onionThis site is like Wikipedia specially for deep web or dark web
Jabbercryjabkbdljzohnp.onionThis site is used to chat with other users who access the deep web or dark web
2. How to Enter Dark Web Sites on Android Phones

Besides being able to be done on a computer device, now you can too enter dark web on Android phones easily armed with several applications that ApkVenue will review.

The method is easy, but you also need extra patience in doing it. Curious? Here are the full steps.

  • Step 1: - First, you just need to download an application called Orbot: Proxy With Tor on the link below. This application itself is specifically made to access the Tor network via mobile devices.
Apps Browser The Tor Project DOWNLOAD
  • Step 2: - Open the Orbot application, then click the button Start to proceed to the next configuration. Wait for a warning Done which means you are already connected to the Tor network.


If you fail at this stage, try you already did root on the Android HP device that you are using.

  • Step 3: - If you have done other settings (recommended using settings default), now you live installOrfox: Tor Browser for Android which you can get at the link below.
Apps Browser The Tor Project DOWNLOAD
  • Step 4: - Open browser Orfox and you can explore deep web. For beginners, it is recommended that you open the page Hidden Wiki used to be bookmarks to find hidden things in deep web more safely, guys.
Site NameSite Address
Hidden Wiki Censored//zqktlwi4fecvo6ri.onion/wiki/index.php/Main_Page
Hide Wiki Uncensored//uhwikih256ynt57t.onion/wiki/index.php/Main_Page

Bonus: Sample Some Screenshots of Banned Sites on Deep Web

Well, for those of you who are curious but still hesitant to access deep web and dark web himself, Jaka will show some screenshots display the forbidden site, here.

For site list deep web others, you can also read in the article entitled "6 Creepy Sites on the Deep Web You Should Avoid".

  • Silk Road - Drug Sales Site
  • C'thulhu - Hitman Site
  • Euroarms - Firearms Sales Site

Safe Tips for Searching for Content on the Dark Weeb or Deep Web

Once you know how to register a site deep web, there are still some safe tips that you must do when browsing there.

The tips that ApkVenue shares will not completely make your activities inside deep web be protected, but this is better than no security at all.

The trick that ApkVenue shares can be done without incurring additional costs, so there is no harm in applying it. Here are some of them:

1. Always Connected via VPN

Every time you log in deep web, pay attention to keep you always connect via VPN without exception.

Why? Of course so that your personal data is not stolen, because a VPN can encrypt all internet traffic and scramble data. So that no more identity details can be obtained hacker see.

Oh yeah, other than that, make sure software Your VPN has features like Kill Switch, Logging Policy, stable speed and limitation bandwidth.

Some examples of recommended VPN service providers, for example IPVanish, NordVPN, VyprVPN.

2. Use Tor Browser

In addition to VPN, to access deep web you must use Tor Browser.

Why is that? Tor has a feature to deploy its own network in order to protect your data information using encryption AES 128-bit.

This means that Tor can take the IP address assigned to you by provider internet and then redirects randomly and anonymously.

No wonder, Tor is also the only one browser who can access domain.onion, which almost all content in deep web.

3. Use DuckDuckGo and Hidden Wiki

After you use the above two things, for the best way to enter deep web You should use search engines like DuckDuck Go or Hidden Wiki.

Although more free than Google, these two sites still carry out the filtering process on the searches you do.

Of course this is so that you are recommended to visit sites that are safe to visit and avoid attacks hacker, viruses, and malware.

Well, that's what it means at a glance deep web and dark web, along with tips on how to access it safely without being spotted hacker.

What do you think? From now on, do you dare to access it?

Or do you often explore dark web here? So don't hesitate to share your experience in the comments column below, OK!

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