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how to buy e-toll card, price & where to buy it

A complete guide on how to buy an e-Toll card and where to buy it, from toll gates, minimarkets, to other related merchants.

Living in the modern era makes all segments change, including in terms of payments, you know!

One example is the introduction of an electronic payment system using e-Toll cards in Indonesia Automatic Toll Gate (GTO) as of last October 2017.

But apparently, there are still many people who are confused about how and where to buy e-Toll card. Instead of getting more curious, just take a look at the full review below.

What is an E-Toll Card and the Types of E-Toll Cards Applicable

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Before discussing how to buy an e-Toll card and where to buy it, you should know e-Toll card type applicable to make payments at the Automatic Toll Gate (GTO).

Not only toll managers, but also many banks and merchant others who issue electronic money aka e-money (electronic money). Here's the full list!

  1. E-Toll Card BPJT, e-Toll card issued by the Toll Road Regulatory Agency (BPJT).

  2. Mandiri E-Money, e-Toll card issued by Bank Mandiri.

  3. BRI Brizzi, e-Toll card issued by Bank BRI.

  4. BNI Tapcash, e-Toll card issued by Bank BNI.

  5. BTN Blink, e-Toll card issued by Bank BTN.

  6. BCA Flazz, e-Toll card issued by Bank BCA.

  7. Gaz Card, e-Toll card issued by Bank Mandiri in collaboration with Pertamina.

  8. Indomaret Card, e-Toll card issued by Bank Mandiri in collaboration with Indomart.

Already know the various types of e-Toll cards that apply? Now, Jaka will discuss how to buy an e-Toll card and where to buy it, gang.

How to Buy an E-Toll Card and a Guide to Where to Buy It

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To have an e-Toll card is quite easy. You only need to prepare money of IDR 10,000 to IDR 20,000 to make an e-Toll card at merchant certain.

In addition, you will also be asked to fill out a balance with a minimum nominal of IDR 50,000 only, gang.

Well, for buy e-toll card, you can do it at all four locations and merchant which ApkVenue will review one by one below. Listen, yes!

1. Toll Gate and Toll Operator Office

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First, you can buy an e-Toll card at the toll gate. But, this method no longer applies, gang.

Because, since last October 2017, there have been 1.5 million e-Toll cards distributed free of charge to motorists.

Thus, this step is not recommended and you should prepare an e-Toll card first before deciding to pass the toll road.

How to Buy More E-Toll Cards...

2. E-Money Issuing Bank

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As Jaka has previously reviewed, you can get an e-Toll card by buying it at a number of e-money issuing banks, aka electronic money.

Banks that issue e-Toll cards include: Mandiri Bank, BRI, BTN, BCA and BNI, gang.

You can easily make an e-Toll at the bank. You just need to come to the nearest bank branch and submit an e-Toll card application.

Well, usually this e-money card is also connected directly to an ATM card. So, you don't need to carry a lot of cards anymore, here. Practical, right?

3. Minimarkets (Alfamart, Alfamidi, Indomart, Lawson and Circle K)

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For those of you who are lazy to visit the bank to make e-Tolls, you can also buy them at the nearest minimarkets, gang.

These minimarkets include: Alfamart, Alfamidi, Indomart, Lawson and Circle K. Of course you can find them easily around your house.

Later, you will be asked for some money to buy an e-Toll card that does not contain a balance.

Then to fill it yourself, you can exchange it with a nominal starting from Rp. 10,000, - up to a maximum of Rp. 1,000,000, -. It's easy?

4. Online Store / E-Commerce

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Finally, for those of you who are lazy, you can also buy an e-Toll card through an online store aka e-commerce, as Tokopedia, OpenStore, Lazada and others.

The price also varies, depending on the balance and the bonus given. There are those who sell empty e-Toll cards, aka without balances, or those that already contain a balance,

There are also those that offer free bastard aka e-Toll sticks or those that can becustom as per your wish. Anyway, lots of diverse choices!

How to Use an e-Toll Card for Safe and Efficient Transactions

To make transactions using this electronic card, ApkVenue will review how to use e-toll so that transactions in GTO are safe and efficient.

For a more complete explanation, you can read the review in the following article, gang.


How to Check e-Toll Balance on an Android Phone

Interestingly, now you can check the remaining e-Toll balance on your Android phone. So, you don't need to go to the ATM or go to the nearest minimarket anymore.

To know how to check e-Toll balance on an Android phone, you can read the full explanation in the following article, gang.


Well, that was a collection of how to buy or create e-Toll card along with the location and merchant where you can buy it.

Now, you know and you won't get a ticket again when you want to drive to the toll road. Do not forget, drive safely, gang!_

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