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The newest free internet way 2020, all operators!

The free internet method turns out to be you can do through many methods. Check out the latest collection of free internet ways without unlimited applications 2020 here! ️

The free internet method may be one of the most sought after things today. Given that the internet has indeed become an important need for almost everyone.

Whether it's to support work activities or also to just look for entertainment.

Therefore, some people's internet quota needs have become more wasteful than usual. Especially if you often use it to play games and watch streaming.

For those of you whose economy is sufficient, maybe this won't be a problem, gang, but what's up with school children or overseas students whose pockets are mediocre? Free internet will definitely be the right solution!

Well, talking about free internet, in this article, ApkVenue wants to give you the latest collection of free internet ways 2020 which you can try. Come on, see the discussion below!

Collection of the Best Free Internet Ways 2020 You Can Try

Can free internet, especially for a lifetime, is everyone's dream, gang? In fact, not a few people are finally looking for a real way of free internet for life on the internet.

Although this seems a bit impossible to happen, it turns out that there are several alternative ways of free internet on Android that you can do.

What are they? Here's a collection of how-tos!

1. Claim Free Internet Quota

Without you knowing it, it turns out that several telecommunications providers in Indonesia offer free internet quota to their customers, you know, gang.

One of them that offers this is a provider Three (3) which is known for its super cheap internet package prices.

Well, to claim free internet quota 3 itself is very easy, you only need to send an SMS with the format MAUPM1 and send to 234.

After that, you will also receive a reply message informing you that the package has been successfully registered.

Photo source: JalanTikus (Want to know how to get free internet 3? You can claim free internet quota via SMS).

Even though the content of the message is as if you have purchased an internet package, it turns out that this will not suck up your credit at all, gang. Suitable for those of you who are looking for free internet 3 ways!

It's just, this way is said can only be used on 3 AON cards aka Always On.

2. Riding someone else's WiFi

You are not a card 3 user so you can't use the method to claim the free quota above? Calm! There is still an alternative way of real free internet for life on this one, gang.

One of the things you can do is with ride someone else's WiFi whether it's a family member at home, a friend, or even a neighbor.

That way, you can also experience free internet without the need to spend money to buy an unlimited internet package yourself!

So what if it turns out that the WiFi has a password and you don't know what the password is? Well, if this can actually be solved by using a WiFi breaker application, gang.

For more details about how to hack wifi using the application, you can read Jaka's article below:


3. Request Internet Quota Transfer

Still can't use the two ways to get free internet above? Yes, you can still follow Jaka's method on this one!

The trick is to ask friends, family members, or even girlfriends to send you internet quota, gang.

Currently, almost all telecommunications providers in Indonesia, such as Telkomsel, Indosat, Tri, and Axis provide services for transferring internet quota to other users. So, you can't just transfer credit, right?

Well, if you want to try Indosat's free internet trick using the quota transfer method, you can read Jaka's article on how to transfer Indosat's quota below:


4. Redeem Bonus Points

Photo source: SemutImut (Exchange bonus points for internet quota for other free internet tricks).

As a form of royalty to customers, currently a number of providers such as Telkomsel, XL, and Tri have started to implement a system of awarding bonus points.

These bonus points themselves can usually only be obtained after the customer makes a purchase of credit in a certain nominal that has been stated in the terms and conditions.

Well, without you realizing it, it turns out that points like this are really valuable, you know, gang. Especially if you are a free lover.

You see, the points that have been collected can be you exchange it for a variety of attractive prizes including free internet quota.

For those in a tight situation, exchanging bonus points with internet quota like this is definitely a brilliant solution! Interested in trying?

Airplane Mode Free Internet Way

In addition to the collection of free internet ways 2020 above, it turns out that there are also many people who are curious about how to free internet airplane mode here, gene.

Free internet on airplane mode itself means that you can access the internet even though you are in airplane mode. That way, the internet quota will not be reduced.

Want to know how? Come on, just look at the following steps:

1. Turn on airplane mode

  • First, you first activate airplane mode on your cellphone.

2. Type the code *#*#4636#*#*

  • The next step, you open the Phone application and type the code *#*#4636#*#*.

3. Select the 'Phone information' menu

  • After that, on the Testing page you select the menu 'phone information'.

4. Enable 'Mobile Radio Power'

  • Lastly, you scroll down and activate the toggle 'Mobile Radio Power'.

  • Finished! Now you can still access the internet even when airplane mode is active.

Photo source: JalanTikus (Turn on the Mobile Radio Power toggle for airplane mode free internet).

How easy is it for free internet on airplane mode? But unfortunately, to Jaka's knowledge only some smartphone brands only those who can have access to this Phone Information page, gang.

One of them that can do that is a Xiaomi cellphone. Jaka himself does use a Xiaomi cellphone to perform the free internet steps above.

Besides that, according to a number of people who have tried this method, it turns out Airplane mode free internet can't really get you internet without quota.

Reportedly, this method is only for manipulate icon display airplane mode on the toolbar and your internet quota will still decrease. So, are you sure you still want to try it?

How to Get Free Internet Quota

How to get a free quota is undeniably one of the most sought after by many people.

Especially during a pandemic like now where work and school activities are carried out at home almost every day, which means that internet quotas are more wasteful than usual.

For those of you who don't install WiFi at home, this is definitely one of the problems that needs to be solved. Well, luckily there is, gang, a trick on how to get free quota.

The trick is to claim free quota from the government. In the current pandemic period, almost all telecommunication providers offer free quota programs aimed at students, students, and teachers.

So, for those of you who fall into one of these three categories and want a free internet method without an application, you can try this method.

For the steps themselves, Jaka has already discussed it in the article about "How to Get Free Quota for All Operators". You can read it via the following link:


Through the article above, you can also get information about Telkomsel's free internet for life, Indosat's free internet for life, and other providers.

AXIS Card Free Internet Method

Even though the price of AXIS internet packages is still quite affordable, but if there are free ones, you certainly won't refuse, right?

Well, fortunately, there are some tricks to get AXIS free quota so you can surf the internet without spending a dime.

Starting from claiming free quota, claiming AXIS Surprize bonus on the AXISnet application, to hunting for free AXIS Giga Hunt quota with the help of an additional GPS application called Fake GPS.

Curious about the complete details of the steps to enjoy the internet without a quota or for free on this one? If so, you can read Jaka's article about how to get the latest AXIS free quota 2020.


Free Internet Way 3

Almost the same as AXIS, the price for internet package 3 is also very affordable, even starting from Rp. 5 thousand. But, if you often watch streaming, download, and so on that consume a large quota, it will definitely be wasteful too, right?

So, it's not surprising that many users finally choose to look for free internet for life without applications and things like that.

But, does it exist? The answer, of course, is there! Yes, even if it's not for life. For example, the free quota provided by the government is 30GB for students, students, and teachers.

Unfortunately, the free quota can only be claimed by 3 customers who meet the criteria. So what if you don't fall into one of the three categories?

Well, in addition to claiming the government's free quota, there are several other ways you can do, including one if you want the 3 free internet method without an application.

Jaka has discussed this in full in the article entitled "How to Get the Latest Free 34G Quota 2020". You can read it right away if you want to know the steps how to do it.


How to Free Internet Card 3 Via UC Browser

You must be familiar with one of the fastest browser applications, UC Browser, right? Well, it turns out that this application is also said to be able to be used for free internet, you know, gang!

The way you have to send the message format mfb&tweet 1 then send to 333 first, then proceed with setting up APN 3.

It doesn't stop there, you also need to change some settings on UC Browser such as Remove Port, Proxy, and Server Ports.

Then, does this method really work or is it just a hoax? After Jaka tried it, just getting to the stage of sending messages, it immediately failed. Where, message with that format didn't send successfully.

In addition, even at the stage of setting up the UC Browser, ApkVenue can't find the settings page for Remove Port, Proxy, and Server Port.

In other words, 3 free internet ways using UC Browser that you find on the internet most likely is a hoax, gang.

How to Free Internet Smartfren

Are you a Smartfren card user and want to know how to get internet without a quota, aka no need to spend money?

Well, if you are a student, student, or lecturer, you can join the free quota program provided by Smartfren. Through this program, Smartfren will distribute 1 million starter pack 10N+ for free.

This 10N+ starter pack has an active period of up to 365 days with a weekly bonus of up to a total of 52GB. Meanwhile, data voucher options are available from 1GB to 30GB.

Well, to get this 10N+ starter pack, you just have to contact call center 888 and provide information about the school or college where you study.

Later Smartfren will come to the school or campus to provide a free starter pack.

The 10N+ starter pack itself is the latest from Smartfren, having previously held a free education quota program of 30GB, unfortunately the registration period closed on September 11.

How to Free Internet Using HTTP Injector

The last alternative 2020 free internet method is to use the help of an additional application called HTTP Injector.

For those of you who don't know, HTTP Injector itself is an application that functions to find provider gaps by utilizing VPN, Proxy, and SSH networks.

This application is very popular and widely used by people who want free internet. Yes, even though actually how to use it can be said to be difficult and easy, gang.

But, you don't have to worry! Because Jaka has already discussed about how to free internet using HTTP Injector which you can read in the following article:

Well, that's the latest 2020 free internet method from Jaka that you can try right now, gang.

Although there may actually be many other alternative ways scattered on the internet, but here ApkVenue only provides a way that keeps your cellphone safe and of course legal.

So, already know which method to try? Or do you have other tips for internet without quota? You can share in the comments column below, yes. Good luck!

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