10 best tycoon games on android smartphone

Here are some recommendations for the best Tycoon games on Android that are suitable for those of you who like addictive simulation games.

Tycoon Games, is a genre that has existed for a long time and is well known in the game world. Players will play the role of a businessman who takes care of the business virtual in various fields to be successful.

In the realm of Android gaming itself, many games of this type have been found, some of which are very well known. Jaka has compiled 10 Best Tycoon Games on Android. Check out the review!

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10 Best Android Tycoon Games

1. SimCity Buildlt

First released in 1989 for platformPC, SimCity Buildlt is now one Tycoon games with franchise most successful in the world. You will play as the manager of a city, you will turn vacant land into a big city life.

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2. Round Tofu

Once the most popular game number one in Google Play, Round Tofu is one of the most successful Indonesian Android tycoon games, and even continued through its second sequel.

You will play the role of a native Indonesian hawker trader, namely round tofu. Interestingly, the mechanics of this game use movement tap endlessly to play. You can also upgrade food trucks yours to be big and successful.

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3. Airport City: Airline Tycoon

Back to the city management business simulation, but in the game Airport City: Airline Tycoon, the main goal is to create a city with a large airport with a variety of airlines. In fact, not only airplane airports, you can also build air bases for space rocket flights.

4. Paradise Island 2: Hotel Game

In game Paradise Island 2: Hotel Game you will turn an abandoned island into a Resort, with many hotel buildings and rides.

Available more than 300 buildings which you can build in the game. Get lots of visitors and make money from Resort, become a successful entrepreneur.

5. Hotel Story: Resort Simulation

Happy Lab is one of the developers who are skilled in making Tycoon games for Android. One of which is Hotel Story: Resort Simulation.

You will play the role of a hotel entrepreneur by building space in the hotel, from rooms to other facilities. You can also play online and connect with players from all over the world.

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6. Eggs, Inc.

Maybe usually in Tycoon Android games you will deal in urban businesses or shops, but in games Eggs, Inc. You will act as a chicken farm businessman with the main focus on selling eggs.

However, unlike ordinary farms, here you will manage a modern farm that uses many advanced technologies.

7. My Hospital

Taking the Tycoon genre, hospital business in real virtual you can't even miss it. My Hospital will give you the experience of managing a hospital.

Starting from building design, recruiting nurses and doctors, to building laboratories. You will do business while carrying out a mission of kindness by curing patients from their illnesses.

8. Adventure Capitalist

Want to be the richest person in the world? Practice with games Adventure Capitalist. Here you will bring your small company that started from a lemon business to a big one.

Uniquely, here you have to practice a capitalist business system, which seems greedy and hates a lot. However, in this game will feel fun.

9. Farming Simulator 14

When it comes to Tycoon games, we certainly shouldn't miss a plantation simulation game. Farming Simulator 14, one of franchise The most successful game in plantation theme, will definitely bring a pleasant gardening experience. Using 3D graphics, you will be brought into the management of garden land like a real one.

10. Game Dev Story

The last one comes from the game made developerKairosoft who is really good at making addictive Tycoon games. In Game Dev Story You will be given the experience of being a game maker.

You will recruit workers and then mix genres together, becoming the most successful game or the worst game.

That's 10 Best Tycoon Games on Android. So which games do you like or have you played? Write in the comments column below yes!

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